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Savior Heated Gloves Review On a Motorcycle

Hello fans

Foreign hello everybody welcome to another video today we’re going to be using uh two different cameras camera one is the one that you’re looking at right now through my helmet and camera two is right there on the bike and i’ll put that up on the screen right now so you guys can see both cameras so hello everyone welcome to another video it’s really nice to see

All of you here today we’re going to be reviewing these gloves from xavier and they sent them out to me to uh review so a big thank you to xavier for sending these out to me i’ve been waiting for a company to send me a product to review on my channel for a very long time so xavier it means a lot thank you so much for sending this out to me so these gloves they

Actually are heated gloves and they have a motorcycle glove specifically for motorcycle riding but i chose the all-purpose one to review and the reason why i did that is because you can use them for you know shoveling walking around motorcycle riding whatever you want to do you know outdoors if it’s cold out i would prefer like an all-purpose glove so i can use

All the time i live here in edmonton alberta so it gets really cold here and our winches last for about eight months so i am very happy to receive these gloves and they could not have come at a better time because tomorrow it’s supposed to snow here tomorrow right now i believe it’s like 11 degrees outside so it’s a bit chilly it’s got a chilly breeze and it’s

Starting to get a bit windy actually so these gloves they’re made out of like a polyester uh fabric and they have a really nice grip here it’s like a i don’t know maybe like a microfiber uh grip which is really nice the gloves have three different heat settings and you can change the heat settings by just pushing the button here on top on either glove and so on

High the battery last will last you about two to three hours on medium three to four and on low you’re going to get four to five hours on battery life so what i would recommend that you do is you know turn it on high and then once the gloves get nice and snug and warm uh you can drop it down to a medium or low just just to save some battery life so you can buy

Extra batteries for the the gloves they don’t cost very much but again it depends on where you’re living uh and and how much you can really get them for where you are um one cool feature of these gloves the batteries are flat they fit right here in the sleeve so they don’t protrude out and create like a problem like uh some other uh heated gear they have like a

Rounded battery and it becomes a bit of a problem you know catching on to things and whatever so it’s a very comfortable fit uh the glove fits your fingers really nicely and so when you turn them on you feel the heat right away here on the top of your your hands and the heat goes right down to the fingers you don’t have any heat here but on the palm but it takes

About maybe five minutes for the whole entire glove to heat up because uh it’s very well insulated as well it’s got some kind of like a fleece inside so you know even just wearing the gloves right now with them not even turned on my hands are very warm so only you guys i guess turn them on if you uh if you get cold hands and you want to put them on so to turn them

On you just hit the button right here and it goes to a high on the first press and then if you want to lower it down you you just keep pushing the button and it’ll lower to uh medium and low and then if you push it one more time it actually turns itself off so we have it on high the lights are on right there i don’t know if you guys can see it on the camera so

Let’s go for a ride already within seconds you can feel the gloves heating up like i said you feel it right here on the on the upper part of your hand and into the fingers a very good very comfortable glove it fits very well and uh savior has a chart that you guys can go and check out and um and and see what size will actually will fit you because you’ll have

To use a tape measure to measure your hands to to see what gloves will fit you so they have all sizes and they have motorcycle gloves as well they have heated vests they have uh tukes they have heated socks and i have liners and they have mittens for your wife if you uh or your girlfriend if they if you want to buy a present for them christmas is coming up and

Speaking of uh purchasing if you guys want to purchase these gloves or anything from the website is where you need to go and i have a coupon code that you guys can use i don’t make any money from using this code but it’s going to save you guys money by using it before you check out on your purchase so the coupon code is 2025 and i’ll leave a link

Down below to the website and i’ll also put down the the coupon code again which is 2025 so use it save yourself some money if you’re going to order yourself some gloves um but yeah let’s go for a ride and uh we’ll take we’ll test them out on the highway see how they do it’s uh 6 17 p.m my time i have a hopefully fix the wind noise problem in this helmet i’ve

Uh been looking at many ways on how to help with wind noise hitting the microphone while riding and i hope this is going to be a lot better if it’s not then i don’t know but i i think i’ve done a pretty good job and uh i think it’s going to work this time if you guys want to know what i’ve done to uh stop the wind from hitting the mic and making your sound

