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RST TracTech EVO II Armored Textile Jacket Review | Sportbike Track Gear

RST TracTech EVO II Armored Textile Jacket

I’m brian van and today we’re into a product review on the rst track tech evo two armored textile jacket okay retail prices to $59.99 who is this jacket right for well clearly it’s a sport bike coat it’s got a race hump on the back very subtle right but it is their armor lots of protection we’ll talk about that more it has a removable

Quilted insulating liner both vest and sleeve kind of zips into we’ll show you later it’s really cool it also has a waterproof liner built into into it with zippered vents so this coat is going to offer multi season use depending on your internal thermostat if it’s smoking hot outside i’m talking about it’s like 95 degrees or something and you want tremendous

Ventilation you want to look more towards a mesh coat this ventilation on this coat is not direct as skin it goes in between the waterproof breathable membrane and the exterior the coat sizing at 5 feet 11 inches tall probably closer to 205 pounds right now about a 33 inch waist it’s post holidays judgment-free please i’m wearing a 54 euro in this coat and i do have

The inner removable quilted liner in there which does absolutely pick up some volume right requires more volume inside the coat when you buy a coat like this that has liners that are removable what i like to suggest to people is that your sizing you want to think about what are you gonna wear it and most what configuration you’re gonna use it most with the liners

You’re gonna use it most without myself i’m a fair-weather writer i’ve said that a million times i’m not gonna ride unless it’s real nice outside so the insulated liner i would have very little use for that maybe early sees it a little bit late season a little bit so i’m going to size my stuff sans liner okay and i tried this on without the liner and it fits a

Little bit better than does right now right now it’s very form-fitting but with the motion panels they have in it i have all the mobility that i could ever need features benefice what i like about this coat ce certified armor elbow forearm shoulder got a shoulder slider external that ce certified back protector that’s included in the pocket ducote tremendous value

Add we have zippered storage pocket here both sides hand warmer style volume adjusters when you remove that inner liner up here in the bicep around the waist all done with textile and velcro volume adjustment here in the cuff nice little velcro tpr pull there’s more storage inside the coat see here left breast this feels like it’s going to be a waterproof pocket

But as you open the coat up and this is how they get to the waterproofing here there is your waterproof liner and rst built a second zip into this unzip here and inside the liner on the left side got a little napoleon style pocket here kind of get a sense for the quality of the liner itself the quality of the jacket is phenomenal right the fit is great quality

Materials quality of stitching i think you’ll be really impressed when i show you a lot more that when i take the coat off and disassemble it okay inside out rst track tech evo – armored textile jacket has a removable quilted liner and even the liner itself shows the quality of the garment see a storage pocket here inside the liner zippered see the size of that

Slip pocket over here with a velcro closure on the right side alright once again like i said a nice high-quality liner fully removable it comes with softshell cg certified armor in the shoulder as well as the elbow form big news is full ece certified back protector comes included in the coat this material is one of those that as it warms a little bit it becomes

Even more pliable and more comfortable so you get a nice protection package with this jacket without having to purchase any add-ons great benefit show the coat itself back of the coat race hump is integrated okay gives it that factory look exhaust vents are built in and hidden zippered style down here at the base of the jacket some reflective logos are screened

On volume adjustment the waste is managed with textile and velcro large motion panels right you’re able to move on the bike you’re comfortable and improves the riding experienced large motion panels in the shoulder area on both sides roll the jacket over get to the sleeve that’s sweet shoulder slider a different textile fabric here gives it a nice contrast heavy

D stuff here in the forearm that’s the crash zone once again screen down reflective logo volume adjuster here in the bicep area for when you decide to pull the liner volume adjuster here in the cuff something else that’s really impressive is the way they attach the liner that zips in you don’t have velcro and have these cheap little snaps you have a nice zipper it

Keeps everything real tidy tucked away super comfortable a great feature they’ve quality this stuff is just so impressive when you get it in your hands intake vent up here in the shoulder that’s a prime spot when you’re riding it pops open drives the air inside the coat it’s going to circulate inside between the two liners the waterproof breathable membrane and

The exterior the coat and then of course you have the exhaust vents open its events of the back zippered storage pocket here left and right side mirror image and you can see the way they hide the zips real clean look we have comfort fabric lined here around the collar feels good against the skin here’s the pocket that holds that see certified back protector as you

Get inside the coat full circumference zip – pants attachment storage pocket here left breast that’s of course waterproof member we have the waterproof membrane is inside the coat nice comfortable mesh liner feels good against the skin on all what do i think of the coat ton of value once again this is really a premium jacket for somebody that’s looking to ride in

Multiple seasons the only place i would say this might struggle a little bit it depends on your internal thermostat is when it’s super hot off because the ventilation is not direct to skin okay this is true with a lot of waterproof coat it’s not direct to skin it ventilation properties aren’t going to be as high as say a mesh jackets you need to understand that

You know coming into it sells at a great price tons of value we really look forward to moving forward with this rst line this is the rst track tech evil armored textile jacket

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RST TracTech EVO II Armored Textile Jacket Review | Sportbike Track Gear By Sportbike Track Gear