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RST Tractech Evo 3 boots – J&S Accessories Ltd

Today we look at the new RST Tractech evo 3 boots…

Hi guys chris from j and ass i’m going to talk to you today about these brand new rsc trap tech evo free boots just come out for this season it’s an update of their old track sack which they’ve been running for a number of years now been a very popular boot always has been for a long while and they update them every year and this is the very latest model as you

Can see there’s various different colors as well with the black black when the day glow yellow which is quite nice the the black and blue black white mainly black and white boot there and all the color on that and then we’ve got a black light with a like a flow red i don’t know if you can see in the colorway there’s a difference between this is a normal red hair

And red black and white normal red and that’s a flow red bear there’s a few different colorways as well but now i’m going to show you a few different features on a single boot they do update them every year and this is the very latest model we’ve only just got it in stock everything that you’d expect from a racing style boot these guys sponsor a lot of races in the

Bsb and another racing series and these are the boots they’ve been wearing just lately everything you expect such as your toe slythe a gear change protector it’s very well ventilated perforated on the front there as well you’ve got some events on bit on the front shim protector as well and at the back here and around the car if you’ve got this articulated movement

Here for either side to support that support your ankle and and the front the rear of the calf there nice piece of carbon heat settle in there as well very nicely designed actually was some really nice attractive economic shapes and and very comfortable to wear as well apparently opening it taut that velcro adjustment 3/4 of the way up so you can adjust it wider

For the carport sites or depending on how you want that to work a little stretch panel at the top here as well so that when you walk and you’ve got our flexibility at the top of the shin and the back of the calf little velcro tab on the is it so that when you do it’s up you can attach that to the top and it stops a bit from falling down other safety feature there

Pull the zip down there and open it off inside you’ve got air tex liner inside as well and a three density foam sole inside there as well which is also antibacterial and it’s erm the whole of the inside the boot absorbs moisture as well there am so very wicking material so it keeps your foot nice and cool as well before flexible piece on the ankle again for when

You’re walking around in the boot when you’re moving around on the bike just to make it nice and comfy so so good all-rounder this they’ve thought about this a lot and as i say update them over the years and they get better and better every year very nice that’s the rst trap tech evo three boot and of course don’t forget to like and subscribe for more stuff from jana’s

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