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Secrets Behind The Avengers Suits You Didnt See Onscreen

What really goes into the making of an Avengers Suit

Let’s face it we all have a superhero suit we wish we could wear or just pull off where is my super suit but some of our favorite avengers costumes have a number of hidden secrets that change everything whether it’s peter parker’s spidey suit cap’s star-spangled outfit and shield thor’s glorious red cape and trusted stormbreaker or even thanos and the infinity

Gauntlet we all have our favorite look and design but the reason they’re good enough to replicate at comic-con or on halloween is the crazy amount of design and attention to detail that goes into making these awesome costumes with them sometimes taking weeks if not months to get right in design in fact some suits take three months just to get a general design but

This meticulous amount of detail leads to a number of interesting stories easter eggs and secrets to come from just the suits alone it’s not an s put on your favorite superhero attire and get ready to assemble for these avengers suit secrets i’m actually wearing my spiderman pajamas right now oh i wasn’t supposed to say that was i when you’re the lead actor in

A hit franchise and making 75 million dollars in one movie alone it’s safe to say that you get quite a few liberties and one of those liberties for iron man actor robert downey jr is not having to actually wear the iron suit in an interview with talk show host david letterman on his netflix show my next guest rdj admitted that he did in fact wear the full suit

Including the helmet in the first movie but the actor had an issue with the visibility every time the led lights went on and it was like manchurian candidate like i could i was absolutely blinded so from phase two onwards rdj refused to wear the helmet instead having two dots painted on his face and allowing cgi and body doubles to do the rest but one thing rdj

Flat out refused to do was wear a motion capture suit saying that he wouldn’t be caught dead in one in fact the only thing he would wear was the top half of the iron man suit meaning that everything from the waist down was cgi’d in for 75 million dollars i’d wear the mankini from borat probably a lot less than that actually sorry to put that image in your head but

Rdj wasn’t the only actor to be uncomfortable wearing their super suit in fact superhero suits are notoriously uncomfortable we have a whole video on the subject and a number of avengers actors did not enjoy wearing their outfit this is mostly to do with the massive amount of heat they generate paul bettany’s vision outfit would require cold water to be pumped

Around it to keep the actor cool meanwhile scarlett johansson’s outfit was so hot that she would often have to wring out her socks and would even begin to hallucinate due to dehydration in fact she would often see sights of giant green monsters purple aliens and chris evans with a beard notice you’ve copied my beard but even gods apparently struggle with their

Outfits with tom hiddleston stating that his metal helmet would cause his brain to cook while chris hemsworth wore a shirt under his thor suit that they could plug a hose into to keep him cool ironic because people usually get hot under the collar looking at chris hemsworth but while some actors struggle with the suits others don’t find it so bad evangeline lilly

In an interview with backstage ol said that she had noticed that her male co-stars had issues with the outfits but found that her outfit wasn’t as bad and that she’s used to being uncomfortable wearing heels every day she also described her outfit as sexy and cool and that it made her feel like a superhero gwyneth paltrow also shared a similar sentiment when she

Described suiting up in the iron suit for the first time saying in an interview with entertainment tonight that while it isn’t as comfortable as yoga pants it’s just a costume paltrow even went as far as to label her male co-stars rdj and dawn cheadle who both complained about the suit as crybabies wow you can really feel the love there away from actors complaining

About their suits and co-stars fans of captain marvel may have noticed that there are a ton of easter eggs and hidden details in the movie some of which are hidden in the costume design when we see carol and the cree in their star force uniform we at first assume that they all have a star on their chest but upon closer inspection we learn that they all have their

Own individual symbol with carol being the only one to wear the eight-pointed star we also see the mohawk helmet which is taken from the 2012 comic book design as well as being reminiscent of one of the characters hairstyles she has in the comics but the helmet has even more detail behind it as it’s actually made from the same technology behind star-lord’s helmet

Also as carol is determining her final look she scrolls past the pun doesn’t even make sense does it it was fine scrolls past two different costumes that refer back to the character’s past the green and grey costume is a reference to marvel’s original comic book suits while the black and yellow costume is a reference to danvers miss marvel days black panther has

Been a revelation for a number of reasons in part because of chadwick boseman’s amazing performance as the character another due to its relevance in the zeitgeist and another is the awesome costume the character wears the suit is iconic and looks menacing holding the same amount of weight as the bat suit with its use of vibranium and technology assisting its wearer

