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Riding Groms With The Family! | Goon Ride To Iron Pony..

After months of sitting out in the barn un-touched, it was finally time to knock the dust off of our Groms and take them for a ride. After giving my Dad the KDX200 he needed some riding gear so we decided to make a trip out to Iron Pony Motorsports on our 125cc scooters.

We’re grown riding today in a long time we had to dig these things out of their dust-covered hole that’s pretty sad they honestly they both fired up do you want to spray them down or just ride them just ride them right i’m just exhaust gaskets for a kx 110 that we don’t have that’s perfect and my dad’s highlighter yellow gram out here and i don’t even think this

Ground has reached the channel maybe in the florida videos but this is my mom’s custom painted drum my dad did this word for christmas and he did it so it matched her harley and shout out the decal dyno to match the cream on her harley so things looking nice these things have how many miles on him – thanks 1,400 miles and those are easy road miles not like ours

Well i can’t believe this is happening right now but i’m about to hop aboard my grom been a long time i’m surprised that the battery is held to charge and these things fired up it’s my first time actually riding with a working handbrake so i keep going to grab for it like it’s the clutch but this little one fingers the clutch it’s pretty confusing i hope i did

Everything right my wheel doesn’t come flying off alright yeah we are on and it feels so weird to be on a grom and i don’t have a visor so i apologize if you can’t hear me because of the wind and my exhaust but we got all of us out of here on a family girl ride going to go get something to eat and then we’re gonna hit ironpony and hopefully get some gear i’d like a

New helmet possibly but taters gap is gonna get too hot for a year so it’ll be a good ride hopefully we beat the rain definitely feels so weird yeah when i hopped on the bike i was like my handlebars are so low like it’s just so different than you know riding dirt tonight’s change though nice i don’t think i’ll be able to kickstand him oh man you by are

You filming i am i’ve been i’ve been alexis vlogs over here what d2r after detour today just enjoying the weather though it’s beautiful no now we got to go down the main drag i’m gonna blow up my prom i keep forgetting to use my turn so you know i’m not used to it where you pant my clutch is slipping really bad my dad’s taking the detour alexis – she’s going

With nabis but we are hitting one of our favorite breakfast spots right now shout out the scramblers if we don’t hit anybody in the parking lot my mom included i got a fellow scooter bro yeah there you go yeah oh we got our bellies full i’m about to eat it right here and now we were headed to ironpony to get my dad some gear i don’t need anything so i probably

Shouldn’t look too hard cuz i can find something you’re like a bloated nerd right now alexis loves or hmf exhaust i love it too because it’s only loud when you get into it if you’re just like cruising it’s pretty manageable but some of the exhausts for these bikes are just way too obnoxious get to the pony i really want to try out this handbrake but i really know

It’s same time should we try it out there’s the loop out right now they’re girls look ahead rebels out of calls right in front of a cop oh dude she is so pissed high club likes good i’m licensed insured at all head good stuff i don’t have a mirror though and i don’t want to turn around make it obvious i don’t know how well you guys can hear me but i’ve used

To mow grass in this neighborhood right here a bunch of higher-end homes but we had probably twenty accounts in there and man we just spent a full day cutting and trimming and i worked for a smaller company and i was one of the main guys so it’s pretty much all me and occasional help from a few employees people wouldn’t last long though landscape it’s no joke what’s

Up they are have you had your drama wild yeah about a year okay nice hey what’s your name gator alexis up there at the facing us yeah no wheelies do you burnout stroll through downtown westerville right now not too far from here’s the western real skate park where me and my cousin used to go when we were kids we used to ride our bikes like 15 miles just

To get there and i was on bmx bikes with one speed so worse than it sounded but it was a blast when you’re kids you don’t think about it unless you’re just out to have fun and enjoy the adventure man i still love ride bikes around but alexis and i got together we wrote bikes quite a bit i had got a sunday model seos a 24 inch so it’s pretty good for my size if i

Had to do it again i would just get a 29 or honestly but then my old dk bike my dad custom painted purple and i gave it to her for valentine’s day and we rode those bikes quite a bit that was back when i was doing landscaping if we’d go out and like midnight when everyone was sleeping and go handing out flyers in neighborhoods and stuff like that but it was a good

Time i love riding bikes for sure right now i just have my road bike which i still ride quite a bit i actually just got it back up and going and sat over the winter tires were flat and i need to get new tires on there but i’ve been riding it quite a bit okay guy said his name was chris so shout out to chris for the ground school on facebook if you’re in the

Central ohio area go ahead and add yourself to the group and that is the central ohio drum squad ran by mr. matt carroll mr. om rl champion himself i haven’t seen him in a while man i miss that dude we were pulling up to ironpony right now brother get to the party i see some dirt bikes in the back of trucks here we got to see what’s going on to that hey lives

You ride live to ride live to ride all right we got a xr 100 it looks like this kid is pumped got a quad god we have a to kxas a bad ass to comb mush out the mister not too close to this thing is sick unless we got shown on the lot nice super duty i’m diggin the tundra you see who’s here you see who’s here house man dz i forgot the lexus already found something up

The phonee what’d you get i got a new helmet it’s pretty sweet actually look at this dude no no man down well i hope some of you out there enjoyed the ground footage i know it’s been a long time and it was much requested especially getting the family out there with us i had fun hope you guys enjoyed it got my dad i’ll kid it up for the weekend alexis got a new

Dual sport helmet and stay tuned because very shortly you’re gonna see my dad’s a first ride on the ktx 200 that’s a pretty awesome video i got him a full gopro set up and everything i don’t know how much he talked but nevertheless it’ll be interesting let me know if you want to see more grom videos there’s a little bit of footage left from that ride i actually

Tried out the handbrake for the first time and got the hang of it pretty good so if you want to see that let me know but i hope you all have a fantastic weekend and until tomorrow’s video i’ll see you then

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Riding Groms With The Family! | Goon Ride To Iron Pony.. By Adventure Daily