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Road Glide Bars – Adjust or Replace

Do you really need to change our the bars on your Road Glide or really other cruisers? In this video, I will show you the adjustment made on the bars of my Road Glide. My dealership rolled my bars forward and and the difference riding the Road Glide is huge. Always thought I would change out the bars, but now I don’t think I need to. Road Glide Bars – Adjust or Replace?

4852 how are you folks oh i’m so happy today guess what no more black fender from my accident my new fender is on and i am at my favorite dealership in the world capital harley-davidson and you know what i think these sent me about a thousand bucks today and they did it for nothing sometimes the best upgrade is the one you don’t make oh i’m sorry hey there folks

I will tell you what first of all i am going to talk to you about maybe you don’t have to make that bar modification that’s really what i’m here to talk about but let me start off by saying those folks that follow my channel and know about the uh accident in a gas station where somebody uh backed into me at full speed with my wife on the back of the bike um i

Want you to know my baby’s back full and so those are you don’t know and i’ll leave a link at the end of this on father’s day somebody backed into my wife and i um and you would think oh it’s a fender bender but they actually backed into us as we were getting off the bike at about 15 miles an hour so um did some really damage to not only just really the tire

But the front fender was cut into the tire so the dealership that i just came from has just been awesome to me in many ways and put a uh a uh street light fender a black one on my bike that i’ve been riding for two months with so i had some character but i gotta say i don’t know how many people probably looked at my bike and said i want to ask the guy because

That looks like crap but i don’t want to so because not one person that didn’t know about it came to me and go dude nice bike what’s up with the fender not one not one i’m not that opposing of a guy right so so let me tell you the uh the good part what i’m excited about today i as i was over at the dealership uh well well first of all i’ve done plenty of videos

On modifications to your motorcycle and i’ll put a couple of those those links in and i talked about uh when i got this motorcycle this is a 2021 road glide limited and very fortunate to have this motorcycle and one of the things i talked about was i wasn’t going to do a ton of mods to it like i did my last bike was which was an ultra 2018 ultra unlimited that

I traded in by the way that is no longer at the dealership big mama is gone so somebody bought her um that is super cool because they got a fantastic bike um but so while i was here i was talking to the service department which is just fantastic at camera harley and i said hey look you know at some point i’ve always been talking about since i’ve got this i’m

Going to put some slip bonds on it and and i’m going to throw some bars on it right and that’s in my mind gonna be it right this is a 114 it’s got enough power all that fun stuff blah blah blah we could again talk about that until the end of the day right um but when i was there i was just like you know there and i was talking the owner she was like how was your

Ride that beautiful she’s like hey how was your your last uh uh ride we went down to the to kentucky and the smokies and i went and rode the triple nickel so i’ve been on a couple trips i said hey it’s been great she’s like anybody ask you about the black fender i’m like no no and as i was talking to her i’m like yeah you know i’m gonna i’m gonna at some point

Get some bars and i know that you can change the bars yourself that’s probably something i wouldn’t tackle even though i could i know a lot of you are going to say hey it’s as simple as this this and this the 2021s are a little bit different doesn’t mean i couldn’t do it but i wasn’t going to do that you know one of the things that she said to me is hey let’s

Just roll them up right and and i know some folks will do that when they fit you for a bike um some folks won’t it’s like i got it back then let me just roll them up so um the guy that worked on them on my bike the whole time that you know with the fender and checking it out when i was uh when i was in that accident i’m not sure accent’s the right thing to call

That but um he uh you know he’s like yeah i think i can roll him so he actually rolled these stock bars about he said about um what’s that about eight inches i mean an inch and a half or two inches and uh and if you if you look at the bike uh from the side you’ll see that it is straight down he’s like i wouldn’t roll him any further there’s a pin in there um

And he’s like i wouldn’t roll them any further if these work for you that’s great and uh if not you you throw some new bars on it right he goes we can do them in four hours i don’t care anybody tells you right we can do it four hours i’m like okay cool so now i’m on the bike and i’m like um you know i i will tell you that my arms were definitely at an angle with

The uh with the uh before he touched them now they’re up here i think they’re pretty straight it definitely feels more comfortable um and now could i see them going up a little more because right now he says these are really set to where they’re almost 12. the stocks are pretty much nine are 10 i’m sorry and then these are 11 or 12 so you may want to go up you

Know and that way you put 14s on it and i’m like awesome so now i’ve been riding it i don’t know i’ve been on a dealership 20 30 miles and i love it right so i’m hoping that it stays that way and i’m gonna ride it obviously for the next week or two and just write it like crazy and go okay hey is the uh are the bars good enough like they are so i’m not spending

That money number one bikes are expensive and uh and two is i can put that money somewhere else potentially right now that could be a savings account that probably be smart right or into something else for the bike which i’ll tell you about in a minute so um i’m i’m just extremely pleased so we’re doing all the paperwork going out and and i had a straighten up

