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RYNO Motors Full Story – Now over 24 million views

RYNO Motors has stopped production.

Hey can we just show you this picture what do you think about this wow that’s crazy i’ve never seen anything like that ever i don’t know if the harley clientele would be would go for it maybe the younger crowd would but not the old crowd i’d try it for sure have you heard this is in portland do you know what it is or where you can find it no i don’t that’s

Crazy yeah i saw it right up the street at the coffee shop so over by pete’s there it’s an incredible bike what is it it’s a one-wheel motorcycle so i’m just gonna ready to take it out for a ride if you want to stick around and out of the middle of the silence she just said hey daddy i saw this one-wheeled motorcycle in a video game could you actually build

That and i just like was i couldn’t even picture what she was talking about so she gets out a piece of paper and the car sketches out this thing and shows it to me and i just like oh all right well the startup sequence is pretty simple i just take this little key and i put it in the bike and it inactivates the automatic balance system which will snap

The bike into balance there’s a display that tells us the status of the battery so i’m always safe when i’m able to ride the bike and i’m just simply right off this is a personal transportation product that’s in between the cracks of urban transportation so i can ride it on the sidewalk i can go through a lobby i can go to an elevator i can go on the train

I can go anywhere a pedestrian wants to go oh most people don’t trust that the bike is so solid the way it wants the balance and i have to sometimes get them out in front of the bike and jump up and down on the handlebars to prove to them that the front of the bike is that solid because there’s a certain amount of trusting when you go into it because there

Isn’t anything in front of you they said the most important thing was you put your feet on the ground when you stop so i’m on a stable grounded you i’d i level with people i could actually grab somebody if i had to it allows people to interact at eye level so those are big benefits and then you can get off the bike real easy if you have to and you can

Let the bike fall down and it parks so they like all of that it’s like non-stop people just keep talking about the bike like they just don’t understand it they don’t haven’t seen it before but they always like it they’re all fascinated by what this thing is i mean one wheel is just there’s something primal about the fact that it works you

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RYNO Motors Full Story – Now over 24 million views By Christopher Hoffmann