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RUKKA Nivala 2.0 Laminated Goretex Motorcycle Jacket Review 4K |

The new RUKKA Nivala 2.0 GoreTex Laminate Motorcycle Jacket available in Orange, Yellow and Black. The Jacket has a UK Exclusive 6 year warranty! See links to the products below:-

Yes indeed that time has come we finally have it here the new ruka nyvala jacket and ladies and germs this is the real deal so don’t expect any snap judgments here just the facts now obviously the naval was a very very popular jacket and a lot of people were really excited and couldn’t wait to get their hands on the aptly named nivala 2 and aptly named because

It is an upgrade it’s an evolution not something that is say completely brand new but it’s taken what they had before and just making it better and better and better and that is what we’re going to show you here today so let’s have a look at the outer here now the majority of the outer is actually made from gore-tex stretch cordura now this is the material that

Helps to make this so comfortable despite it being a laminated jacket and the important part is i.e the important part if you have a little whoopsie is the armor core and that is on the shoulders here and on the elbows if anything is going to happen to you these are the points that are probably going to hit the deck first so this is where it needs this kind

Of armor here you don’t need the stretchy stuff here you need to stretch your stuff all the way around the rest of thing to make it more comfortable and you need the armor core here and here to save your ass if it all goes wrong having a look at the styling things have changed quite a bit so for example where i to spin around you may think oh where’s where’s

The big argon well there is a reason for this now because ruka is basically about the best textile clothing you can get inevitably you get a lot of imitators and what imitators will try and do quite often is kind of roughly get a logo that looks a little bit like perhaps a rooker or somebody else better than them and that way it kind of they’re kind of riding

On the coattails of ruka now what they decided to do was you know what we need to swap this up we need to change we need to make it so that we are recognizable again and we don’t look similar to other probably inferior products so on the orange the yellow the black and the silver version we have the lines here now if you go to the back here again this is all

Reflective even the black so what they’re doing is they’re basically going down a completely different road they’re essentially re-branding the navala and i think it works continuity cock-up alert because look it’s suddenly turned yellow yes indeed remember me banging on a minute ago about the big r and some people having a little weep that it’s gone even though

Rukra doing basically the right thing of rebranding well bikeheads tends to sell a crap-ton of these things here which is the fluro hello look at me notes me notes me kind of thing and guess what’s on the back guys there’s a big r so if you do want the navala but you’re having a little cry about the fact there’s not a big r on the back anymore this thing here is

What you’re after so what are the vents like on the nevada well i’m going to start at the rear for this one and we have two exhaust vents one here like so and one there to exit all your nasty hotness now we also have some vents here up by the shoulders we have excellent side vents which let in actually quite a decent volume of air considering from the side okay

So as you can see there’s the vents here which will help cool the arms and on your underarms as well you might be looking at this and thinking you know it’s not open but see like this yeah but he rides a bite like this nobody does what you do is you lift your arm up like that and as you can already see even without an arm in it it has opened so when you ride it

Like you’re on a motorbike it opens and lets in the lovely cool air so this is a thoroughly vented and exhausted jacket and it is a big upgrade on the first novella now as well as the stretch cordura which is a big deal the kind of biggest deal kind of for me when it comes to these kind of jackets is the gortex pro three layer laminate that kind of is everywhere

This is what kind of keeps you warm it also uh if you leave your vents open won’t keep you dry so just as an fyi if you’ve got your vents open and it starts raining you need to close them up or you will get wet and we have the two outer pockets now these are also gore-tex laminate lined as well so it’s not i haven’t just kind of left the pockets as a bit of an

Afterthought they’ve actually put some thought into it and they have these kind of semi-waterproof zips they are waterproof we tend to say this a lot here on bike heads they are waterproof but they cannot guarantee that the meat bag is gonna do it up properly because sometimes people just leave a tiny little bit at the top the water seeps in and then so it’s more

Water resistant than water proof so so long as you’re not a dipstick waterproof dipstick water resistant that’s it the eagle eyed among you will notice we have the storm collar fitted here now this is attached to the jacket the previous jacket was a kind of zippy affair but much like the water resistant pockets not being properly waterproof because of a meat bag

It’s usually the meat bag that takes the storm collar off puts it down somewhere and goes oh shiny thing runs off forgets it loses it and you couldn’t really get replacements by stealing your mates off his this comes attached and it folds up into the collar i’ve actually had some experience of a a rooker jacket with a folded one and i’ve actually never taken it

Out um but one thing i can say is it it’s not uncomfortable so that is an important point i’ve never once thought about the neck with its thingy stuffed in there it’s been absolutely fine but i will use it one day i promise i keep telling the bike heads guys they keep saying well it’s raining why don’t you use it and i’m kind of i usually forget to be honest with

You but it is there it touches really nicely and it folds up brilliantly back into the collar and while it may seem a faf initially it’s literally it’s like a muscle memory find out how to do it do it two or three times and you’ll be able to do it real quick now if i open the collar here as well one thing we will see as well as some very good kind of waterproofing

Here is you see this little bit of velcro are you looking that is like a park system for that and that you might go well what’s going on well if you’re a hipster type with a big beard kind of thing that will stop your beard and the crumbs that are in it probably from sticking to the jacket so it’s a tiny little thing it’s a tiny little usb but it’s a good one

Actually whilst i have this kind of storm covery thing here open it is worth pointing out a couple of things now on the nivala it had a kind of similar arrangement with this waterproof zip but what it didn’t have was this double system and that certainly wasn’t gore-text all the way so that’s gore-tex all the way there and over it lips over the same on this side

