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Sena 50R Unboxing and Install

The 50R Mesh 2.0 Intercom couples Sena’s most advanced technology to date with a low-profile, sleek yet rugged design.

Hey guys this is vishal here and welcome back to my channel and today as the title suggests we have the cena 50r and boy we had a tough time to get our hands on it there was a shortage on the product and it took us two good months to get this product anyways let’s go right ahead and do an unboxing so let’s go right ahead and unbox it it’s a nice packaging

Let’s keep this aside cena’s branding on top the rest looks just black and as we unbox it we have done the sena 50s unboxing as well if you have not watched it please do have a look it’s a nice packaging it’s much sleeker than the 50s i shall compare it to it later so let’s just take it out there you go so if you see the back it’s the so once

You’re done with that you have the rest of the product so you have the wireless charger you have some adhesives you have the extender where you can put this and get the headphones closer to the ear you have the mic and then you have the speakers itself then you have the boom mic and you have the sliding clamp i think this is what i i will be using and

Then you have the the manual for the cena 50 r with different languages so we have used the sin fifty s so i don’t think that should be a problem just keep this aside though so we have the sena 50s and the 50r so if you see the cena 50r is a little slicker than the cena 50s but the cena 50s has a jog dial this is for the volume and the connector over here

It connects to the connector which is the goes for the helmet whereas the cena 50r this wire is directly connected internally and you cannot remove these there are three wires which go for the microphone and the speakers and this cannot be removed so these are the only difference which you find between the 50 s and 50r uh apart from that everything else

Remains the same so these are things which we’ll be using uh to install in our helmet this is a sliding clamp these are the stickers for the speakers then this is for the boom mic i’ll be using the boom mic then this will go on the clamp and this will go on the unit itself and these are the spacers which are used to get the speakers closer to the ear so we’ll

Do the installation and let’s go right ahead so uh i’m going to install the the clamp and so first we will stick this over here let me remove the 3m tape there you go and then just lining it align it properly and we’ll just take off there you go seems to be pretty good so when you put this in the helmet all you need to do is just go to that and then

Just stick to your helmet like that so how it’s going to be pretty strong so it won’t fall off so it’ll be very secure for sure all right so we’ll install the side clamp so all you need to just push there you it it’s a good fit it doesn’t move much so should be fine i think let’s take a little bit more so let us put the main unit so that’s a good

Fit it’s not going anywhere perfectly fine it’s not coming out that much which is good so as you can see this is for the microphone this short one would come somewhere over here for the headphones and the long one will go around over here and then for the other headphones here i’ve already got for my uh i already stuck my 50 s over here then i shifted to

The other helmet so we already have the reset over here so the velcro is already there so i don’t think we require the new ones okay a spacer we’ll put a spacer in between and then we shall put the all right that’s one then the other side i’ll open this up and then probably get the wiring inside there and stuff all over here i think it should

Be much neater or we can take it around over here you can feel this here it’s a clean finish so the variables here goes from behind and then come from here so you have the sponge so it won’t feel the wire as well so now all i have to stick is even even the microphone the boom mic will come over here we will just put so that when you’re riding the

Wind sound does not get caught by it and then just place the boom mic as well is just connect there you go you’re all set and now we can put we are so for the phone padding you have to press the middle button and the plus button for three seconds which was given by cena but it was a little difficult so we thought we’ll do it through the computer so we

Downloaded the cena bluetooth device manager uh we have connected it to the sena r now so though it shows no device you have to just press next so as you see all these models can be updated through the software and there you go so we have already updated it so it is the latest version so if there’s any update it will be showing here it will be highlighting

And we just press next and it will do the best so that’s about it for this video make sure you subscribe to our channel and see you in the next video

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Sena 50R Unboxing and Install By Flying Hornets