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Sachs Amici 125

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Hey everyone it’s alan from i’m here with ralph from mojo motorcycles how you going ralph very well very very well yep nice shirt change too i might add a superman now we’ve just come across from tgb and we’re into another brand that you actually import and distribute and look after and that is uh sax sex sex is our fringe yep now it’s been

Such a phenomenal brand in terms of you know its success story in australia yeah i was hoping you wouldn’t get to that because i mean i’m actually embarrassed by how good the beach particularly in the amici it’s gone right number two in australia almost top of the list and it’s easy to explain why okay so we’re here looking at the amici specifically tell us a

Few reasons why this scooter is going to be so successful and it is going to be successful yeah no question one two five yep sub three thousand dollars good color range five colors build quality and it’s it is actually just appealing to the right market at the moment so if you if you review review the size price and quality that’s what the market’s looking for

And it’s a scooter for that market maybe not for everyone but certainly in percentage terms a lot of people want that sort of scooter yeah now i’ve had one for a couple of weeks yes i’ve been more than impressed i reviewed it myself you know i you know had to come away and sort of think about you know how good it was for the price yes but i’ve got to say every

Person i ran into and wherever i parked it you know it’s it’s got to look about it yeah yeah you know the colors are fresh but everyone’s seen a red and everyone’s seen a white scooter and a black one but they’re vibrant they’re nice and bright the paint works high quality i think they’ve just managed to to get the right size which is small enough for a good

Cross-section of people uh and the right look it’s it’s retro enough without being a bit over the top and you know well backed up with with from our point of view we’ve got good dealers everywhere that can can back up the product yeah fantastic and the price yeah yeah exactly so for around three grand you’re riding it away yeah with with top box and rack available

And yeah it’s that it’s that true sub quality three thousand dollar scooter in this market okay so just go back over some of the features again uh we’ll start at the front quickly and just work our way back we’ve got uh the cantilever type uh classic suspension setup which is classic it is yeah it’s undeniably it’s it’s a good look it actually works quite well

You’d have experience yeah yeah and it works quite well over bumps working back a clean look uh easy to repair easy to manage one of the features i like about it is the fuel tank slow you’ve probably filled up yours a couple of times and what it does is having a nice low fuel tank is you don’t have the filler cap under the seat so it keeps the fumes away means

You can put your chocolate and broccoli under the seat yep no effect from that good oven seat score storage chrome work looks nice grips yeah working back seats comfortable plenty of room for two people to pull out pull out pillion pegs yeah yeah they are a nice feeling yeah it’s good little feature yep keeps the scooters yeah slim for uh the smaller build people

Yeah but also there’s enough room to stretch out if you’re over six yeah and lastly probably just that rear chrome tail light that that you could die for really yeah and also led it does have a good presence in traffic that for some people something to consider when you do look at scooters is look how they look on the road particularly from the front with their

Headlight is it pronounced and particularly on the back in traffic a nice big tail light that’s bright a really bright tail that’s important okay well that’s the saxomichi125 would you be bold enough to say that this could be the number one scooter in australia this year no no no yeah the answers i hope so and i believe it can be it and i the other thing is we

All have to know what’s coming into the market and i don’t know what’s coming from in six months time yeah so the answer is it’s hit the ground running and we believe it can be for the reasons stated before okay well that’s the saxomichi125 regardless it’s going to be a winner you know it’s got everything it ticks all the boxes you know so uh thanks once again

For joining us today ralph thank you alan okay we’ll see you next time on

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