From the the accident and the insurance and so i had to pay a deductible that i’ll get back you know one of these years um and uh he gives me the total i’m like all right so um what about uh because i don’t know they spent probably 45 minutes or an hour to i assume to uh to adjust the bars he’s like no we charging you for that bomb come on i’m like sweet so uh

I’m just i’m just like man i so so far i really like how they are i don’t know if you can tell here are they they’re really cool uh 14 inch bars no but right now this does it for me i think so pretty excited about that so here’s the other thing when you’re sitting in a dealership and you know they’re putting the fender on and they’re doing the bars you know how it

Goes right you kind of look around you walk around you sit for a while you know they got it all nice and comfortable and and and for me i always talk go talk to the manager of the parts department so um i’m fortunate to know the owner there owner there which like a lot of folks are so i talked to her a little bit and uh by the way she did tell me that you know uh

They’re a little slower right now and you know normally the uh and this is probably public knowledge already and i just didn’t know it you know they’d be getting ready for the new bikes coming out um but she said like last year it’s going to be january again for harley um and that may be a long term play so this will be the second year in a row that they’ve done

That sounds like it is uh she was also awesome i i asked her if uh if she would be up for an interview and a tour on on video to talk about the dealership but for me to also ask some tough questions that i know people have with dealerships so and she said absolutely anytime you want so i will work on that in the in the coming months so that was kind of cool but

While i was there i’m talking to the you know the parts manager and he’s like hey so he he says uh yep so you’re the black fender guy i’m like yep bob he goes to my bob so we’re just kind of chatting and i said you know i’ve been i’m they’re flipping up my bars a little bit he’s like oh maybe you won’t have to get borrowers right he goes because it’s they’re

Kind of hard to get nowadays and i said yeah and i said i’m going to put you know at this point he goes you’re going to do anything else i said yeah i’m going to probably put some slip ons on it he’s like what are you looking at i’m like well you know i had to eliminate your 400s on my uh ultra limited uh and um you know they were they were fine you know they

Were cool but um because they they’re kind of passive right i’m like yeah but that’s okay i mean i really like them uh but i’m not i’m obviously not set on right we’d be talking about something else and he’s like he’s like have you ever considered cobras and i’m like yeah he’s like well i had these cobra 909s i think they are that i have on my bike and i think

They’re called the dual slant i’m not positive of that um i’ll put it right here and uh and i’m like yeah those look okay and um he’s like um uh i’m like you know so hard with these pipes unless you hear or hear them right he’s like well let’s go back in my bike so they walk me back through the service department and the parks department and he fires this bike

Up and uh man they sound sweet they’re loud but they’re not you know obnoxious they’re not neighbor haters uh but they’re definitely not like the ones i had before so i am pretty excited to get uh those it’s gonna take uh i guess there’s like six of them in the country at least right now at harley dealerships is how i understood he was looking it up so he says

Hey i’ll have him here midweek pretty excited about uh getting those so you know i’m really feeling good about where my bike is at um i again i’ve had it just about i don’t know two and a half months now got four thousand miles on it so i’ve been able to take out some trips which is kind of cool but uh super excited about the bars so you know that’s and you know

You could do it i’m thought about eventually maybe doing a stage one on this but i’m like i really don’t need to do that and you know maybe sometimes it’s the same thing with adjusting the bars says maybe the best modifications is not to do any um and i like to ask you guys have you ever you know not done a modification that you were thinking about maybe adjusted

Something or just happy with what you have and don’t feel like you want to do that i know there’s a lot of guys that love you know stock bikes i have a 2000 road king classic and other than the stage one that was put on it where um when i from a guy i had bought it from i really i’m not planning on doing anything to that bike right keeping a stock but sure love

To hear your feedback and and for those of you that are at least i can talk for a road glide if you’re thinking about the uh bars that come stock and they are a little low so i did feel a little bit of the shoulder i am 6’3 and a little pain in the shoulder when i was riding on the long trip not a lot but it may be worth it even if they charge you an hour at the

Dealership to roll these things up before you spend four or 500 bucks on bars and then maybe the same if you’re not going to install them yourself that is it folks be safe out there thanks for checking in i definitely appreciate all of you and by the way i always leave links in the description of anything i use whether it’s software program whether it’s the gear

I use whether it’s the mirrors or anything that i’ve had on my bikes that you may see in a video you can go check those out and click on a link there and it’ll take your right to it if you please it is an amazon link so i do get a really small commission for that want to be straight about that but it does not impact what you would pay for it so um but it’s i

Do it for the purpose of it always being there uh just to link because i get tons of question on where did you get this or where can i get that so that’s why i started and started initially so from the beautiful countryside in michigan be safe out there folks hey be vigilant check out a friend and let’s take care of each other bye-bye is

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