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Road or Mountain Bike? – Which Bicycle to Buy First

Should your first bike be a road, mountain or hybrid bike? In this video I share the advantages of each to help you decide which bike to purchase.

What’s up y’all so today i want to talk about cycling buying a new bike so this one mainly for all the the new cyclers that are going out doing research looking into buying their first bike so i just bought my first bike a year and a half little under a year and a half ago now and then over on this side i have the bike that i’ve been riding for the last 15 years

Which was given to me by my father so when i started to do research on new bikes you know i started looking at people that were cycling and people that i looked up to one of course was durianrider and i took into what he had to say and i took his advice into consideration then i kind of went off on my own step two since i felt that i was a little more experienced

Than most new cyclers so the three main types of bikes that are going to be offered to you when purchasing new bikes is one it’s going to be the good old mountain bike the advantages of a mountain bike of course is that they’re good for offroad bumpy terrain you can give some really low speeds so you know really good for climbing hills but that’s nothing that you

Can’t get on your road bike so if you like to climb you know hill roads or mountains pave mountains don’t feel that you need a mountain bike just because of the gearing but if you’re going to be doing 80 to 85 percent of your writings on off-road trails it’s a no-brainer that you should get a mountain bike on the other spectrum you have the situation that i was

In i live in the city and the suburbs and i would say that 90 to 95 percent of the cycling that i do is on paved roads sometimes sidewalks sometimes you know walking paths riding past but 90 to 95% of my writing is on pave paved roads so it is a no-brainer for me to go ahead and purchase a road bike now the advantages of a road bike or that number one they look

Awesome number two most people have always wanted one their whole life just couldn’t afford one which was my situation but most of all the road bikes they allow you to go faster they’re smoother on the road you know you’re going to look like you belong in traffic you know whereas when you’re riding down the when you ride down the road on a rut on a mountain bike

You don’t really look like a cycler you know that that commutes and does all that you know you don’t really look like you should be in traffic but when you’re on a road bike you look like you should be in traffic most of the time you could keep up with traffic and it’s just a lot safer if you’re going to be on the road to be riding one of the road bikes but there

Is a bike in the middle it’s called they call it a hybrid and if you’re going in to your local bike shop telling them that this is your first bike you’ve ever bought the hybrid bike is probably the bike that they’re going to recommend to you just because it’s pretty much got the best of both worlds so the hybrid bikes it’s just that sounds it’s pretty much a cross

Between a mountain bike and a road bike but i would recommend them because most of the time you you’re going to be doing all your riding off the road are you going to be doing all your riding on the road you know for me i do all my riding on the road but i do like to go out a few times a year on the off-road tracks you know into the mountains and ride my road my

Mountain bike where is the cyclic where is the hybrid bikes i would say or more for if you’re doing like cyclocross race is something like that where it’s 50% on the road 50% off the road and that’s your main focus then a hybrid bike maybe for you but when buying your first fight one thing you should consider is do i live in the city will i be riding mostly rows

Or do i live in the woods in the country where most my riding is going to be offroad on you know dirt paths and that is where i would start at when looking to buy your first bike in the next episode i will go over whether you want to get a carbon bike or an aluminum frame bike and what the advantages of both are so let me know down in the comments below whether

You own a mountain bike road bike a hybrid bike and that’ll do it don’t forget to like this video share it subscribe if you haven’t yet and stay tuned for more cycling tips health tips and go vegan peace

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Road or Mountain Bike? – Which Bicycle to Buy First By Mango Man