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Selling Motorcycle Parts at a Swap meet

Selling Motorcycle Parts at a Swap meet! I went to the local Vintage Motorcycle shop, Throttle Company to sell some motorcycle parts. I tried my best to sell more items than I bought! I might of broke even, just will have to watch the whole video to see!

Hey what is up everybody it is biker bay beth here and i’m in a car yes i know that’s lame but i am doing something fun today i am at i don’t know if you can see this truck behind me i am at throttle co vintage motorcycles a place that i very much so love to visit often and they’re having a little swap meet and i have motorcycle parts piling up in my garage so why

Not sell them today i will be giving away a free sticker to anyone who buys anything from me at the swap meet got me self a big large iced coffee shout out to her two wheels she knows how this works and we’re gonna sell some motorcycle parts hopefully i’m not gonna buy any but if there’s good deals i brought money hopefully i’ll make some money too we’ll see we’ll

See how it goes i’m excited to actually participate in a swap meet and not just buy stuff from one so awesome let’s see how this goes all right got my beautiful little set up here at the throttle co swap meet come hang out guys it’s early we’re just getting started i think it goes till 4 p.m so i’m hoping if i offer a free sticker with each item that i will sell

All this crap but i highly doubt it probably end up going home with more crap than i came with oh shiny things this is the throttle co table great deals at this swap meet here at throttle i’m super stoked to see people come out oh that looks like it might fit my took us and look at this a project bike everybody needs a project says the lady who never works

On her project bike i don’t do ebay yeah yeah they’re selling more than that and i thought well that’s like that yeah that’s worth money with shipping costs and i thought well i’ll just put 100 bucks on save somebody are you for real buying it yes buy that buy that richard nixon mask i am not a crook i got a bank for you too oh you’re good i don’t need one no

Sir all right thank you all yours thank you i appreciate it if it’s 20 dollars oh my god so it’s got you know a braided steel line it’s got grips hi ronnie i bought a coke coca-cola i just could like wear drinks that i don’t see every day i don’t drink them but so and i don’t know anything about heinz spilt in august 2001 i probably wasn’t even here yet but

Oh yeah it must have been something baseball game i think so go it’s going in your unopened collection okay yeah which my sister sometimes open on oh my goodness does she drink them she actually opened one of uh i got this drink uh what was it it had a rap 66 logo thing on it so i was like that must be cool because yeah i found it at like an 80 was it a thrift

Shop or an antique shop in clintonville or something and i bought it got it home and then three days later yeah i thought you brought it first i’m like it’s on my shelf in the living room that’s cool and we’ll cook full thank you so i’ve officially bought two items from this gentleman next to me and i know actually three actually yeah we bundled the last item

But i got some off-road pants some 100 goggles and then you guys are going to like this some denim chaps shut the front door hold the phones everybody i’m selling an item at the swap meet ronnie is buying it’s almost over it’s almost over but i’m selling my first item guys is that your first one this is the first and only item no i’ve only been buying i bought

Stuff from this guy yes ronnie he’s the man he’s buying this license plate now from my iron head he’s the bestest guy ever oh thank you ronnie i’ve never seen you that excited before yes i got real excited and guess what you get a free sticker and you you’re giving me the bad one oh sorry pick a good one i’m sorry i bought some chaps and their denim wow

Literally hot so hot literally i’m sweating them on too and actually i think she looks better in them yes so good it fits you so well all right i will sell them to you for the small price of thirty dollars i just bought them i just bought them and that’s none of your business for how much i bought them they look good on you though you’re gonna have to print

Them what the hell a little a little yes dude vintage jackets are below it’s vintage leather too it is a little tighter though can you can you get a zip though fancy fans he’s trying to get one last sale in before he goes home um i think ronnie’s gonna buy it i think you’re feeling it not the bike but the motorcycle jacket yes you’re feeling yourself

On that jacket i know i have so many jackets i don’t wear either but this is behind garrett do you ever see those jackets no tough life choices so i held out i didn’t pack up everybody else packed up and then i sold another item i need to sell it more swap meets this is fun i’m having a really good time even though it wasn’t crazy busy that’s okay i sold some

Stuff made some money bought some stuff too but i’m gonna use it the items i bought were definitely worth buying so yeah guys i think it’s about time to pack up me treasures i think my lovely friend nicole bought us some pizza to eat so i’m gonna eat some pizza pack up and then head home for the day and this has been a fun little swap meet i was really hoping

I could sell this nice iron 883 seat say hi ronnie but nobody’s biting because i don’t have that bike i’m like you could buy you could buy the seat and then buy the bike to go with it but no one thinks that’s a good offer either so yeah awesome i am all packed up i’m eating some pizza and i got nicole to take these chaps because she looked way hotter in them

Than i did so i’m excited yes all right guys i’m gonna eat my pizzas head home it’s been a lovely lovely day at the swap meet here at throttle co i’ve had so much fun making new friends buying and selling things i’m amazed i sold stuff i sold two items and i’m really happy about that because that’s two less items in my garage so thanks for coming along on this

Lovely video with me please make sure to subscribe to my channel if you have not like this video and um next swap meet at throttle co you all better be here visiting me and buying stuff from me because i’m gonna have more junk to sell next time i’m sure of it alright guys i’ll check you on the next video peace out you

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Selling Motorcycle Parts at a Swap meet By Biker Babe Beth