Quality a lot better in the helmet let me know and uh maybe i’ll do a video showing you guys how i did it there’s some helmet uh it bets in a lot of wind and so i think i might have to uh breed my helmet to something a little bit uh more noise or wind friendly yeah we’ll just take this for a little bit of variety it’s getting dark so it’s getting darker quite

Early clock-ish it’s supposed to snow tomorrow so uh these gloves could not have come at a better time that’s for sure uh hands are doing good um upper body and legs are a little bit cold from the wind but the hands are very nice very nicely toasty don’t feel the wind coming through the gloves which is really good um and so i know it’s going to make a big

Difference riding you know in cold weather i usually pack the bike away around this time you know winterizes get it ready for winter because we have horrible winters here in edmonton we have about like eight months of winter which is ridiculous this is a good place to come and eat by the way it’s called pagalak you guys got to come try it out it’s really good

Area so we’ll go on the shore park freeway just for a little bit of a a ride here i don’t wanna too long of a video because we’re just going to review the gloves so far yeah the hands are hands on knife hands are nice and toasty i love them and also it makes writing so much more comfortable have a nice tent a nice little hands uh the the gloves okay you can

Still operate the motorbikes uh you know controls all that that’s not an issue and so the size that i got is a size large and uh the manufacturer xavier said but the uh the gloves will relax a little bit more uh after you use them for a little bit so uh but a large is good it’s like actually it’s a really good fit they fit your glove uh they fit your hand very

Very well and uh the quality of the glove is very good you can tell that savior heat is it’s a great company i make good products and so they have liners for uh if you want to just uh have like a heated liner to go underneath your gloves to have that too uh they have heated socks which is nice gotta change lanes here um and they have you know just regular heated

Gloves like i’m wearing right now so um i i recommend going with you know the the all-purpose one because then you can rather use it for motorcycle riding and whatever else you need to go outside when it’s cold but like i said they do have the uh the motorcycle uh heated gloves if you want to it has like a carbon fiber protection thing on the knuckles which is

Quite nice but they’re a little bit more pricier than these so depending where you are the price is going to vary for these gloves but um you know go to uh and save your and you’ll be able to uh to see the prices for uh you know uh us and uh i guess it doesn’t really matter where you live uh you can order it so right now my hands are toasty

Toasty toasty the one thing that i noticed about these gloves though like after uh using them i would say maybe i don’t know the exact time it takes but they eventually dropped from high to a medium and i and i think it’s got to do with something to do with uh maybe saving battery life or maybe some kind of like an overheat feature i don’t know but later it will

Drop to a medium heat automatically and uh so that’s okay with me because what i would usually do is put it on a high and then once the gloves get nice and toasty change it drop it down to about a medium and then maybe even drop it down to a low to save battery life so the gloves will last longer so that’s okay with me and then it just it just will uh maintain

That nice heat you know that nice warmth on the glove so i’m okay that it does it automatically that’s fine uh so if it happens to you if there’s something wrong with the glove that’s just what it does to save battery life so it’s good so we’re going to sure park here and we’ll call an end to this video the shoe park freeway here you can go up to about 100k an

Hour here so i mean my hands are not cold at all beautiful i highly recommend these gloves they’re fantastic no complaints i’m gonna be doing uh an open box uh video to uh these gloves so if you want to check that out you know once i’ve done it i’ll post a link uh in the description part of this video and also i’ll put a tag up so you guys can go watch that if

You want to sure park’s a nice place you guys should come check it out if you haven’t uh done so already all right we’ll pull into the mcdonald’s here i’m not cold at all guys like these gloves are amazing okay we’ll find a spot here i don’t know pull out of here alrighty guys for real these gloves they’re amazing i need gas these gloves are amazing see they

Just dropped to uh to a medium for heat but if you wanted to turn it back up you can just by pushing the button there you go now they’re back on high if you guys can see that this one is still at a medium push it a couple times back on high and uh i mean if you want to but like i said i’m okay with it dropping to a medium saves battery life and uh it’ll last you

Longer right thanks for watching this video guys i highly recommend these gloves save your heat audio is today man and your hands will stay warm this winter take care thanks for watching this review i’ll see you in the next one ciao

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