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Road King Special Walk-Around & Upgrades

Road King Special Walk-Around & Upgrades

Hey what’s up guys and welcome back to albright’s harley davidson garage so today we’re going to be taking a look at the 2019 roadking special build i’m going to go over all the upgrades that we’ve done to the build so far and then let you guys know uh the next upgrades that we have come into the bike so let’s go ahead and get started all right so we’re going

To go ahead and start on the front of the bike and work our way back so the first thing we’re going to look at are the headlights here so we’ve got the black daymaker headlight we’ve also got the black passing auxiliary lights and we’ve got the turn signals down here we relocated those from the handlebars so when i bought the bike they were up here at the hand

Controls so we bought the relocation kit from harley-davidson we moved them down here in order to do that what we had to do was we had to get this tubular cross bracket here which is this piece right here i picked that up on amazon it was about 30 bucks then we ordered the housings here for the auxiliary passing lights ordered those on amazon as well this is

What came with the turning stone relocation kit was the housing here and this little uh piece right here so once i got that stuff from harley the housing came chrome this piece came chrome the tubular cross bracket here was also in chrome so we had to get those powder coated black and then we got the headlight visor style trim ring the auxiliary passing light

On trim rings and the flat pancake style trim rings as well once we got all those we had to get those powder coated i picked up the uh blackout lenses here i got those from amazon so for the handlebars we got the 18 inch carlini gangster a hangers we wired these bars ourselves this is not something you guys need to uh to pay someone to do if you are interested

In getting some eight hangers for your bike uh it’s definitely something you can do yourself it’s not as hard as people think so what we did with this was uh once we upgraded to the inch and a half uh diameter thickness on the bars we had to get a riser clamp which is this piece right here it’s this little metal piece once we did that we had to get that from la

Choppers so we bought that and then once we installed this and replaced the one that came on the bike which was an inch and a quarter what it did was it took this little piece right here and raised it up so now we can’t get this to sit flush on top of the nacelle so what i’m going to have to do is i’m going to take a dremel tool and dremel out on the uh on this

Piece here and raise it up a quarter of an inch and do the same thing on the other side here and just uh kind of cut some out that way uh it’ll lay down flat so when we changed the eight fingers we had to get some new extended clutch and brake cables these are the midnight edition from la choppers the midnight edition includes the black hardware piece here and

Then the blacked out hose so we got those extended clutch and brake cables we also got some new grips these are from kiryakin and right here we have the harley davidson uh brand phone mount getting ready to change that out to the zero 3d uh cyber charger which we already have also mounted to the handlebars we have the dynojet power vision tuner here so what

We did to mount this to the bars was uh we ordered an inch and a half clamp for the handlebars this is from trakform mounts and that’s how we mounted the dynojet power vision we also did the flush mount led fuel gauge it has some blue leds when it lights up and the flush mount fuel cap you can get both of those in a kit that comes together we’ve got the road

King speedo and tack here this is the black version in miles per hour not kilometers so this thing has 600 different color combinations all this lights up uh the rpms light up these two needles light up and there’s a backlight on the lcd section here that you can change that color as well for the air cleaner we did the arlen ness 90 degree naked monster sucker

This thing is a freaking beast of an air cleaner absolutely love it the only air cleaners i’ve ever ran on harley davidson motorcycles that i’ve owned have been arlen ness so i’ve never had an issue with any of them and they seem to work great so we’ve got the harley-davidson willie g skull highway pegs obviously in black we’ve got the woolly g skull large brake

Pedal pad and the willy g skull four board inserts we’ve also got the vance heinz power dual head pipe with the x chamber we got our mustang seat here this is the solo seat with backrest i just don’t have the backrest on it right now we’ve got the stretch side covers from advan black we also have the stretch saddle bags from advan black as well on the back here

We have the extended fender this is also from advan black the slip-ons that we have on the bike now these are just a temporary set that i’m borrowing from a friend i’m waiting on the tab performance four and a half inch bam sticks to come in they’re on a four to six week back order i’ve been waiting over four weeks now so they should be here any time we’ve got

The willie g skull horn cover on the mounting bracket here i did take this off and get it powder coated black we’ve got the willy j skull ryder floorboards now we’re getting ready to change out the foot pegs here i’ll probably remove the heel shifter we’ve also got the harley davidson wind splitter for the road king here this thing is an absolute beast i love

This windshield when i bought the road king special i never planned on getting a windshield but if any of you guys actually have a road king with no windshield then you know how it can be on the highway at highway speeds going 80 plus miles an hour you definitely want some type of wind protection if you’re taking a long trip so i got this for uh whenever i take

Beach trips or any long highway rods all right so we’re back in the shop now i’m just going to take a look at some of our other new parts uh so we’ve got the redshift uh 468 cam this is from zippers performance uh here’s what the cam looks like right here we’ve also got the fueling parts lifters here we bought the lifters kit as well we’ve got the cam bearing

We’ve got the s s quickie push rods with the black covers we’ve got our gaskets here we’ve got our tappet cuffs while we’re uh in doing the cam we also picked up some tappet covers so the ones on the bike right now are chrome with harley doing the blacked out roadking special you would have thought that they would use the black tappet covers but they used chrome

And they used the chrome uh pushrod covers so we went black with the push rods and black with the taffet covers as well help black out that engine a little bit we’ve also got the ciro uh 3d cyber charger this has the 15 watt wireless fast charger so looking forward to that install as well you’ve also installed the zero latitude tail light and license plate holder

On the bike so it has the curved license plate ours is black obviously we’ve got the smoked out tail light bar with the black hardware up top as well we’ve also got the zero 3d drink holder here haven’t put that on the bike yet probably wait till we head out to the beach for that one we also use red lines transmission fluid and all of our harley-davidson’s as

Well all right guys that’s gonna do it for this video i hope you guys enjoyed the walk around of the 2019 roadking special build and a look at the upgrades that we’ve done to the bikes so far so if you guys enjoyed this video drop a like down below drop a comment let me know what you guys think if you guys have any questions on where you can pick up some of these

Parts just let me know in the comment section below if you guys want to see any more videos like this one or if you guys are interested in seeing some of the install videos make sure you check out our youtube channel check out the roadking special playlist we also have a 2016 street glide special build uh that we’ve done as well uh we’ve got some videos on that

On our youtube channel as well so anyways thank you guys for watching if you guys would like to see uh some daily and weekly updates make sure you check out our tick tock at albright’s harley-davidson garage we are constantly uh posting over there almost every single day with upgrades stuff that we got going on in the shop and just behind the scenes videos so

Anyways thank y’all for watching if you’re not subscribed uh and you enjoy this content please consider hitting the subscribe button so you guys can stay up to date on all the future videos as soon as they come out and uh appreciate y’all watching i’ll see you on the next video peace out

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Road King Special Walk-Around & Upgrades By Albright’s Harley Davidson Garage