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Reverse Trike Build Update 1: Front Brakes

The first in a prospective series of videos about improvements and upgrades as the 140cc reverse trike build continues. Sound deadening, cargo rack framing, and front brakes are discussed.

So firewall right quite a big piece of sheet metal and there’s really no damping it’s it’s just bolted sort of straight to the train so it vibrates quite a lot sort of resonates and is loud the the obvious solution of course to that is some sort of sound deadening but sounding mat is rather expensive and difficult to get a hold of so substitute is a rubber doormat

Solid rubber when you’re putting something of the sort so few patches of some sort of polyurethane adhesive and then foil taper on the outsides that cuts down on the noise also back window maybe you can’t see it but that’s lexan and some polyurethane sealant around here again so it doesn’t vibrate machine screws with round heads so they don’t dent my head this way

The you know there’s quite a sharp edge here so when there was no window if my neck knocked backwards over that could dangerous but now we have some sort of restraint there there was a spare piece of doormat which i taped to the windscreen roof type thing it cuts down a vibration a bit more it does need front brakes because the rear brake is difficult to operate

Dangerous doesn’t have a whole lot of weight over it and redundancy so all i have to do is get a couple of yamaha gt80 front brake assemblies and adapt them because this the the wheels themselves the original bearings in them had 11 millimeter internal diameter and as these are only supported from one side you know normally the the on a motorbike like this here

It would be supported from both sides so what i did is i took the the old bearings out of this i put in 16 millimeter internal diameter bearings of course i have the old ones wherever they’re somewhere here yeah bearings and can then could use standard go-kart spindles alright recent development got the other sign for the cargo rack on piece of wood which will

Fit under here i do have to make a sort of bolt on bolt off crossmember but there’s that secondly brake assemblies have arrived front brake assembly as i should say as the wheels are from yamaha gta v dirt bikes the front brake assembly is corresponding we have to be for those motorbikes you will see here that this is in fact a brake drum and the lining is still

In there so you for find these brake assemblies nineteen eighty ish i’d say the the bikes were produced from i think 74 to 82 or something of this sort no the difficult bit is that the stock diameter of the axle that goes through the front wheels in fact you’re 11 millimeter i think consequently when i first got these of course they wouldn’t fit so i had to drill

These out with the aid of some step drill bit so a sordid trickery workshop is kind of a pigsty at the moment but the upshot of it all is that they are drilled out the speedometer gear drive won’t work that’s just unfortunate so let’s see here goes let’s try and fit one quite hard to do with one hand actually there’s that one and then the wheel come through the

Camera okay come on you get in there get in go on you can do it and yeah okay so there we are breaks inside the brake drum and now we encounter a problem the addition of the brake assembly widens this whole thing and so now the axle stub is too short to remedy this problem i have ordered longer axle stubs i would make them myself but i don’t trust my welding far

Enough to – to do such a critical joint and plus i’m out of argon so i can’t take world right now and you’ve also gotten relays for the indicators and a single-pole double-throw switch also for the indicators so yep

Transcribed from video
Reverse Trike Build Update 1: Front Brakes By Kiran Digavalli