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Segway X260 vs SurRon X Comparison

Comparison if the Segway X260 and the SurRon X

What is going on youtube i finally got the the sir on x the black edition we got it all up and running and right here we have the segway x 260. so right off the bat i’m going to start by saying that although these bikes look very similar they perform very very differently now with the segway x 260 i purchased this bike from built it was 49.99 4999

Plus shipping the total came to 5300 i ordered the bike on a sunday and i had the bike delivered on a thursday from florida up to new york four days time now the surround right here this did not come from lunacycle this came from mars cars which is down the road from luna cycle i did order the uh the the saron from lunacycle but they gave me a run around and

Eventually just refunded my money they did this uh with a few things i ordered the supermoto wheels same thing got to run around finally refunded my money the only thing that i actually ever got from a luna that i ordered is the the float seat for the x260 so anyways i got this from mars cars i paid 4300 which is a couple hundred more than what luna charges i

Understand you know people have to make money it’s not a problem you know 4 300 i was trying to find these i couldn’t find them anywhere mars cars actually didn’t ship i had to arrange third party shipping i went on it was a u-ship and posted a advertisement stating that i needed a shipment from california to new york somebody said they would do it i believe it

Was oh who was the company forward air forward air i did it for a total of 389 from california to new york so these are supposed to be the same exact specs but the segway the x260 is significantly faster than the saron x the rider that was on the deceron x was actually lighter than myself i’m 240 six foot four a ride in the x260 the person that was on the the

Sauron x was significantly lighter than me but yet the the segway not only has a higher top speed but it pulls so much harder than the saron x i’m not sure exactly why for all intents and purposes i’m pretty sure that these are the same machine i was thinking maybe the segway has more amps and the sauron is i know the surrounds i believe is 80 amp i have to check

To see the amperage on the segway that could be why it’s faster but it has a higher top speed and like i said it does pull harder now also on the the x260 we’ve got the dnm volcano suspension which has the the preload let me get rid of this mask has the preload and the rebound adjustments right on top of the fork and with the saron x we have the rst killa fork

Which i believe is more of like a mountain bike fork and the dnm volcano is more of a dirt bike fork on the rst killer you do have a compression adjustment no adjustment right here and there’s there is also an adjustment on the bottom right there that’s the rebound but like i said this is a seems like more of a mountain bike fork and this inverted fork right here

Is more of a dirt bike fork some other differences as you can see right away the front fender the siron x doesn’t come with the fender like the x260 the x260 has a nice durable plastic fender and the one that came with the the siron x is pretty much like a piece of paper super thin it’s fallen off numerous times it’s not even supposed to go here i think it was

Supposed to go lower but no matter where i put it it’s garbage it’s junk i need to get another fender another difference that you can see is the rear spring notice on the x260 it’s red and on the siron x it’s black the one on the x is fast ace 450 pounds and the one on the segway is the dnm i don’t know the how many pounds the spring is but they’re probably

Very similar another difference is the sprocket the sprocket on the x260 is like a matte black and the sprocket on the siron x is just a basic looks like stainless stainless steel so basically what you need to ask yourself is do you want to spend the extra thousand dollars for you know those little things but the speed is not a little thing that’s like a major

Thing right there and for the x260 to be you know significantly faster than the the cenron x that alone in my book is worth the extra thousand dollars now if i would have known that this was going to be the case where the x was going to be slower than the x260 i would have just bought another segway x260 without a doubt i’m actually disappointed in this sauron

Right here i honestly thought it was going to be just as fast if not faster than the segway now another difference is programming much much easier on the the segway x 260. the segway has an app if you want to turn the regenitive breaking on you can do that through the app if you want to do that with the cirron you need to plug in a cable and almost um it’s like

Morse code you plug in the cable and you use the the brake lever like if i wanted to turn on max power on the regen braking i plugged the cable in and then i would go one two three four and then one long press the light is going to blink four times and then your your setting takes effect restart the bike and you’re good to go but all that is it’s not needed

With the x260 you simply open up the app select the settings that you want bam you’re done everything everything that that you can do on the segway you can do on the saron but like i said it’s like morse code and sometimes you you don’t get it right you got to do it again it’s just annoying that’s that’s pretty much it um i’m trying to think if there’s anything

Else that you guys need to know if you’re considering purchasing one of these bikes in my opinion and definitely definitely go with the segway it’s just i don’t know it just feels like more of a bike it’s it’s hard to explain the segway came from built they’re based in florida the sec the cerron x came from mars cars in california go to

The guy who hooked me up the owner nick the avila great great guy he helped me arrange the shipping so you know everything could go smooth it was a very very smooth process once everything was you know arranged with the the shipment it’s not that hard to do if you wanted to place an order through mars cars just download the the u-ship app post an ad saying that

You need something shipped from california to wherever you are the shippers will you know post a bid saying how much they’ll do it for and once you get all that finalized you’ll have what’s called a bol a bill of lading and that is basically statements stating that you have this bike that is going to be picked up from and it’s going to say the the carrier’s

Name and then you would send that to nick and then when the shipper shows up he verifies who they are and gives them the the crate with both of these bikes it was uh i had trouble getting the fork off of the the block for everybody out there who already owns a surround and they bought it new you know exactly what i’m talking about the axle is it’s put through

This block of wood and it just gives you the hardest time to get off it happened with with both forks i thought maybe on the segway i just happened to get the one that was you know severely stuck but the same thing happened on the the siron x so that that’s pretty much it i added some mirrors for the saron x it’s uh i don’t know they seem a little much maybe

I’ll get something different but on the x260 there’s you can see there’s numerous mods on there the pedals don’t do anything they’re the kanawaba 89 millimeter crank fox pedal system it’s great to have when you’re out cruising and you don’t want to be harassed by the cops thinking you got a dirt bike so you just move these pedals and everything’s good they

Think you’re on a regular bike so if you guys have any questions definitely shoot me a message i will do my best to answer it oh that that’s pretty much it so in my opinion the segway x 260 is the winner out of these two as far as overall performance look and feel boom right there segue segway x260 and this is the 2021 model surround x and the 2021 model x 260.

Oh one other thing that i wanted to to mention there’s a difference it’s actually a pretty big difference on the surround battery it actually tells you to the you know the exact number the percentage that you have it says it you know right through the little hole right here you know whether you have 66 or 67 percent i love that feature on the x260 it doesn’t do

That until you hit 39 that’s when it starts showing you the actual percentage if you want to see it before then you have to open up the app otherwise it just shows you the five five bars and like i said as soon as you go down and you hit 39 that’s when it actually displays the number so that is a plus for the the x right here definitely knowing the exact percentage

Of the battery on the fly that’s that’s a great feature and if i think of anything else i’ll post another video but i just wanted to give you guys a clear picture of what you’re going to be getting whether you decide to go with the sir on x or the segway x 260. so smash that like button comment subscribe and that’s it there’s going to be plenty more videos coming

And like i said if you have any questions just ask below and that’s it guys thanks for watching the video have a great day guys bye

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