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Ruroc Atlas 3 0 First Purchase | #UNBOXING

I made my first purchase of a #Ruroc helmet and it’s the #Raijin model!

So i finally got my real rock helmet now this is my first large purchase i would say next to my exhaust so me getting a custom exhaust then you have an idea of how much this cost this is an investment from what i was told probably better than an apple macbook investment so let’s get to it they had a little bit of an issue with dhl delivering it i said the

Address wasn’t correct we did get it the second day why does everybody have to fight and struggle with the box oh let’s check it out inside the box came two pin locks too so here we are in all its glory it’s not waste time i think all of you have seen the box you’ve seen people unbox it this is my unboxing and as i do unboxings i don’t go too deep with like

Three camera views so if that’s something that you wanted i apologize for that all right so we got our real rock pamphlet little case which i think everyone knows what’s in it stickers and the atlas 3.0 booklet this booklet is about warranty information the bluetooth portion if you get the shockwave and also it comes in different languages within the book now

Now with this particular one i got i ordered a visor the helmet came with two visors regularly clear and they blacked out one or tinted one i ordered a separate visor as well to go with it and this has to be it you can take it a sneak peek yeah this will go nicely with the model that i got i’ll show you which one it is so you can see the true color oh yes but

Best part is when you see the helmet hold on hold on oh yeah i forgot i also put it with my pack this i think is going to come in real handy make sure i do it properly your ears here pour your mouth here and there’s a string in the back if you need to tighten up on it see how it works when we do it or use it with the helmet because i got a feeling it’s going

To come down and you’ll have to go up inside your helmet to put it up over your ears but still i ride with these all year doesn’t matter but that is a great addition so let’s go ahead and keep going this and their nice bag is going to be i call it a vent bag visor bag this one is the blacked out model or tinted and that’s nice and to the grand finale the

Numero uno let’s set this up probably this is gonna be better so let’s open it the strings are kind of tight so let’s see if i can make this work come on strange thing here we go this is the real rock atlas 3.0 rising this is beautiful you know me i go with a lot of japanese lure and this just takes it to the top the name of my bike the manufacturer of

My bike and the actual behind the information on this just so you can see it now i’m not sure if this is true or not but i heard you may be able to get these vent covers in colors if that’s true i’m going to look into that and see as you know what we’re looking at but this it’s what i expect it’s what i expected so now i guess there’s only one thing left to

Do let’s try it on remove my face oh yeah oh i have to also test it with glasses which they go on perfect so i got a good fitment vent vents closed open and i can actually tell the difference when i do that i can hear the difference inside the helmet when i have it closed i can hear it echoing i hear a lot of people saying that it’s loud when you’re riding

We’ll see i don’t really think it’s going to be an issue for me because i actually wear earplugs i’m using loops earplugs and you got to check them out they actually work pretty well i have the premium version in black you can get them in a couple of different colors they’re very inexpensive as well too and they work well blocking out certain decibels and i got

The 18 decibel one and i’ve been riding with those for about three weeks now even that it’s cold and it still works well so i can hear my other helmet when i get a phone call when i’m listening to music but i don’t hear my exhaust as loudly in my ear as i used to and i’m not getting the headaches so i’m going to ride with those in it the only other way to test

This helmet is to ride so even though it’s 40 degrees outside and i rolled yesterday in it i’m gonna ride again so the next video you guys will see let me be wearing this on the road actually not i gotta do something else for you guys don’t i stand by for me let’s see you know this is with the clear visor but this isn’t the visor i’m going to be riding with

Let’s put on the visor i’m going to be riding with that was simple real simple now pin lock ready on every visor the clear and also the black i’ll put that on later but this this here is important hold on here we go this is what she’ll look like full time oh yes oh yes this is what she’ll look like full time i guess we got to put it on too right i’m not

Going to worry about straps right now here it is oh yes so and actually it’s kind of warm and toasty in here now and i’m not getting too much fog on the visor but i rode with a pin lock especially right now in the winter or the weather that we have with it being winter or almost winter it’s going to be needed i even have to coat my glasses so that they don’t

Fog up as well too so that’s my new ruroc atlas 3.0 horizon style i am actually impressed with this i know there are a lot of videos out there with the left and right side of some like some dislikes some people actually gone as far as to cutting the helmets in half i care about safety but also on top of the safety i also care about design i think it’s designed

Very well plus the actual scheme that it has matches my personality my riding style and what i like and i’m glad that they have all these different versions that you can choose from when it comes to that i think that’s actually what customer service means that’s how you’ll keep customers longer so for the second largest purchase that i’ve made for my bike or for

Myself in riding in that price point i can’t review it and say that it’s worth it but i can say i feel that it’s worth it at this point because i have what i’m asking for i’m gonna have to coat this and this i have a friend of mine and we’re gonna go ahead and coat it he does ceramic coating we’ll go ahead and get this coated because i already see a few of my

Fingerprints but look forward for the next videos coming while i’m riding noriko with this one on and let’s see if we can turn some heads on the street especially it being wintertime and as usual i have a surprise for you guys do you know what i say when i usually end my videos go ahead give it to him this your boy dragon g all right so you gonna say the very

Last part for me all right so as usual this your boy dragon chi have fun ride safe and peace it’s actually supposed to be deeper than that peace no deeper and longer with a grungy voice peace peace i can’t do your voice i don’t know why but i can’t so oh bye world

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Ruroc Atlas 3 0 First Purchase | #UNBOXING By Dragonchi