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Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset unboxing, & Install

This video is about senah package open

What’s going on today we’re unboxing the cena smh10 communication system for motorcycles thank you see how it comes them enough for you to talk rider rider i think you could talk up to six people we’ve talked it up to six people so this part sticks on your and your helmet so we got two sets these mics are a little bit better because they stay in place for those

Of you that have like the helmets that open up i got two because one of my homies rides with me and uh yeah the sm8 five comes with one hits it and it’s rider rider but only up to one person so i could compare with someone else but that’s it that’s mhm ten pairs up with six people and i can play bluetooth music on my on my headset and share it with whoever i could

Share would up to six people so that’s that’s the difference in that it’s cool let’s install it in my helmet and make you help me do the video for my home and i got the built qualifier the dlx version this was pretty easy all you need is these three things is a mic just seen a holder and the actual thing i do is take this off on both sides and then on this one

You just pop that off there’s one at the bottom you just pop up you don’t got to take it all the way off just leave it like that for now same thing with this one first thing i’m gonna do is install the this thing right here so you just you open up these two screws you know you want to loosen them and then this opens up just like that boom boom and then what you’re

Gonna want to do is you didn’t get the this two it’s two speakers alright there’s one that’s longer so that one just stick around usually with the credit card cool thing about the bill qualifier little patch right here and speak your part this is the velcro side so it goes in like this just sticks in there that’s basically so you just plug that back in all right

So this side is done you can either hide the wire a little bit better well this just came through with it what just came through the card you got the right side done now we gotta focus on the left side the left side same thing put in that little pouch and then the last feature here mike i might velcro it later here because it comes with velcro but for now it’s

Just kind of squeeze it in right here and use it both go there see how it’s not that little greatest but i’m gonna put this on it’ll it’ll hold it oh all right and then this is a little trickier one kiss i’ve got so much stuff in it all right and then the last step is just putting on the bluetooth device see this little intention goes in here and then this back

Piece this back piece will just automatically go in there that’s it boom that’s all setup will do or review pretty soon on how it sounds so yeah that’s the see this and mix it in with the bell qualifier

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Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset unboxing, & Install By Motto Vloggster