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Royal Enfield Continental GT-R 650 – Track Ready | Bomb Motorcycle | Full System exhaust

Royal Enfield Continental GT-R 650 – Track Ready

Hi hello namaskar i’m pradeep and hope you guys are doing great we are also used to this performance motorcycle from the royal enfield the continental gt650 it’s a cafe racer that we all know it works well in the highway that has a good riding position but here i am today in kohambator and the kerry motorsport seeing one of the racing motorcycles that is offered

Here in the continental gt cup so i’m gonna show that motorcycle and what all changes that royal enfield has done to that motorcycle to fit in the track and have the riders felt about it so let let’s go so this is the all-new uh gt6 gt650 that was used in this continental gt cup looks completely different right the car is different the short seat uh good tires so

One of the biggest things that has uh changed from the this motorcycle to this is a little more aerodynamic because of this beautiful car so you might have seen this in the truck stand the triumph thruxton where it looks so classic and beautiful so royal enfield has implemented the same thing and looks bomb man i really wish they could give this to the production

Model as well so that we can modify the gt here and so the performance of the continental gt650 is good but not great but in the track you need more performance for that what rolling field has done is they have installed the full system exhaust there are two benefits from it so it has reduced the weight because uh the exhaust the twin exhaust and the gt is heavy

Uh so this full system exhaust is so lightweight that it has spread about 24 kilos and and also that has increased the performance so it has increased the performance up to 24 which is awesome man because it’s a very talky motorcycle and it’s because of the performance increase it’s so well to go into the corner and get out of the corner as well other major changes

That you’ll notice from the gt to this is a suspension because in the tracks you should be able to adjust the suspension damping yeah so this comes with a little more stiffer suspension so that you will be comfortable in the track because you don’t need a softer suspension uh you will not have a good uh lap timing if you have the a softer suspension so suspension

Has been changed both in the front and the rear so it’s little on the stiffer side so along with that uh so a lot of weight has been reduced you can see that uh in the normal gt it’s so long and also the silencer as well it’s it’s so wide enough but we don’t need that in the track machine and yes other bigger thing is even though it’s a cafe racer it has clip-on

Handlebars but that’s not good enough because you have to tuck in where to the aerodynamic purposes so that’s why along with the curl the handle has been reduced a little bit more so that uh you can have good riding posture all right so that the riders can tuck in comfortably and yes and increase the lap timing for the aerodynamic purposes so i spoke to one of

The riders who won the championship and he told that it works really well because everyone were a little skeptical because this is a very heavy motorcycle but that’s not the case along with the help of jk tires which has a beautiful tires here unlike the normal uh stock tires that you get in the gt so this tires works really well in the track has good enough grip

And the sleek tyres are amazing and so one thing that along with that wow the sound is amazing right so that’s one added advantage with the full system exhaust so that you get a rumbling sound man the sound of this motorcycle is amazing as soon as the riders are riding in the track right you can hear the grunt and exhaust note 10 20 motorcycles riding in this track

Sounds awesome and if you are a track lover you will have a lot of fun so before we end the video right let me crank up the motorcycle and i’ll show you how it sounds okay so this is how it sounds in the idle it’s very rumbly so let’s crank up a little bit damage it’s too damn loud man it’s really good i don’t think it’s road legal you can’t take it on this road

But damn uh very impressive for the first time a royal enfield has been doing something like this so this is just the first level so there are round two that is happening tomorrow which is sunday and also round three which will be happening uh in the bic uh both international circuit so i wish luck for all the riders and them and it’s a good try in the future we

Are so sure that royal enfield will come up with uh much more add-ons and much more track-friendly motorcycles and i’m very much impressed so i hope you guys like the video if you did hit the like button comment down below what do you think of this new gt and also uh do hit the subscribe as well until next time ride safe i love this gt one wish i can get this cowl

And fit it on our road or road model gts until next time bye you

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Royal Enfield Continental GT-R 650 – Track Ready | Bomb Motorcycle | Full System exhaust By Pradeep on Wheels