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Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc Ride Test Before Sale

Rev Bomb – Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc Ride Test Before Sale

So hello welcome along eclipse motorcycles today we’re looking at this royal enfield himalayan 400cc single cylinder on this one and it’s got the aftermarket hand guards on there you’ve got an aftermarket front screen to the front spotlights and of course you’ve got those touring panniers nice stainless exhaust system on this one what we’re going to do we’re

Going to take a step back and we’re going to swap to the other camera and get up close and personal with this so here we go getting up close and personal with the royal enfield just check out nice aftermarket royal enfield headlight grill to this it’s got the aftermarket fog lights and running lights to this as well and nice set of spoke wheels running that

Nice big disc at the front just moving down the bike royal enfield logo emblazoned on the side just check out that big 400cc cylinder in there himalayan logo i do like the logos on this if you understand what that writing says himalayan and a nice aftermarket set of those royal enfield side panniers to the rear of this nice little tail tidy on this with a

Nice little logo and then once again that rear pannier there nice disc brake to the rear of this and of course that stainless can on the bike as well just moving down the side of the bike and just get a full view of this one and i do love the seat on this it’s got that mesh seating on it so you don’t slip around on this one so very very well or well kept order

On this one and it’s emblazoned with royal enfield everywhere and of course if you are going off-roading what better than a set of hand guards and just checking out the display on this so when we fire up the ignition on this one it comes up with all your details on there so you’ve got your speedo and all your details to the bottom rev counter to the top fuel

Tank and of course compass there as well so if you happen to be going off-roading you know exactly what direction you are in so we’re going to get out and ride test this one so getting back on to the other camera and we’re going to mount this one and just take this one out for a run that has the option of side stand and main stand on this one just firing it up

You’ve got all that royal enfield display in front of you as we showed you on the other video lovely seating position i am very flat footed to the floor and obviously i’m five temperature 32 inside leg on this one what we are going to do is once we clear the traffic just show you how slow with the feet up you can maneuver this bike very very easy to maneuver

And also if you happen to be off-roading can get yourself out of the seat and obviously very slow speeds but a bit of clutch control and bait control it’s very very easy to manage off-road if you’re actually out of the seat on this one so very very good dual function on this one if you happen to be off-roading or green laning on these you’ve got the torque of

That big 400 cc single cylinder but if you happen to be using it just as an urban commute then it’s just as good and obviously on these tyres you’ve got dual sport tyres on this one those semi knobblies on this but are very very good for road performance and once you get the power on it does get itself up to speed very very quickly and you do love the sound

Of that single cylinder thump just takes you back a few years and obviously if you happen to be into adventure biking and this will probably be the ideal machine for you chuck your wet weather gear into the panniers all your bits and pieces your sandwiches for the day and just go off and just green lane or urban commute all day very very comfortable it’s got

That mesh seat on it so you’re not sliding around on the seat that you would do with other bikes and just bringing her into the roundabout especially on a wet day like this these tyres do grip the road very very well that single cylinder thumb just easing you around the roundabout so there is plenty of torque there when you need it and it does pull from a very

Low rpm absolutely love riding these and it’s very very easy just to look down and see the display in front of you gives you everything you need so you got your miles per hour your revs fuel tank nice big led display to the bottom with your mileage your gear indicator and one of these royal enfields five speed box i could say on my last video typical six speed

Box it is five speed on this one hence the amount of torque you get pulling through those gears a nice little screen just to take a little bit of the wind buffeting away from the front of you but it does the job very very good and one thing i did pick up on my last ride test was these mirrors but they are so far out you’ve got an absolutely 100 view of that road

Behind i’m just pulling it down on that front brake absolutely perfect and it does corner exceptionally well for quite a tall bike you just roll off the throttle and you can just hear that exhaust tone just growling away that is very very sticky into the roads with those tyres very very maneuverable this is up for sale at eclipse motorcycles link is down the

Bottom end that’s eclipse motorcycles and you can find the bike and the videos on there telephone number is also down the bottom 01 908 643.603 should you be into an adventure bike ideal for two up suspension honest is lovely it’s about mid setting on this so it’s not too soft it’s not too firm but even on all those potholes it does soak up all those

Bumps very very well and once again just pulling it from those low revs that torque just kicks in absolutely perfect and then once again we’re just going to pull it down to a really hard stop on that front end absolutely lovely crisp breaking on this one and the gear changes coming down is very very smooth it’s not clunky like you would expect from an adventure

Bike but it does have a lot of road presence obviously due to the size of it and all those crash bars around it has got a lot of presence on the road just popping the visor up just listen to the pair of that single 400. i’m just pulling it out into traffic again nice bit of slow maneuverability just pulling through that gearbox absolutely perfect and then

Just really low revs from third gear doesn’t have a problem just applying the power from a very very low gear and then once again changing down absolutely perfect i say is available eclipse motorcycles give the bike sales team a call if you happen to be into an adventure bike and until the next time it’s a big goodbye from me you

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Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc Ride Test Before Sale By Rev Bomb