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Saddlemen Custom Motorcycle Seats for Custom Bobbers, Choppers in NYC

Saddlemen talks custom motorcycle seats, luggage and racing for custom bikes Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki and Suzuki. If you need to be comfortable in the saddle, Saddlemen just might have a solution for you.

We’re here at the ultimate builder custom bike show uh in new york city and i’ve got somebody special with me today it’s tom seymour from saddlemen and if you ride any distance on a bike you certainly need to throw away your stock seat and get something special and saddle will make special custom bikes excuse me custom seats and tom uh welcome to the show and talk

A little bit about who saddlemen is well thanks for uh coming to the show with us it’s uh good to be here in new york uh my background is from new york so it’s nice to come here and see all my riding buddies of course today is a snowy day outside and it amazes me how many of uh the motorcycle industry and my friends are here on motorcycles in the snow and it’s a

True dedicated motorcycle market here in new york it’s good to be here saddlemen is a builder of custom seats and luggage and our goal is to provide a nice looking and comfortable ride for motorcycle riders now here at the show at the ultimate builder we do a lot of custom bikes you guys do custom seats yes we do a lot of custom seats we can do different heights

Of seats we can do different decorations and what by decorations i mean different skins or different leathers or different grains of material like cloth or leather or exotic snake hides and so on to give a different look for the sea but at the same time just as important as making the bike look good uh and look different than the bike that uh that your friend has

Is we try to add a little bit of comfort one of the things that settlement is known for is not only a nice looking seat that sets your bike apart from everybody else’s is to make a comfortable seat that actually works that you can actually ride on okay so what’s the secret sauce for that comfortable seat well the secret sauce i don’t want anybody listening and

Kind of start copying us but it comes down into the uh first and foremost is the shape of the seat you’ve got to make sure that the seat fits the way a body uh is built so if you can press make the seat uh match the buttocks of the rider you’ve done a lot to make the pressure a lot lower the second thing that we do for what we’re famous for is our saddle gel and

Saddle gel is a special material that absorbs shock and vibration but also is soft enough and combined enough that it fits the body uh more comfortably again spreading that pressure we’re talking about over a larger area i certainly could provide a testimonial of that i i bought a stock harley-davidson could only ride for 15 minutes and got a saddlemen and i could

Ride between each uh gas stop they make that saddle gel is just outstanding yeah the saddle gel makes a big difference but another thing that makes a big difference too uh is the cover that you put on it different materials make a big difference in the comfort and we’re always trying to decide between a different look for the seat and how much comfort we want to

Build into it and we can give a good mix between the two now we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about racing saddlemen is one of those companies out there that have been in flat track racing for many many years really supporting the sport uh tell us about what the 2012 plan is well i’ve been a fan of racing for uh since i was a young kid thinking i was going to

Be the next world champion which uh i i certainly wasn’t luckily i was uh you came close though right um in my mind i was pretty good but uh the results didn’t confirm that so i got into uh working hard instead of trying to keep racing but i’ve stayed racing by helping uh support uh the sport and one of the things that saddlemen has done is concentrated on the up

And coming riders which is what i was and by instead of sponsoring the number one guy spend more time trying to help the the second level guys get to the top level because they’re the guys that need the help and in flat track we’ve been doing that for years indeed one of the things is we sponsor the ama rookie of the year and try to get him to the next level and

To give people a reason to step up and go racing by providing a little financial support another thing about racing is is that as a manufacturer when you’re when you do racing you’re stressing your product and by stressing your product you find out how to build better products so we actually get some of our racing technology into the seats that we build and give

Us some names of people that have run the salomon sticker on their race bike well um the list is more of the famous riders who haven’t ridden our stuff if you follow uh the flat track racers often go on to road racing and even on to uh world fame but uh the nikki haydens the bostroms uh chris carr uh jared mees kenny coolbeth uh on and on uh any name that you can

Think of is probably written on a saddlemen seat i gotta tell you you must have one heck of a rolodex i do and it’s nice to have my friends come by and say hello and uh and um it’s a lot of fun to be part of that uh explore well let’s talk just briefly about road racing what’s going on there well this year we’re expanding into road racing because we’re expanding

Our seats away from the customs and cruisers into the custom sport bike seats a lot of the uh guys with yamaha r1s or suzuki gs6rs like a custom look on their bike as well and we’re providing a custom look and more comfort but we’re also sponsoring quite a few racers in that arena as well all right well thanks so much for your time if somebody was interested in

The saddlemen seat where would they go online online you see that’s saddlemen all right tom thanks so much thank you

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Saddlemen Custom Motorcycle Seats for Custom Bobbers, Choppers in NYC By digitalbiker