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SENA 10C | Audio Fix !!!

Didn’t think this would work, but looks and sounds like it’s gonna! I may need a few tries to find the best place to stuff the mic.

Alright let’s see we’ve got wire cutters wire stripper drift mic cord with no drift michael on the end of it because the drift blank is in my helmet and here’s the old cena 10c mike the wired mic see where i cut it it actually had two sets of wires like a thin coated white set of wire and then a wire out on the outside it was the same with the drift mic so i had

To strip all that and figured out a way to match up the wires i got my electrical tape scissors this stuff the heat shrink to make it all neat but it’s too it was too thin it it it was worthless it didn’t work so i just used electrical tape steel clip for the drift mike the so i just have it stuffed beneath my um my cheek pad let me see and i’ll have a light right

Here but it’s right there probably hear me scraping on it so i don’t think that’s going to like work with the wind so i’m not to find a way to locate it to where there’s no wind noise but yet i tested it already and i should have audio right now using the cena 10c with a drift innovation adrift mike and hopefully i don’t help the audio especially at higher speeds

Because though you could hardly tell what i was saying that sucked oh check this out i have yet to get to use this thing it’s maya done easy tracksuit brand new with the tag tried it on it just barely fits tall size laguna seca evo oh perforated the tall size 116 fits pretty pretty darn good i was surprised and hopefully i get to make use of it now that the weather

Is warming up so yeah we’ll see watch for my next video to see healthy um probably tribes of trial and error to get it good or as good as it could be but cool there’s trying to i’m trying to appreciate what i have so i put a picture of what i have on my tv in my home screen of the street triple r i think it’s beautiful bike i didn’t realize how good it looks from

The side sitting on it there’s the speed triple which i might move up to from that who knows when yeah i like this tree triple man i’ve had it how long have i had it almost a year and a half and the only way it could be better is like if it had a little more power on the highway which the speed triple has so that’s why i think it makes sense let’s go from the street

Triple to the speed triple other than that like of course the wind protection but that’s no big deal unless you’re doing 150 miles an hour just get a really good aerodynamic helmet and when you tuck down it’s not it’s not too bad cool see you guys next time you

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SENA 10C | Audio Fix !!! By GoProChicken