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Scale means NOTHING anymore. – Scale News Update – Episode 231

This week’s episode of the Scale News Update we discuss the new releases from Axial, Vanquish, Cross and more!

Foreign what’s going on everyone welcome back to scale news update not familiar with the show this week talk about the news topics that happened in the scale world of rc over the past week it’s been a busy week lots of releases lots to talk about if you enjoy these videos hit the like button let’s jump into this week’s topics first for this week axial just released

A new 1 18th scale capra mine actually arrived on release day but things were so crazy and it arrived a little bit late so i haven’t been able to get the video out yet but this is again the new 118 scale capper the 1 18th scale part of it is a little bit confusing just because it’s bigger than you would think you know it’s almost like they could have labeled it a 1

12th or 1 14th or something like that and made the 249 value even seem like a little bit more worth it because it’s getting closer to a 1 10 scale it comes with some 3.6 inch tall tires on 155 wheels it’s all new but it is styled just like the capra you like it’s got a full-size servo on it it’s got true portals the axles themselves pretty large actual a little

Comparison it is about the same wheelbase and the same track width as my 1 10 scale tamiya cco2 back there with that bronco body so that gives you any idea of the kind of weirdness that goes in between that whole one 18th and what one people call one tenth it’s all over the place but some nice features on this we’ll do a full video on this here soon but i think

The biggest downfall of it is that it’s got the traditional axial ride height which is just way too tall it makes it look kind of toy grade when in hand it isn’t it feels much better looks much better the parts quality is good but in photos and video it just sits so high and it kind of looks toyish so looking forward to getting it out on the rocks haven’t been

Able to do hardly anything with it since it showed up but that will happen soon next a new release from artful dodgers they just released their ground fox chassis but made specifically available for the vs 410 platform this is made to fit the vfd transmission in it as well therefore you could use it with the portal f10s or the straight axle f10s it also appears

That they’re going to have a traxxas version coming as well if you’ve never seen artful dodgers there’s some really good looking parts definitely worth checking out i’ll put a link to the artful dodgers in the description below you can go check them out as well as links to the rest of today’s stories on the non-scale side of things traxxas released the xrt this

Week and again while it is non-scale it made so much of a splash it’s worth talking about it’s the size and width of like a wide max x-max so great big super low you know truggy type thing but just massive crazy 8s power if you’re a fan of the x-max but wanted something that looks like it handles a little bit better this thing looks like the ticket looks great

Traxxas style if you’re a fan of that already then you’re gonna love this thing if you’ve been thinking about getting something to take up a whole bunch of space in your house this would fit the bill and go fast moving on hpi has a new release this is on the sport 3 chassis and it’s a ford mock e it’s appropriate to see an electric vehicle on an electric vehicle i

Felt like that was a good release and i it’s a controversial take but i like the mock e i know that it has a mustang badge and is not a mustang but i still like them and this one looks pretty good it’s got the livery that we saw from ford racing previously and just overall i’m a fan the sport 3 isn’t a crazy advanced platform by any means but in the same light as

You know a new tamiya is still a new to mia this is a new hpi and maybe some of you also like the maki maybe i don’t think that there’s a lot of us but maybe you’re one of them i don’t think that we’re in the majority but if you’re with me let me know next vanquish products has some new holiday deals going on and in those deals there’s a release of a new builders

Bundle this is the vs410 chassis kit with f10 portal axles a vfd twin transmission titanium link set sad shocks and the isd 10 drive shafts basically everything you need to put a roller or slider together technically no wheels tires bodies bumper things like that but beyond that everything you need to put a truck together and at an attractive price 289 so you save

Some money over a full kit but you also get some of the upgrades like the titanium links definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to build a new rig but you don’t want to spend the extra hundred dollars because it’s not the style you were going for in the first place makes a good base to do a custom chassis swap or whatever you have in mind definitely check

Check that out you’ll also find that there’s some flash deals and deals happening here and there like the wheels of fortune which is a we pick your wheels deal inside the box you’ll get a full set of wheels slw hubs and additional either ifr style bead lock rings or stylized exterior bead lock rings so not just a normal off-the-shelf one and the color combos will

Look good because they’re picked by rc enthusiasts as it says in the description just depends if you like that person’s style or not a little twist on the mystery box style the deals do come and go so some will be there they might go away but they might come back some will be there for short term might be there for a week might be there for the month it’s worth

Checking back links to that in the description below for those of you that watch other videos on youtube as well you may have seen the one last week from donut media where they did like an rc video just a dedicated rc video and that was they bought cheap cars and expensive cars and a number of different brackets from like bashing crawling and drifting they bought

