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Richa Waterproof Winter Motorcycle Gloves Review & Test | Richa 9904 MC winter Gloves

Richa Waterproof Winter Motorcycle Gloves Review & Test | Richa 9904 MC winter Gloves – Here I try out and test a pair of new motorcycle gloves from one of my favoured brands to determine whether they really are waterproof as they claim to be.

Right plastic bag to review catch inside hello welcome to revelator alpha so i’m going to review uh what’s in here which is a pair of waterproof gloves right right so i got these off the old internet and they’re supposed to be uh 100 waterproof and actually inside it even says on the label 100 waterproof let me get them out here so they’re waterproof and uh

Breathable and it’s uh their size xsl and it’s risha actually richa uh the brand i actually quite like uh i use quite a lot of their stuff uh so they’re supposed to be great they’re supposed to be really good for this kind of stuff so i’m going to put them to the test i’m wondering whether indeed these are actually waterproof or just a bit of damp resistant

It’s very hard to tell these days uh what is what but anyway first of all let me see if they fit it’s clever they fit quite nicely actually this guy’s got a nice little um windscreen wiper bit there as well for your visor all looks good nice fit on that side let’s go this side oh now the labeling is saying it’s 3m which is a really good make as well and it’s

Um it’s breathable waterproof uh high pourer glove insert it’s got all the stuff in here and it’s yeah pretty good right let’s put them to the test they feel nice and warm they feel good they’re supposed to be able to operate your smartphone all that kind of stuff whether it does or not it doesn’t really bother me that much i gotta say let’s see if these are

Waterproof right another bowl of water basically this is the dunk test really five minutes submerged under water i’m going to keep the ends out of uh water of course and just going to see if the hands uh remain waterproof or dry um now obviously this is i’m not going to stop water draining in from the sleeve or anything like that i just really want to see if

They are indeed waterproof i don’t think they are but i’ll see they look like a decent glove i’ve got to say nice padding not hard armor on the on the knuckles or anything but nice padding yeah it looks like a good waterproof ish winter proof ish a glove warm glove so for normal riding i think it’d be great but let’s just see if it’s actually waterproof um so i

Need to weigh this down somehow right so i want to do put these in like that like that i’m not going to seal up the ends i’m just going to submerge the bottom part weigh these down i can right five minute test begins now let’s see how they do okay so while this is uh yeah submerged i’m going to read through the instructions here a little bit and interestingly it

Doesn’t say anything about his performance about being waterproof or how it um keeps you warm in winter it’s got lots of lab reports on its uh tear strength and seam strength and cut resistance so from a professional glove that you’re supplied with actually it’s really good they give you lots of information that’s why i like risha so much or richer so much as a

Brand because they’re actually pretty good in that respect but is it actually waterproof it doesn’t actually say it only has got a label saying it’s waterproof and breathable there’s an en number which is 13594 semicolon 2015. i assume that’s what relates to the waterproofing let us know i mean i haven’t checked but say let us know in the comments below what that

Actually means that’s a european certification but anyway oh five minutes is nearly up let’s just see shall we i’m absolutely convinced just by the look and feel of these gloves especially if you sprayed some waterproof spray on there like that fab seal or any other spray that you can think of on there that will make them a great winter riding glove and you’ll

Get a lot of water splash resistance from it but prolonged riding in really heavy rain hmm that’s that’s for me what determines whether a glove is properly waterproof or not i have noticed on my bike that i’ve got the hand guards on there and that’s actually deflecting a lot of rain off the glove i’ve got to say even in heavy rain whilst the top of the glove is

Still getting a bit wet the fingers and everything it’s taking a lot longer for them to get wet let’s put it that way so if you’re concerned about you know whether your gloves are waterproof or not or all that kind of stuff if you can put some hand guards over your motorcycle controls hand controls actually that might work as well that might be better for you

Right five minutes is up let’s see shall we right the test my hands are dry actually on the face of it here when you actually when you pursue when you put water on it it is kind of waterproof isn’t it like that so from that point of view yeah right hands are dry will it be waterproof please be waterproof it’s dry it’s cold because of the cold water but it’s

Dry reshoot gloves are waterproof i didn’t expect that i was convincing myself that they weren’t waterproof but they are bish bash bosh done oh right let me try the left one yes totally dry inside it’s brilliant absolutely brilliant these are my new favorite gloves reshirt gloves waterproof gloves i got these off ebay took a while to get here i’ve got to say

Uh from that point of view um but got them off ebay 30 odd pounds that’s all fully and they are warm as well uh because they’ve got this lovely furry lining inside and it’s uh thinsulate as well it’s that there we go so that is a really good waterproof breathable does what it says on the tin finally a product that actually delivers well done richer or richer let

Me know in the comments below how you actually pronounce that i know i’ve got loads of their stuff but right okay so if you’re looking for these gloves i’ll just read you on the inside of the label they they’re called the uh richa waterproofs and it’s the hypora range uh and inside the label it is uh risha 9904 and then below it i don’t know what these numbers

Mean it’s f dash 7 2 right let me just give you that see if you can see that brill these work 100 waterproof done i feel quite proud of myself anyway so the search is over i thought i was gonna be searching all winter for these but there we go i had a feeling i had a feeling that risha would deliver and they have for a cheap glove as well now how long will they

Remain waterproof for will they degrade over a period of time i’m sure they would i’m sure you know um just like any other glove but it’s great it’s obviously got some kind of extra lining inside and it does feel as if there’s an extra waterproof non-permeable membrane there i can’t say that for sure but it does feel you’ve got that kind of feeling that there’s

An extra layer in there but great i’m really good so there we go reesha gloves waterproof hypora whatever that model number was they work they’re dry they are waterproof 100 for now anyway they’ll certainly be splash proof when you’re riding along bash bosh done richa 9904 waterproof winter gloves and they keep you warm as well what more could you want don’t

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Richa Waterproof Winter Motorcycle Gloves Review & Test | Richa 9904 MC winter Gloves By RevelatorAlf