In being a force to be reckoned with the suit scene in captain america civil war is upgraded in the black panther solo movie by t’challa’s sister shuri with it being able to absorb and subsequently release kinetic energy which is indicated by the use of the color purple but you may have noticed when t’challa first sees the kinetic power in his suit a sentence comes

Up in purple text written in the wakandan language okay like me you probably didn’t but eagle-eyed reddit user the cruiser did and took the liberty to translate the message for us with a sentence reading i love you mom it is an insanely sweet message but it’s unclear who it’s from whether it was put in by shuri or is an easter egg from the director ryan coogler

Himself either way i wouldn’t be surprised if we saw another secret message this time dedicated to the late chadwick boseman if the suit is ever used again unlike the black panther and iron man suit the spider-man suit looks fairly simple in design and make but that couldn’t be further from the truth in fact costume designer judiana mikowski told cnn that it is

Actually the most difficult to make without hesitation mikowski said that you need a number of geniuses working on the suit in order to make it function that’s because although it looks like a simple leotard the suit has to fit onto the actor tom holland without creases or seams and make it have a wrinkle-free appearance it also has to fit easily over his head

And allow the actor to move and do stunts without ripping the eye holes also have to be detachable so the actor can be given a chance to hydrate with a straw being pushed through the eye hole so he can drink but the design itself also has a number of callbacks to other movies within the mcu particularly pertaining to tony stark which makes sense seeing as he’s

The mcu’s on-screen fashion designer i’m pretty sure that rdj doesn’t actually make and sew the suits himself but you never know knuckles tony and peter have a pseudo-father-and-son relationship with tony adopting the role as peter’s mentor and guardian which made for the emotionally crushing blow when peter turns to dust but one of the visual cues in regards

To their relationship is the secret features the spidey suit tony designed has the features are important within the plot as the parachute tony adds to the suit in homecoming ends up saving his life after peter’s tussle with the vulture but they also have some callbacks too the heater the suit is equipped with is a nod back to iron man 3 where tony is stranded

In the snow in tennessee without a suit and completely frozen and vulnerable the parachute is also a reference to tony’s buddy james rhodes aka war machine’s fate in captain america civil war who ends up paralyzed after his fall and tony wants to make sure that the ones closest to him never go through that kind of pain again back to the world of reddit which is

Apparently the home of eagle-eyed marvel viewers user uh well you know i don’t think i could say that editor pop his name up on the screen i’m just going to say fatchin hell noticed something very particular in the design of scott lang and hope van dyne suits in ant-man and the wasp both costumes look fairly similar and rather insectile but the creatures they

Are named after and ant and a wasp respectively are actually emblazoned on their chest if you look closely enough you’ll notice ant-man has the head of an ant on his suit while wasp has the head of a wasp on hers pretty clever eh not gonna lie i didn’t see it at all but now i cannot see it as we mentioned the ending of infinity war was an emotional gut punch for

Everyone with a number of characters losing their trusted allies and loved ones one such character is everyone’s favorite trash panda rocket raccoon don’t call me a raccoon i’m sorry i took it too far i meant trash panda who not only loses his best friend groot but his entire team in the snap which of course includes peter quill aka star-lord rocket and quill

Often engaged in testosterone-filled bickering both vying for influence as leader of the guardians but deep down the two actually did like and respect one another how do we know this well this comes from an item of clothing rocket is wearing in endgame as rocket joins up with the rest of the avengers in the time heist we see rocket wearing a red scarf the very

Same one that peter quill used to own i wonder if he got that scarf back after end game as we said tony is the unofficial costume designer for the avengers and is often helping to design new features to help his fellow heroes tony’s suit is the best example of this with his suit progressing to the point where he doesn’t even need a jarvis or friday to run it and

Is actually all mind controlled it also at the end only weighs 25 pounds and has the ability to change its shape and design showing how much it has developed over time tony also helps out bruce as well after his embarrassing scene in avengers where he wakes up in a warehouse tony stark naked he’s given some clothes by a friendly janitor thankfully though bruce

Doesn’t have this problem again as tony designs a pair of pants made with microfibers that changes shape with him meaning they won’t tear off when he turns and prevent the paparazzi from having a field day another suit to progress is caps who despite having super strength and durability still has a certain weakness to bullets hence why he uses a big old shield

But his suit is upgraded for winter soldier when he’s given an outfit made out of kevlar making him basically bulletproof so what did you make of these secrets which is your favorite superhero outfit which one would you want to wear let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to the channel today for everything marvel

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