A 30 rc car and a nice you know 600 basher and one in between they did the same for each of the brackets there’s an interesting video to watch as an rc enthusiast looking at people who are obviously on the peripheral of the market and just to see their take on things speaking of cool videos to watch this thursday is the release of the monthly mayhem videos and in

This season of monthly mayhem matt and i also gathered six other youtubers and everybody took the vs410 phoenix straight axle and had to turn them into top speed machines you’ll see one video release from everybody start to finish of their project the 31st was the last day of filming at all so it’s over as of the time you see this video and even as of right now

In the 31st i don’t know any of the results either so none of us we’ve all all kept each other in the dark a little bit of you know trash talking back and forth but should be amazing the eight competitors were k-pop rc tommy rc turks and jerps ccxrc rc review and of course matt myself and west desert wheeler there you go that’s all eight cross rc is teasing that

They’ll have a new 1 8 scale emo x crawler this looks like it’s going to be like a 2.2 size crawler something to kind of look like the wendigo-esque as far as size and things like that go uses tires that are around 5.4 inches tall longer wheelbase it’s got a jeep body with a very angry styled grille on it but it’s more of like the brute cab so cab with a truck bed

A bunch of scale details on it it’s got portals and unlocking diffs a two speed all of the bells and whistles now cross rc they’re one of the worst on putting out decent information their websites are always super far behind whether it be their overseas one or the usa side everything just way behind so who knows when we’re going to see this we saw this teaser and

It kind of went out to news places but information is still loose and they don’t have official posts up or anything like that yet it’s so wild how they decide to run that but we’re going to see this at some point we’ll wait for more details to pop up and when they do finally become available we’ll take a look and i’ll let you guys know where you can get them next

Coming soon from tws they’ve got their new cj7 about to release this is the same platform that we saw previously released with the vtr which is kind of like the uh you know suzuki sidekick style body but now coming with the cj7 body right on the nose with the name i don’t say jeep but they put cj7 right on it they show it on the box in two different ways one with

A top one without it’s about a 10 inch wheelbase 252 millimeters so pretty short little body still but finally coming out for release i assume that you’ll be able to see these at the normal places that we saw the last one for distribution our c-mart was definitely one of them that i noticed available or tws does have their own website but not sure how that works

With import wherever you may be the tws cts chassis is very similar to the msts if you’ve seen the cfx this one built very similar it appears that they were the previous designers that worked at mst and have now started their own thing so that’s why the similarities it’s definitely a platform that leans more on you know scale appearance rather than performance a

Couple weeks ago we talked about bitty designs releasing the 110 scale no prep drag body that was dodge viper inspire or srt viper whatever like whatever the real name for it is but now they’ve got the 1 7 scale viper body release this is for the arma 1 7 scale and i believe it’s specifically for the felony platform the one that’s got the stagger to it that’s the

One that you’ll need if you want to pick up this body it looks fantastic bitty designs killing it with all of their body options they making some of the best looking bodies right now have to say so another one to add to the list if you’ve got a 1 7 scale arma i’m always going to talk about the new body releases for that platform because they look so good you can’t

Stop me live stream takeover this wednesday same time as always but this week matt and i will be talking about some new release stuff that’s kind of coming out that day specifically as well as a bunch of the mayhem so look forward to that that’s going to be the day before the actual release of the video so all kinds of speculation this is the last day we get to

Speculate before we spill all of the beans come hang out with us join the live chat always a great time but that’s gonna do it for this week’s news topics for this week’s question segment last week we talked about what makes you actually buy a car and price conscious is always going to be like the first thing that i think people are going to say and it was for the

Most part but a lot of you seem to be you know like really on the enthusiast side not just one car you’ve got several likely and you’re getting pickier and you want exactly what you want and when you want it so there was a lot of really great answers that were more diverse than just the typical it’s got to be my price point so it was a lot of really interesting points

To read but for this week i want to know what is your actual favorite rc sound like a lot of you have sounds like there were some people who sound like the head in the triple digits which is you’re certifiably crazy we have a problem i have a problem you have a problem we should embrace that we have a problem but you had to pick one out of your entire stable which

One is your favorite and why currently let me know i want to hear why you’re so attached to one particular with that as always i want to thank you for watching the scale news update hit the like button if you enjoy it subscribe if you’re not already hit the notification bell so you see the videos as soon as they get uploaded again thanks for watching and we’ll see you on the next one

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Scale means NOTHING anymore. – Scale News Update – Episode 231 By Harley Designs