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Riding Pit Bike at College

We took our Pit Bikes to College!! (We aren’t even in college lol)

We’re going back to college oh shoot that was really close to being bad but all right and dropper check this out though i put a stiffer uh rear and front springs in it so now it’s like pretty dialed you got big bars and then the stiff setup yeah now we’re just waiting on a wrap and pipe and all the other parts yeah everything else it’s still i mean we’re not

Stopping here it’s just good to go now the worst part about it is you think that you’re not spending that much money on it dude because they’re relatively cheap parts and then they don’t know yeah you’re like looking at like 1500 bucks in parts yeah that’s what i was thinking when we bought this the guy was asking a little bit more but he had like a grand worth

Of parts on it so dude it adds up fast dude i’m not gonna lie my wheelies have been sketchy today i’ve like gotten a little too squirrely dan one too many times it’s funny because we used to go to college here and now we’re literally just back here to go ride fit bikes if anyone asks we’re students oh my god the real question is how long do we go how long do we

Make it until someone tells us hey you can’t do that we get in trouble i’m like what do you mean i paid tuition here for two one and a half years aren’t i like i don’t think that’s how it works they asked for going to class we just forgot our backpacks i’m calling campus police everyone get the out of the way of this guy i don’t know why but pit bikes are like

20 times more fun to ride in places you’re not supposed to ride 100 that’s that’s the true statement are you guys single you are are you into bad boys one of them’s into bad boys uh both of them i think there you are i was asking you i don’t know i don’t know oh i don’t know see that’s what i’m talking about you get a little squirrely i’m coming across oh

Here’s a cop right here ben drive nice keep it cool keep it cool keep it cool yeah you didn’t do anything maybe this whole time they didn’t care about the shifter cars we thought that they were chasing i think we’re good damn just try to be safe okay all right that’s all we’re asking sorry about thank you what did you say you just said that we gotta stop being

So reckless i have the wrong perception on college seriously you guys you should have stayed in it yeah this is great who knew college was such a pit bike friendly place dude i think there’s just a misconception on pit bikes i think people look at them more as bit by or as like bicycles let’s load up before we get these suckers complicated if i get this up by

Myself oh my gosh no way no way yeah dude we’re getting just better at this oh come on get the do it ah i came prepared mike do you not have a wallet i have one i just doesn’t believe in banks i don’t believe in walter banks too bad i like limes ken are you buying boots yeah are you buying boots i am but the way you say it seems a little more sarcastic are

You actually buying something are you buying some yeah why do you think we’re here i mean should i get in the mood here yeah i think we should get in the boat the is that supposed to mean you a little weird telling kind of get in the mood oh i better get in the mood too would you like to do the honors ripping your sleuths yeah oh i could i’d love to okay

That’s one way to do it completely honest i feel like you guys are just going to offend people walking in there like that maybe maybe well we didn’t get i’d never even look at that they’re gonna be wondering themselves how the is there a guy walking in looking like this find his first pair of boots oh yeah this right here is what we came for yeah whoa i’m

Like getting excited this is a lot of boots i just saw myself in the mirror why didn’t anybody tell me i look like an idiot ken are you okay no are four hundred wow this might be my style right here these are pretty sick i like those actually pretty sick are those shorties they knew he was a short guy yeah they’re just size proportional to the length of my

Legs dude i look like in um diesel dave right now the guy that always wears shorts yeah right and then would be pretty much wear those boots no yeah so what do we do if he’s like 5’4 um and like mostly torso yeah your buddy saw a couple of suckers from a mile away he’s coming you know he’s upset he’s upstairs crap all of us he’s a good salesman he knows what

He’s doing we’re gonna walk out of here with freaking horses bro so ben went with the daily look nice crossover you got a nice crossover between fancy and daley yo micah extra breathing oh nice no sweaty feet here ken definitely went fancy but he’s got the clean black look real flashy with the white and blue but it’s got brown on the bottom and that’s mainly

What everybody sees alright so cody’s gonna be the first person to i should say cody wants to be the first person to hit this jump on the pit bikes it’s just tough because you can’t get enough speed also he has no rear suspension so he can’t really bounce off it but here we go ouch so what’s the plan oh i wanted to add some jumps that work with a 450 to the

