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Riding my gangster softail deluxe

Hi guys! I rode around LA over the weekend in the rain and attempted to do my first Q&A . It did not go as smoothly as I planned lol. I hope you guys like the video let me know if you want to see more content like this! xoxo peach #femalerider #motocycle

Hey guys so i don’t even know if this microphone’s gonna work because my fishtails are super loud but i had installed it way before i thought that i was going to be recording and writing at the same time because it is so my bike is so loud that i was thinking like there’s no way you guys are gonna be able to hear me but anyways so i’m riding to an

Event today it’s raining and i don’t really like riding in the rain but i don’t want to roll up in a car either because be talking but the event is rolling deep for charities and what they do is they donate the proceeds to children in rosarito and backpacks all kinds of different stuff so i thought it was a great cause and i just wanted it so my my

Friends are going so it’s like i should just take advantage come out and support even though it’s raining and i hate putting gas because i have to take off my gear and but lucky for me i have apple pay on my phone so i don’t actually have to everybody always asks me about my gas gauges um they’re from harley davidson if you guys don’t have apple

Pay and you ride you need to get it because shit’s popping i’m always super careful when i put gas just because my paint job and stuff and you just don’t want that smell on you all day it’s so annoying i had an incident once where the gas sprayed everywhere and smell like gasoline all day i was like shake it shake it off a little bit you know

The vibes dudes like if you hear me breathing heavy as it’s because one i’m winded but two i got like three layers of clothing on and i’m suffocating damn we used to fill up the 10 bucks no it fills up with 14. so i had done a q a a while back and i got a bunch of questions i got a bunch of questions and i got like 400 questions but i couldn’t answer

All of them just because it’s like one i like answering the questions but i feel like i’m super annoying sometimes on instagram like just reposting and stuff like that like i feel like i go overboard so like i didn’t want to be there like blowing up everybody’s dms are not dms or story thing and i thought let me just answer them on a youtube video that

Way you guys can get a little bit of a show and i always check down to see if i’m on sixth gear because my visor commented and she was like um are there you don’t get scared with the rose being that up i was like this is a nice road like that’s like with my fenders and stuff that’s why i put my earring so high up because i’ve hit my front defender

Before i was going over a speed bump and i thought i was gonna get in another on another freeway that’s why i was staying in the slow lane but nope um but anyways i yeah i hit i was going over a speed bump and i went over it way too fast i don’t know what the i was thinking and i hit actually not up i’m not gonna go in that carpool and it looks nasty

As um i actually hit the front bottom chipped my fender so i have like this little spot on the fender and like it’s white because it’s chipped and i need to hit up my i need to hit up raptor customs and get that taken care of but i’m kind of like i don’t want my bike to be out of condition again so i’m like just waiting on it um but yeah my yeah let’s

Sorry okay so let’s go back to the single question um yeah i’m single i know everybody thinks it’s weird my mom thinks it’s weird too maybe because she’s a hispanic lady and we’re supposed to get married when we’re 24. and she thinks and she also thinks it’s really weird that i ride a harley davidson and i don’t have a man to take care of it or adieu

To like i don’t know i don’t know what she thinks like i feel like she is yeah but anyways back to a lighter subject um so another one of the questions was how long have i been writing i’ve been writing for almost two years i think it i think my two years gonna come up in august and um why i started writing i started writing because my ex fiance at the

Time had bought a roadblock and he wanted me to ride on the back of the bike and i didn’t feel comfortable at all i just felt like those first couple of brides that i went on him went with him i felt like i was so out of control and and um just had so much anxiety and i don’t know if it’s because we had so many problems ourselves and i i don’t know if

You guys have heard this but couples who ride together usually like have um gold usually have um it’s like a bonding experience for them and it’s they i don’t know if you guys have heard this but they say that it’s like therapy i think that was our therapy because those few rides like all those insecurities and and that we were dealing with in our

Relationship kinda came out and i know that sounds crazy but i all but my trust issues with this ass like came out in that ride and i don’t know if you guys know where that is it’s going towards calabasas from los angeles and i live in a small town um oh yeah it’s pretty small thousand oaks and um there you go over there the streets are nice like there’s

No thumbs and if there is a bomb like somebody karen already called it city and had that bump fixed so we got it made in the shade over there when it comes to riding but um yeah over there like i don’t i haven’t came across this like situation with cars and stuff like where people don’t like i’m sure it happens all the time but i feel like out there

Like they look out more for coffee or motorcycles and maybe because it’s like not as common as like well not as common because i do see a lot of motorcycles out there but um i’ve never had a problem with somebody like not moving the over or like getting in my lane over there but out in l.a like don’t give a like we’ll take you straight out your bike

And keep going like nothing and never put their blinker on they just swerve into your lane like okay all right homies like you’re just gonna take a life and dip out it’s right by like well west lake villages in the city of thousand oaks they have uh this really nice like bogeys resort and um a bunch of golf courses things like that but yeah it’s really

Nice and it’s really good for wine tasting too because malibu lines is right there anyway yeah one thing i haven’t seen in thousand oaks is a bike that looks like mine so when i’m there and i’m riding around like people will stop me and just trick the out and i think it’s so cool when you know people that have been riding for now can i go

Oh my god hi how are you i should just park it right there you

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Riding my gangster softail deluxe By Ms_peachiii Motovlog