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Sena 50s Audio Testing with the First Lady headset

Sena 50S Bluetooth Headset :

Hey what’s up youtube your boy chris is out on the gold wing today and today i decided to get the bike out to do a little test ride and test out my cena 50. today i’m riding with the first lady there’s the first lady behind me first lady is with me i’m talking to you on my center 50 and the first lady is connected via the center 20. so baby are you able to hear

Me okay on your on your helmet uh yes honey i think you’re actually a little too loud okay well you know to turn the volume down you just kind of roll the jog dial forward if you want to turn it down a little bit or you roll it backwards or roll it behind you to raise the volume so today i’m out here on the 2016 honda going doing the audio test i have come to

Find that with the center 50 you don’t necessarily have to have the rider and the passenger both for center 50s you could actually connect a center 20 to the center 50 in the same fashion as connecting a 22 or 20 for rider passenger scenario the center 20 will work fine with the center 50 and the 20s but if the rider is going to be on their own motorcycle if

They’re going to be separate then i would recommend that both riders have on the center 50s so rider to rider or bike to bike center 50 with the mesh audio but if you’re going to be traveling with a passenger the center 20s would work just as effective as long as they’re on the same motorcycle you know with the bluetooth the range is pretty much short so if

The rider and the passenger is sitting right on top of each other you could actually take the center 50 and connect it to the center 20 and you should have some good audio so that’s the way we are connected today talking to you on the center 50 and the first lady has on the center 20. so how’s everybody doing how can you guys hear me okay how is the first ladies

Audio baby how do i sound in your helmet uh crystal clear baby i can hear you very well all right crystal clear she could hear me very well now with the cardo they also advertise that you can connect a center or a non-branded headset to the cardo and that is true but i found that if you’re going to connect a non-branded headset to your main headset you need

To be on the same bike like i said it’ll work great for passenger rider scenario in the past when i tried to connect a like a center 20 to a cardo on two separate bikes then the audio was very very distorted the volume was low you couldn’t make out what the other person was saying that in mind so if you guys out there you still have your center 20 they are

Still effective if you have the center 50. let’s pair them together in enercon mode if you’re riding with a group of guys as the center 50s turn on the center 50s go to the mesh then turn on the center 20 and you can tap it one time if it doesn’t let the party in and it will connect and that way it’ll bring the cena 20 over into the mesh audio with the center

50s but i’ll be talking about that and demonstrating that a little bit later i just wanted to get the bike out today and just do a test ride to see how the audio was going to sound on the motorcycle so i may even have to turn down the microphone sensitivity on the center 50s i can hear a little bit of wind on the first lady helmet simply because it seems

Like when you’re riding on the bike the wind try to flank the rider and get up under the passenger’s helmet and cause just a little bit of wind noise so i don’t know if you guys can hear it i could actually hear it in my helmet just a little bit of wind but her volume is loud and clear we’re just out here doing just a ride today i’m actually showing 81 on the

Air temp good day for a ride well first lady do you prefer to be riding when you do ride do you prefer to ride on the gl 1800 or do you prefer to be on the uh the new bike i prefer this bike you prefer this bike yeah it’s just what i’m used to it’s it’s more comfortable it’s got all my little bells and whistles that i like okay is it the seating position is it

Uh the armrest yeah i like the armrest okay so basically it just seems like i’m i’m just um i’m just more comfortable you’re more comfortable on the uh on this bike than you are on the newer goaling yes yeah so if you had to take a long distance trip with me i assume you would rather do it on this one if that was going to be the case absolutely okay well you

Heard it from the first lady she said she’d rather be on the gl 1800 as a passenger comparison to the new goal wing so we’re just out here doing some tests i decided to get the bike out i want to do some audio tests just to see how the audio was going to sound by having a center 20 connected to the center 50. so have you guys tried to connect your centers 20s

To your 50s or what about your center 30s now the thing about the 30 and the 50 they do have the dynamic mesh with the noise cancellation and i think with the center 20 the microphone is just always open so that’s probably what you might be hearing you might be hearing just a little bit of wind noise because in that center 20 the microphone will always stay open

So but i’m hoping you guys can hear me okay and we’re just cruising out here on the going i’m sure everybody want to get the ride in as soon as possible because the weather’s going to be changing here soon depending on where you live here in the south we can pretty much ride all year around as long as it’s not snow and ice but when you get in some of those

Northern states you know they get some of that inclement weather more often than we do down here in the mid-south so get it in while you can because the weather is changing i’m wearing a jacket i’m showing about 81 degrees on the air temp cruising on the gl 1800 out here on the outskirts of memphis and i think we need to stop put a little fuel in this thing

Okay yeah we may need to stop and just put a little bit of petrol in here maybe stop at the next fuel stop top this bike off and continue on our ride watching this video how does the audio sound to you guys is it loud and clear is it low down in the comment section below we’re going to be stopping here in a moment for a fuel stop on the top off the bike and

I’ll be checking back with you guys here in a moment so baby have you decided where you want me to take you to eat um i was thinking we could just go to frida’s where is that at you know get some mexican food oh you’re talking about oh okay yeah frida’s up no oh okay okay no that wasn’t cool was it no maybe he would sleep yeah that’s what it was

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Sena 50s Audio Testing with the First Lady headset By Chris Caliente