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SAVE YOUR ENGINE! Toyota Supra GR Burger Tuning Oil Catch Can

Today we install a bunch of mods! we gave my 2020+ Toyota Supra GR A90 MKV a big increase in engine protection with a ) oil catch can and some strut tower braces! Check them out! Super happy with how it all turned out! IT RIP’s!

What’s going on welcome back to the channel today we’re going to be modding again a oil catch can from burger motorsports and there’s short tower braces now the catch can it’s pretty sick oil catch can something that is so vital to any internal combustion engine theory it doesn’t matter what maker model in my opinion extract all those gases and sludge and everything

Else out of your crankcase to get it out of the pcv system is so vitally important to the health of your engines and this design from burger motorsports is really sick it’s going to live basically right back here in this vicinity really freaking cool how it’s going to attach to the car got the can got the accessories the hoses and then we have these beautiful

Guys here these burger motorsports nice billets strut tower brace is going to add a little bit more flair and class into our engine bay so we also we have their oil housing back here which is a really easy install it looks really good the last video we added more power with jb4 and then we added more sound with their air filter if you want to run this cat scan

And you want to keep the stock air box you’re going to need the silencer delete when this is installed that silencer is going to sit back there and take up the void it’s going to fill the void back here so you want to get rid of that because that’s where the cash can is going to live again links down below in the video descriptions this will give you a little bit

More sound turbo noise from your toyota supra and it’s an easy install and they’re cheap they don’t cost a whole lot this is the other option that you got from burger motorsports so this is their open air filter what’s cool about this is that for one they don’t cost a lot and they add a lot of turbo noise but i digress let’s get to our installation with our catch

Can yeah they give you the option to you can put a fitting in here and a hose and make your own drain which is pretty sick but guys this is the can for the underside of the actual collector itself you see the baffling inside here how everything looks and they give you different mounting holes locations there’s four of them for your bracket and if you look at

The attention to detail it’s really good all this billet nice logo on the hose here really cool really flashy i dig it come over here to your pcv it’s hot all right so this right here it’s gonna give a twist up and then we’re going to mount our catch can it’s going to live about like right here whatever direction that we want assemble everything real quick so

You see that it’s got these flared ends so i’m just going to shove them on you don’t need like any clamps or anything to hold it down you can but it’s not going to go anywhere it’s not going to leak these like this and this one all right yeah okay now if you look at the clip here this piece is going to fit right inside of this area here this is just going to

Basically slip over the oem spot on top of your your valve covers here now while your engine cover still fit your engine cover will still fit and it’s going to be sick the way that it looks afterwards because there’s a little slit how this kind of like on yours if you take a look see how it kind of kicks out it’ll do the same thing don’t win that chicken dinner

Right here remove this this factory screw it’s going to hide underneath this plastic here i think what i’m gonna do is trim this about that much and then it’ll slide and get that kink out of the way yep or i can use these other two holes here and move the can backwards a little bit all right guys we have the catch can installed definitely still have lots of

Access to get your hands in here and drain this uh oil catch can the bottom end or you can make shift your own fitting and drain tube down there which is really cool and looks really good at home in the engine bay now to wrap up the video we’re going to install these guys our new burger motorsports strut tower braces but in comparison to the oem this is just

Stamped steel very light not really durable doesn’t really look that great honestly and this is something that’s a little bit more heavy not a whole lot but you can tell in the hands it’s a lot more rigid this uh this built design here so these are going to be simple enough they’re going to attach back into their factory locations here oh yeah so that’s kind of

A killer dude foreign yeah i think it’s definitely going to add an actual performance so it’s not just like a cosmetic thing i would argue the fact that this being as robust rugged as it is will actually aid and handling all right guys so there we have it uh full finished engine bay from burger motorsports guys check out the video description check out the links

Down below go check them out let them know that you saw this video and that it helped you out honestly this catch can super easy install you’ll be done in like five minutes and like 30 seconds on these truck tower braces but man what a difference so let me know in the comments what do you think about all this stuff that we’ve installed now we have air intake for

More sound we have the jb4 for more power and now we have a little bit more engine bracing chassis bracing with the oil catch can it’s going to keep us on the road safer healthier for a longer period of time so all right guys uh that’s going to wrap up the video i think i think uh it’s just a fast install it’s gonna wrap up the video i appreciate you guys watching

And stopping by make sure that you subscribe for more super content if you are interested in the evolution the adventure of this new supra i appreciate you guys out there watching god bless goodbye

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SAVE YOUR ENGINE! Toyota Supra GR Burger Tuning Oil Catch Can By Zander13