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RST Axiom Waterproof Boot Features Explained

RST Axiom Waterproof Boot Features Explained RRP £79.99

Hi everyone and welcome to the video today we’re taking a look at the axiom waterproof boot now the axiom is designed to be our gateway into safe waterproof touring boots it offers you everything that you need a super affordable price point that doesn’t sacrifice on any of the features that you require on your bike it’s comfortable it’s safe and it’s waterproof

As well the axiom really does have it all the axiom is ce rated to levels one two two in abrasion resistance impact cut tests and transverse rigidity or crush damage tests respectively the axiom is mainly constructed from microfiber which is a fantastic material to use for a boot because not only does it protect you from abrasion but it also is incredibly durable

And offers you just enough movement to walk around in but protect your limbs from damage as well in addition to the microfiber outer we’ve got a series of components built into the inside of the boot to protect your foot there’s a reinforced tpu toe box which is very strong protecting you from both impact and crush damage as well as giving you an additional layer

To protect from abrasion resistance there’s then a reinforced nylon shank which runs through the sole of the boot this protects you from hyper extension injuries or torsion twisting injuries there’s also a 360 heal cockpit in the back of the boot which again is made from reinforced tpu because of how strong that tpu is we’ve got protection from crush impact and

Abrasion resistance in the cockpit as well additionally the heel cockpit in the toe box will work to preserve the shape of the boot for the life of the products longevity has been built in to the axiom and to complement all of those components the heel cockpit has been finished in matte effect microfiber for a really nice aesthetic there is an additional layer

Of microfiber to protect the toe part of the boot as well again that is also matte effect which offers you a great aesthetic and there’s also a built-in shin protector to the front part of the boot just here this is nice and strong because it’s made from reinforced tpu but it’s also just got enough flexibility that you can adjust the fitment of the boot to ensure

Comfort and we’ve even debossed it with the rst logo as you can see the gear shift pad on the axiom is wrap around for maximum protection and to keep the boots looking great for its life and then we’ve got motion panels on the front and these are to allow for the movement that you require to both walk around in and operate your gears and your brakes on your bike

At the rear we’ve got a similarly functional microfiber motion panel to give you the movement that you require and there’s a nice bit of reflex on the back here which once shined upon will shine back at motorists so make sure that you’re seen by other road users to help get you in and out of the boot there’s a microfiber puller an entry in and out of the boot is

Achieved via the velcro and the reinforced zip the velcro is there for adjustability but also to protect the zip from the heat from the engine and from any heat from abrasion injuries and the reinforced zip is really nice and hard wearing to ensure maximum safety because the axiom is a waterproof boot we fit a gusset behind the zip and this is to stop any water

From coming in through what may otherwise be a weak area of waterproofing and the axiom is fully lined with our synaqua waterproof membrane we’ve been working with synaqua for over 10 years now and sanakwa offers you 10 000 to 5000 waterproof to breathability rating which is absolutely fantastic for a waterproof liner not only is it going to keep you dry but

It’s also going to ensure that you’re kept nice and comfortable because of the breathability rating on the inside of the boot the internal liner as you can see is this lovely padded airtex mesh there’s loads of comfort in the padded air techs as well as lots of flow of air because of the airtex liner as well and we’ve even got a gel insert for comfort on the

Insole which is antimicrobial and anti-fungal as well here’s the new sole which has been designed for the axiom this is a touring sole so it’s very hard wearing and it’s very very grippy as well for both on the bike and when walking around in it’s got a high silica content which means it’s very durable and very grippy and we even heal it just a touch so it works

Really comfortably with the foot pegs on your bike guys i’m sure you can see the axiom has everything you need to keep you safe dry and comfortable on your bike you don’t need to have huge budgets to have huge protection and comfort with the axiom rst’s philosophy has always been to provide the best possible protection to the masses and with the axiom that has

Been realized in our footwear range absolutely we’re so proud to be able to offer you the axiom boot guys i hope you’ve enjoyed the video thanks very much for listening and we’ll see you next time you

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