Track so that’s what we’re doing right now all right man geez you call them bmx style right yeah because they’re small a little they’re not going to be wide literally one tire wide yeah he wants to go farther than any jump we have here oh i see what so you’re going to land down on that use as a landing we’ll use mostly berms for takeoffs and then the oh that

Means that we’re already there for landing all right so he’s planning on hitting that right there and landing on the downside of that tabletop over there oh let’s get to work and you were not joking when you said these things were booters they’re like the definition of hillbilly backyard if you guys have not already follow cody on instagram i’m gonna put his

Pop tag right here for real cody sends it one of our boys if you like our content you’re gonna love his he just says all right let’s just do it oh my gosh oh holy now oh my gosh so awesome guys the first one where it looked like a case i didn’t feel anything literally nothing like that i was like but nothing i was scared bro i felt that one it wasn’t even

Like a panic rev that was a cody knowing the way the jump was going to kick him i had to like there’s no way like it actually hit so fast at least your bike is in perfect condition yeah code you were hitting the with literally a duct tape front push yeah i just haven’t got around to it but too busy hitting jumps all right mike phyllis what’s going on here

This i is quite frankly another poor idea it could be better than the basketball hoop anyway uh we’re partnering up with cna skis we’re gonna be running cna on all our sleds this winter so they sent us a pair and said you guys should try to water ski them we got these in like may but i finally got around to building them and they look pretty legit these are all

Real ski boots yeah it actually kind of looks like skis i’m not gonna lie i think it’s already been done by levi valley but that’s damn but that guy’s done that does everything feel very uh normal all right has mike ever skied before i don’t even know patented and tested all right so we just pulled up to cody’s and we’re giving uh the pigs an annual visit

Uh we missed them as little piglets but i think they’re like full grown pigs now which i i’m not entirely sure why cody even has pigs i think there’s the most he’s ever been she’s good oh man they’re coming towards me two look like the biggest you these three look like the biggest clowns in their food at least and i wear them like normal people yeah i agree

Ryan’s like trying to pet these guys like they’re a dog and they just keep running off dude they’re not going to let you pet them vanessa it’s like a girl at the bar sweet talking a little yeah i’ve seen you around tell them promises that you’ll never fulfill that’s a sunday morning kind of vibe down there all right we’re loading everything up to head to eagle

River wisconsin and uh we’re running into a bit of an issue with the widow after with the five and a half foot box two massive tents a snow bike and hopefully two pit bikes the raptor’s gonna be squatting and it’s gonna be tight we’re actually not sure if the pit bikes are gonna fit that one’s gonna be a bit of a squeeze but desperate times call for desperate

Measures and we gotta do what we gotta do to make sure the pitters make it to wisconsin bro all i got to say when you want something bad enough you can make it happen ben and i were like maybe we just uh don’t bring the tents and bet on it not raining and then we have two pit bikes all right let’s go boys hey guys yeah it’s not a problem stop ah great weather

We are having today just this is not ideal yeah we’re making the best of it of course i hope everyone that came out still comes out but not ideal all right so here’s an update we got the booth set up uh we got the girls working some people waiting it out in the storm luckily we got this uh but yeah so far so good this is for me i don’t care you guys throw on

Your shelf or whatever little addition to the shop i freaking love smart cars now i think about it kind of should have brought that thing here but all right it’s starting to rain more and the people are clearing out so i think that is time to wrap up the booth thank you so much to everyone that came out today stood in the rain to meet us support us by buying

The merch means the absolute world to us and we love and appreciate each and every one of you all right so kevin thanks for coming out just told us about his buddy gavin gavin massive fan couldn’t make it right now he’s got jaundice his liver’s failing um he’s just having a hard time right now but i know he’d love to be here see all the boys so get well buddy

I know everyone’s thinking hey man keep fighting thanks for being a sub wish you were here but uh thanks cna for a fun ski yeah you’re out of shape from gas yeah he went for like 15 seconds out there sorry what was that what was that i’m uh you’re from the hospital i think with a centrist census worker is a federal crime actually if they come i told you not do

That my friend i’m telling them whoa whoa whoa easy with the real first name

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