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Salvage, non-repairable, and rebuilt title regulations

Today we’re going to talk a lot about salvaged vehicles certificate of destruction different types of title brands that show up on vehicles a lot of times we get inquiries from people who have purchased a vehicle or looking at purchasing vehicles that have some type of a title blount brand and what to do with it keep in mind that there is a federal law regarding

Salvage vehicles certificate of destruction and in many cases it’s ambiguous from one state to another some states have a certificate of destruction or not repairable title brand some saints don’t so a vehicle that comes from a state without a non repairable brand might be able to go back into the general population even though that vehicle has the same criteria

As another state once the title is issued it can’t be changed title washing is a very serious crime you don’t want to try to change the brand on the title the brand is there for a reason it doesn’t determine the condition of the vehicle it determines an event in the history of the vehicle so even though if you fix that car up and it looks good the event in that

History is important to remain with that vin number so that some unsuspecting buyer in the future doesn’t purchase a vehicle that they didn’t know had some kind of damage in fact in some states vehicles that are certain age don’t have to have any brand even if there’s a history of damage to it even if you bought a vehicle that has a certificate of destruction or non

Repairable title that vehicle is permanently identified by the vin number as one that can’t go back on the road so it can only be used for parts and salads so we’re going to look at a couple documents on the screen they give you an idea of what we’re talking about first of all here is a a document from the ns v r p right it’s a national salvage vehicle reporting

Process and it’s a an organization that wants to make sure that people aren’t buying cars that are smashed up here’s an example of a car that was held at an auction and this is in the document they’re using it’s an older luxury compact that would appear to be attractive vehicle but because that state at that time didn’t have a branding process it could go back

Into the general population their annual report shows how the nmv ti es system works right every state as you can see on the round this cloud can report salvaged or non repairable vehicles to the internet it goes into a national database theft information all code also goes into the database dmvs insurance companies recyclers junkyards salvage pools insurance

Companies report to this national system so once the information is in this system its permanent with that vin number now a salvage vehicle in many cases can go back out into the road but we’ll talk about what that inspection process is in a minute here’s another document that shows an example of available from co part right that is a chevrolet camaro this is one

That the best practice guidelines shows has significant damage and many states require the total loss vehicles of title of salvage and require salvage branding right sometimes it has to do with damage and excessive value sometimes it has to do with the insurance company’s interpretation of the scenario there’s another one a burned-up toyota corolla this one came

I believe from iaa i which is another auction the seller was geico insurance so you can see that that happened there are some requirements in some states that a salvage vehicle purchaser signs an affidavit saying that they’re aware of this vehicle condition and then it get reported properly right bear in mind it’ll be some links of some of these documents at the

Bottom of the video bear in mind that a salvage vehicle in many cases has to have a desi

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Salvage, non-repairable, and rebuilt title regulations By Car Titles