Too and this basically forms like a guttering system so the water can come in and it just will run down and the bonus is it looks i think twice as smart went on very kind of space 1999 and cool and one reason as i open up here one reason ruka decided to make this change was on the nevada people were just using them so much and not washing them that dirt and

Grit and stuff was getting into the zips and stuff it was just making it slightly less waterproof than it should do and bikeheads know this because they’ve had they’ve had the stuff but they’ve looked at it as have ruka and this is why we’ve ended up with this arrangement here but what we’re going to do right now is dive straight in and look at a bit of orange

Loveliness are we ready oh hello now this is d3o chest protector which is it’s basically you can take it out the flap is sewn in but the actual chest protector itself can be removed although i have no idea why you would want to do that well actually before i dive into the elbows and stuff it is worth pointing out as well the reason that this is the the chest

Protector holder is stuck in is because on the previous jacket it wasn’t people were removing stuff and much like this losing the storm collar they were losing those but now it ain’t going anywhere but you can still remove it if you really want to but this stays in here and just folds away if you don’t want a chest protector why wouldn’t you anyway right now one

Big upgrade over the original nevada is basically all the armor is now level two d3o and it is substantial let me tell you because it’s basically see this here this is this is also d3r and this is roughly what you may get in a in a a jacket one may go and buy that uses d3o when you think you feel it and think that’s kind of good that’s you know that’s kind of junky

Well there’s the difference other people rucker rucker other people now you tell me there’s a comparison there is a fully waterproof inside pocket right here and whilst i remember actually to go with the two water resistant pockets on the outside i forgot to tell you a large rear pocket here which can be accessed by a zip right there they call it a documents

Pocket but as you can see i put my hand in there’s actually quite a lot of space in there for well quite frankly whatever you need to put in there or whatever you need to hide from somebody else but hey that’s all on you now one big change over the nivala one is the down jacket okay one thing to start off with it looks very different which i’ll get back to in a

Moment um it is 90 down 10 feather but the crucial thing here is it is slightly longer it’s like an inch longer and who doesn’t want an extra inch a so is this a problem not if you get the sizing correct and here’s the even more important bit i wear one like the last one for that particular one in a particular jacket i was wearing it needed to be just a tiny

Bit shorter but one place where it is too short was here and the other thing about it is i would not put it on and wear it around town because it looked like i should be big box little boxing from a 90s rave they were fun though right back in the day you guys you know but this thing i would happily pop this on and actually wear it around and it looks like a

Proper jacket it doesn’t like i’ve borrowed somebody’s jacket that’s a size too small for me and that is a big bonus and i like it now obviously we have the double cuff here which folds back like something and what that is for is you can pop your glove in there pop this over zip it up and it stops the rain from getting in your gloves now this is a bit of a

Take or leave it thing on the kingsley that i wear i tend to wear gloves with reasonably big things and only when it’s really raining i will squee i’ll squeeze it in otherwise i don’t but the whole point is it’s a genius idea and it’s there if you need it if you want it and you can make use of it brilliant if you don’t don’t use it but it’s there and on a lot

Of other jackets it ain’t now size wise this is available in sizes 36 to 56 and for us uk is that is basically extra small to 7 xl now remember when it comes to sizing sizing is a guide only i’m assuming that everyone i’m talking to here is a grown up and pays bills and does a job and has bought clothes themselves before and one thing you should know if you’ve

Bought clothes yourself before is that sizes aren’t always quite the same so you could buy a size 10 t-shirt in the uk and you kind of roughly know what you’re gonna get buy one from america add two poles and you get a bloody tent buy one from italy and it’s like trying to squeeze on a condom things are different clothing is different sizing is a guide it’s not

A definite because that would be impossible to get the billions of clothing manufacturers all around the world to actually get it completely right right exactly so what do you do it’s quite simple you go to your dealer and you say i want to try the nevada 2 and you pop it on and say oh maybe i need a little bigger one maybe i’ll need a little smaller one and

That’s how we do it sizing is a guide it is not a right now some of you may ask about the safety rating on this jacket because we have the whole a double a all that kind of stuff going on now what ruka do here with the nevada is look at it slightly differently so what they do is they make sure the jacket is built to the absolute best standard they can they cover

The bits that actually hit the ground with the correct material which they have which they have done but don’t forget this is meant to be something that you move around in but actually hang on a minute hang on this is nonsense this is do you remember remember the sharp ratings for helmets right where you could have a piss pot helmet that had a higher sharp rating

Than a a full face helmet is it anyone in their right mind going to believe that the piss pot is more protective than the full face helmet they’re not and kind of what really gets my goat about this kind of thing is i don’t know many people who sit there looking at ratings do you so i’m just gonna take my doing work for bikeheads hat off like a journal right

Listen you guys know this is this is a ruka jacket when i was a journalist if the opportunity came up to to have a rooker jacket or to use a rooker jacket and i had to fight another journalist to the death using only sharpened chair legs i would have done it and why because they because it is brilliant and is so well built and i think if you honestly think that

This isn’t protective or people think this isn’t protective just because of that rating it’s not with this kind of thing you just need to say it’s ruka this is this is a top tier product think of all the other top tier products you know of you don’t need to worry about the quality or the protection you know it’s there because you know it is that well built so a

Bit like the sharp rating kind of thing i i think i’m on board with ruka that sorry to go back to talking about the jacket properly now now obviously with a spec list as extensive and as exquisite as the nevada 2 this serious upgrade on the nevarla uno there’s only one place to go if you want more information that’s

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RUKKA Nivala 2.0 Laminated Goretex Motorcycle Jacket Review 4K | By BikerHeadz