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RIDE ON | Rocket 3 | Top 10 Improvement Opportunities

The new Rocket 3 is awesome, but no bike is perfect! Here’s just some thoughts on a few potential improvement opportunities.

Number ten i think in the literature that you get with the new bike it should have a dedicated note on how to measure the or whatever normally we most buy you just measure it cold and you’ve got a dipstick or a little cyclist it’s a bit more complicated with the triumph in terms of and kind of warming up and how you measure it and stuff it’s all explained in

The owner’s manual so i won’t get into it here but i think there will be some people that miss read the or left on the bike and i think that’s not a good thing my particular bike has a very fine scratch on the inside the one of the headlights it’s not enough for me to want complaining about i would replace just something kind of noted my particular bike looks

As it does a fingerprint i mean if it’ll act or on an hour we insert i don’t know whether it’s enough to bother me maybe like you’ve removed the left and polish it out maybe i could get a warranty thing on it well maybe i can just live with it not really a deal-breaker but just a very minor quality control so i think tech plate side-mounted kit should be an

Option and i’m actually seeing one customized by cat show that actually has that done and i think you’ve trying to fulfill it it’s a kid showing off that rear wheel even though it’s gonna spray lots of water – but i think it would still be a popular option plug pressure monitors i really think it should be standard on what is after all the halo model for the

Triumph range so when filling out the bike i don’t prefer to just had the beautiful monster filler cap with no second cap underneath it i understand why they put a second and a plasticy actual field cap underneath it but you know the main reason is that you can lock it and so for security purposes i guesses it’s no bad thing and you can leave it unlocked which

I do personally so that i can just lift them also filler cap undo the other cap and put some fuel but i just soon that just have the one cap so it’s a nice way that even if they had a key in supporting it to look so on this one i think would be popular a lot of people trying typically useful for track use only aim cans it’s an option for their all of their bikes

That was sounding nice with an opening camera i’m sure rocky would sound pretty phenomenal with them open exhaust and unfortunately they don’t offer that option a lot of people find the direct boss at the our model a little bit of a stretch and although it makes total sense when you’re on the move and at speed we’ve got wind resistance against you as opposed to

Being in the showroom itself they’re still a little on the low side even for the tall rangy things like me so i would like to see some form of adjustable risers or for the rest standard or at least as an optional extra now the next observation area for potential opportunity i guess is indicative of my age i think most people once they hit 50 their eyesight tends

To or during a less desirable way for me personally it’s my short sight i can spot the wings of a fly thousand metres away but right a place where i’m the one known as like 30 in seeing very clearly and some of the fonts that come like to cpi on the tronic screen and i think personally i wish they put less information on but the information was displayed larger

Or if you remove the information from the menus which you can do that the remaining information was then displayed larger i think trying i’ve done a good job of clocks they’re nice there’s a lot of information there and the key information is clear but the peripheral information you think could be a bit better and i think you know bmws a good example of how their

Tft interface should be done it’s very very clear for aging made of juicy very simple one heated grips i think that should come as standard on the top-of-the-range bite but actually i think it should be standard on every bite of you know sizeable capacity which is basically the entire triumph range for instance and they’re saying for being w and others besides

There’s very few countries i think he would not need or want heated grips at some point in the year and certainly for north america it’s a no brainer standard i hope you already aright on subscriber but if not please subscribe straightaway and last but not least write often write carefully write on

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