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SHORT PEOPLE PROBLEMS! Lowering an R6\Test drive\Music Video

In this episode we lower my Yamaha R6 and go for a test drive! We also tryout the GOPRO Hero 7 attached to a vibrating bike.

If anyone ever tells you that changing your links is a piece of cake they’re lying to you so i am heading up to mountain motor works to get my bike if you can see it back there i’m gonna get my bag lord the reason i’m getting it lowered is because it’s kind of on my tippy toe toes in it’s hard to back up i usually have to pull the bike out of a parking spot and

It’s kind of a pain in the ass so we’re about to put these on this eye candy shop he’s gonna do it right on the trailer so we don’t have to have to even take it off holes are gonna replace these that i got when i first bought the bike and it lured a couple inches and then of course you gotta change your kickstand this adjusts take this bolt out goes up and down but

Ya can’t wait to ride it’s a gorgeous day and while i’m here i’m gonna have them give my mom or a tune-up and sharpen my blades so as you can see i don’t have the spools that go into here so i’m gonna go pick some of those up and get one of these so i can jack up the bike really never needed one cuz i i wasn’t doing too much with my bikes but know that taking stuff

Apart and actually have time to work on my bike guess i need one on if anyone ever tells you that changing your links is a piece of cake they’re lying to you this sucker is on there this is what the new lake looks like and as you can see it’s all the way out now the bike only a few inches off the ground which now as a pain in the ass to get the bike off the

Trailer because when i’m taking off the trailer it bottoms out if the gate is too much other on the angle and you have to bring out the middle because if you hit these things yes that but it’s all worth it so so ven go for a ride for a quick ride and i’m gonna have leslie try out the bike feels weird having the bike so long feels better definitely feels better

Feel like i have more control so um i learned to ride video i was talking about how you should always have you should always should always have your feet flat on the ground first learning how to ride if you’re able to once you get used to writing get into a bike that’s taller you won’t have a problem maybe you’ll feel more confident but when you first

Starting off if you’re on your tippy toes hoof get your heart going okay we’re gonna go let’s do this let’s do this so we have a ride going on this sunday see if we can have hope down to bill seafood in connecticut if it was jimmy leslie’s trying out my bite you i think i’m not gonna get that bike back yeah they’re gonna have to get a new plate that bike

Is so low now so weird it’s got power now look at me i’m a badass biker waitwait right now he’s in the gopro hero 7 on the front of the desease bike is actually attached to the front bearing and her bike vibrates a lot so when i have this my whole full pro/5 emily in daytona last year and ship so much that i couldn’t use the footage but now that i have the news

407 what a difference so smooth it doesn’t vibrate you know unless you hit bumps like that but i really like this camera and have to start using this view more you know learn i think this writing to music let’s see what we got if oh did you buddy

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SHORT PEOPLE PROBLEMS! Lowering an R6\Test drive\Music Video By KickStands and KeyBoards