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Setup & Demo – SabotHeat Heated Gloves – SPECIAL DISCOUNT IN COMMENTS – 51% OFF!!

Limited time(Dec,15-Dec,25)

Chris back with a demonstration now of these sabot heat heated gloves battery heated gloves um what’s they’ve got the carbon nanotube heating technology that’s going to heat throughout the whole glove little shot of the actual information off of amazon and then let’s talk a little bit about these so i went ahead and charged them i just had them plugged into um you

Know a nice charger for an ipad so charged them in about five hours this was just you know red when it was charging and then it turned greed when it was ready to go so that’s nice to have that indicator on there so you know they’re ready so i unplugged this from the charger obviously and then you just go ahead and plug them into the gloves and then stick this in

And zip it up all right so now your glove is ready to go all right so we got a couple things to talk about here this glove has several different modes and depending on the ambient teacher outside temperature outside and depending on how hot you want your gloves to be these should last anywhere from 4 to 10 hours longer if you start to realize that you can turn

It off when they’re nice and warm and then just turn them back on when your hands get cold if you’re not trying to heat them constantly because obviously they’re going to retain some heat that’s a good way to save a lot of battery power so anyway to turn them on you’ve got this button right here you’re just going to push and hold it okay and then you’ll see it

Lights up right so red is initially the hottest temperature this is going to heat the glove to 140 degrees or 60 degrees celsius so that is going to be um that’s going to burn through your battery the fastest okay now if we click it again we go to purple purple is the next one so that’s level two at purple you’re at 55 degrees celsius or 131 degrees fahrenheit

Right so that saves a little bit on the battery and then if we go down to green that’s level three now you’re going to be at 50 degrees celsius or 122 degrees fahrenheit and again lastly there’s the fourth one which is blue looks like a bluish white that’s 45 degrees celsius or 113 degrees fahrenheit so that’s going to give you your longest battery time and

Of course you can just click back through them all and you know you do need to take into account the ambient temperature that will affect how long they’re going to last outside too but yeah one of the pointers i read was really just to when you’re not when you don’t need the heat go ahead and turn it off if you can it just is a good way to you know to save some

Of that battery for you for later again these are size extra large fit me very well oh i can already feel that just from playing with it for those few seconds the heating is already you know they’ve heated up um which is very surprising that’s really impressive actually i did not expect that that would happen that quickly so yeah anything else than that is just

Oh another way to really conserve battery temperature if you need to if you even if you turn it off it will still do a minimal draw on the battery so if you disconnect it that’ll really stop it from you know drawing at all but you know that’s you know if you’re really trying to maintain the battery for you know 12 hours or whatever that’s just a little pointer

Again sabot heat battery heated gloves uh these are on amazon you know they look very nice i like how they fit they’re definitely well made here’s a little shot of the amazon ad so go ahead and check them out if you live in a cold climate like i do i’m up in minnesota and these are going to be great for when i’m snow blowing and it’s minus you know 10 degrees out

It’ll be really nice to have my hands all heated up and warm inside these gloves thanks for your time and have a good one

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Setup & Demo – SabotHeat Heated Gloves – SPECIAL DISCOUNT IN COMMENTS – 51% OFF!! By Gel Ball Blaster Master