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Revival Volcon Grunt //Revival Build Bio No. 018

Build Bio No.018 introduces our newest, fully custom build, The Revival Grunt.

Hi i’m alan and welcome to another build bio by revival cycles this is the bike we call the revival grunt there’s a company here called vulcan vulcan’s known to make power sports vehicles with an emphasis on adventure and all-terrain riding think electric transportation meant to live on the ranch or go with you on your next fishing trip they approached us with the

Desire to take a small electric off-road style bike that they have and do a custom version of it customize it working with a company that’s based in austin definitely has its benefits it helped the relationship between revival and vulcan take off pretty quickly we took a few trips to their hq and assembly warehouse test rode some of their new prototypes and they

Came out to the hand belt show it was important to get to know each other as well as possible to ensure that the bike ended up being exactly what they were looking for so we got a pre-prototype version which isn’t the first time we’ve had that happen but what it means is it’s a rougher bike we get to play with it we get to ride it it’s certainly functional it

Gives us an idea what’s going to happen further down the line we spent a month or so just riding taking notes on the bike we had this really strike a balance between form and function something we’re used to doing but in this case it was a unique challenge because most bikes don’t look the way the grunt does it started off as a somewhat tame looking wide big tire

Off-road machine you know something like the honda fat cat we all wanted as kids but of course fully electric when i first saw these i was inspired because as someone who grew up going to the ranch on the weekends it looked like a really worthy ranch vehicle by that i mean it’s not built to be a motocross bike it’s built to cross the field comfortably with lots of

Traction and get you where you want to go add electric power plenty of torque and this thing looks fun so they gave us this bike and asked us to kind of do our magic which we did at revival we’re really starting to embrace the electric revolution and electrification of motorcycles there’s a lot of reasons to love it not just because it’s a trend or because it’s

Hot now but because in a lot of ways it’s superior because there was a concept it went to idea and it went to production really really quickly by comparison to what we usually do first we started by designing a shape the overall shape of the bike what’s great about building an electric bike though is that you can do what almost whatever you want you don’t have

To worry about cooling nearly as much you don’t have to worry about exhaust it’s just kind of freeing when you build an electric bike we’ve done a few electric bikes but this by far was the like most ambitious one we’ve done so we designed with ed boyd who is of the fame of having designed with us the ducati fuse that we did with ed we designed overall shapes this

Was generally what i was wanting it to be he made it even cooler and smoother and nicer so we could essentially cover what was there and that means the battery and the motor and all of that but make it a little more aggressive looking by covering up the electric components we were able to change the visual weight of the bike and also add some mystery to the build

The first time you see it there’s this sense of not knowing exactly what’s going on under the body panels this of course was easier said than done we found very quickly that marrying the existing frame with our own panels was a little more complicated than we initially thought you can tell that it’s quite shapely and by that i mean she’s a big girl right she’s kind

Of she’s kind of wide we wanted to slim down the tail sections so we immediately knew we were going to get rid of the rear subframe and reimagine how that was done by changing up the rear subframe it also opened up the door to change the rear suspension so we went with a much more functional longer travel rear shock we used an ulens kt 303 and man did it help

Really the rear subframe was built with smaller diameter tubing to accommodate the shape of the cad rendering that we put together with that after attacking everything in place we decided to add reinforcement to the subframe and really make it much tougher than it would have been from the factory once the frame is complete you could really see where the rest of the

Bike was going to head we built the full body work like i said in cad and then had all the mounting points for the body 3d printed and a really tough usable plastic that we could use to attach fiberglass panels too we worked with a company here locally and that does guitar cases called calton cases to have those fiberglass panels manufactured for the first time

Ever to have someone else do our body work it was kind of a cool idea so it’s using a composite of carbon fiber and fiberglass was kind of the idea fiberglass layout work is certainly an art form almost as much work as doing aluminum body shaping but yeah a different beast altogether so it was kind of fun getting a consistent thickness on the fiberglass panels

Proved to be a bit more work than we initially thought it was going to be in hindsight maybe we could have just printed the entire body using 3d printing that’s what’s something we might do next time because i’m really into that idea but we had a really professional shop that actually specializes in building guitar cases that are like world-renowned guitar cases

They’re really nice i actually ended up wanting one after seeing their operation and we had them make the overall fiberglass body shapes then we reworked all of them with a lot of hand work to make it all fit oversights in the design process required quite a bit of reverse engineering the panels to make them all fit together where it’s really hard to integrate

The 3d printed attachment pieces that we had made and attach them to the bodywork and then make it all be flush as with all builds it took a team effort to really be resilient fight the challenges that were necessary to get the bike done learn new skills and then troubleshoot the problems while we were building it the challenge is always worth it when it’s done

Regardless from there we took the factory swing arm inverted it polished it used an oolin’s rear shock with all new mounting points for that on the swing arm and on the subframe we polished the factory aluminum wheels powder coated the center of those wheels white and then mounted a much more aggressive tire to it something that was i don’t know it’s more like

A tractor tire i get it but it’s really just a really aggressive atv tire from there we mounted up a set of dual headlights that we powder coated to match in the white with led headlights inside for kind of a cohesive look i think with the body work we took the factory fender that they had cut it down completely reworked it painted it to match and then did this

Kind of i don’t know groovy paint scheme brought up by ed in the initial renderings i picked the colors that i thought were complementary all painted and put together by j abate over at moto j refinishes a little less macho than what we normally do let’s just put it that way we then integrated an led tail light into the back section of the tail section we hand

Shaped and formed a foam seat and then covered that foam bodywork with alcantara the other thing worth mentioning are the pegs so the factory pegs wouldn’t have had a place with this bodywork they were covered up by that but we machined out a bracket to help a bolt on with that unique bolt pattern that’s at the tip of the swing arm or the front pivot of the swing

Arm and then a hand shaped stainless solid rod and polished it and then welded it to the new machine bracket and i think it turned out really really nice it’s one of my favorite parts of the bike and really that’s the bike it’s all put together we did have to remount the electronics and a lot of the the motor controller and even the battery box a bit to make it

All work inside the factory frame but we wanted to hide all that and kind of make it look like it you know didn’t exist to give it a more futuristic streamlined look and i think it really works so now the bike is improved with better suspension tougher body work uh an even sexier shape and i can attest to the fact that it’s even more fun to ride now than it was

Before i really want to cruise it around town but it’s not really street legal but regardless i think it’s time to take it for another ride now’s the time of video where most people ask for money or donations or whatever i’m not going to ask you for that what i’m going to say to you is if you want to see more videos and you want to learn more of what we’ve learned

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Can justify doing more videos thanks for your support

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