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Should You Buy the Yamasaki YM50-RE 2021

Should You Buy the Yamasaki YM50-RE 2021

Hello my fellow riders today we’re going to find out whether or not you should buy the yamazaki ym50 re hello and welcome back to my channel today we’re going to be taking a look at the yamazaki ym50 re the repsol the blue and white and the black and red we’re going to do this the same way we normally do spec design comfort cost of riding and pros and cons the test

Ride video will be separate spec so this bike has the same sort of engine as you would find in an off-road quad or an off-road pit bike it comes in a three to four horsepower this version is now fuel injected it has twin hydraulic discs on the front and a single on the back remember this bike is designed to take up to a 310 cc engine so everything is massively over

The top now you would think that this is going to cause you to go slower but this bike actually has more pulling force than all the other yamasaki so the yamazaki f-30 the yamazaki f50 and the yamazaki f60 will go off the mark slower than this bike i believe it’s because all of the other ones have the same fuel injection system this one has a different one now

This bike is restricted and on the flat it will go 34 miles an hour but if you do go down an incline you will find that it will go up to somewhere in the 44 miles per hour range this is because the it’s not a hard completely hard restriction when you go down a hill it will slow down but as soon as you go back on the flat it will slowly come down to the 34 miles

An hour and that is uh on third gear is 7000 rpm and in fourth gear is also 7000 rpm now on the last edition of this the yamazaki 150 re 2020 euro 4 model the there’s a couple of things that they have improved on so in the third gear on that model restricted it would do about 22 miles an hour that made the gear useless now this one will do about 28 miles an

Hour in third gear which makes it a lot better when you need to drop down a gear to go up a hill also the old version of the yamazaki had a little bit of a flat spot between 2000 and 3000 rpm and also sometimes the choke uh didn’t engage enough and it was kind of hard to start these ones don’t have that problem anymore you press a button once the bike will start

Up it’ll rev up to about 3000 rpm and then slowly decrease with these what you want to do is sit on it for a couple of minutes before you ride it so that the automatic choke can come off and you will be able to get the most power you can out of this if you ride it with a choke still one you will be able to ride it but you’ll just have a little bit of a reduced

Torque and power until that choke comes off on the repsol edition you get the stainless steel twin exhaust system on the other two models you get the single exhaust system and it is a steel exhaust this bike also comes with the led lights on the front back rear indicators they are all led clocks on this you’ve got an analog speedo with a digital miles per hour

Gauge gear indicator indicator indicator the oil light on this is just a service indicator so holding down the right hand button on the clocks for five seconds will actually remove that if it comes on but that is just to tell you that you need to have your bike serviced fuel capacity on this bike is is approximately 17 liters and these bodies are very economical

You should be looking to 100 to 120 miles per gallon so you should be doing your first service before your tank is empty as i said before this is a massive bike it’s designed to look similar to an r3 um size wise it is pretty much the same sort of size as an r3 so everything is massively over the top design as i said in the previous section this bike is designed

To look like a r3-ish it is designed to be a superbike and it is also designed to take up to a 310 cc engine in this so brakes suspension um chassis tank capacity all of that sort of thing is designed for a bigger bike in mind the reason they do this is so that they can put a 50cc a 125 and a 310 in the same bike keeps the design cost down this is probably the

Cheapest sports bike 50cc you can get at the minute the next one would probably be the aprilia which last time i checked was about four and a half thousand pounds there’s a lot of bike for not much money but remember it is a 50cc it has a finite amount of power comfort to this point i have had something to do with every single one of these bikes that has ever

Been released in the uk this is not counting a company called zorro who was selling the motorbikes out of a crate which we put a stop to and um this is not counting this year’s models which you can now purchase from a company called speedway and potentially there will be some other distributors coming later or retailers coming later comfort wise you can do as i

Said restricted you’re looking at 34 miles an hour on the flat going up a hill it will slow down and going downhill it will speed up but on the average you’re looking around 30 to 34 miles an hour because this bike was designed to be a 310 cc everything on it is over the top the suspension is over the top the brakes are over the top the wheels and tires are over

The top this bike is designed to do 80 miles an hour but it’s only got a 50 in so it will only do 34 or if you get it fully de-restricted which you can get done by cheap bikes for us you send us your ecu we’ll remap it we’ll send it back and there you go um you should be getting 40 to 45 miles an hour out of this bike also it should increase your torque because

Most of the torque on these bikes are at higher up it does have the capability of taking a pillion passenger don’t it’s designed with this aspect in mind for the bigger cc engine so 50 cc engine isn’t designed to take two people a 50cc motorbike is not designed to take two people also if you’re on your cbt you’re legally not allowed remember also if you are on

Your cbt you are not allowed to take this bike on a motorway cost of riding at the moment this bike comes in at 2099 pounds plus 100 pounds on the road this one and this one come in at 2 000 pounder plus 100 pounds on the road it costs more money for the exhaust system and it costs more money to get it painted also these ones there will only ever be 100 of these

Later on we will be doing a liquid molly version of this and that will be coming maybe next year and maybe the shipment afterwards we don’t know yet it’s all down to when liquid molly bring out the designs tax on this bike the first year is free the second year is 21 pounds insurance from uh by shaw they did a breakdown of this model in particular so in milton

Keynes going from one point of commuting uh to another ie school college whatever and social domestic and pleasure added into that locked in a brick garage you should be looking at 350 to 500 pounds remember there is a link in the description if you decide to go with bikeshaw then riding reviews gets a little bit of a kick back and that helps me make these videos

So please do so if you’re going for insurance but if you can find it cheaper go with them you should be looking at getting approximately two services a year this very much depends on how much you use the bike but a minimum would be two services a year your warranty you would get one year’s parts warranty on this from cheap bikes for us unless you bring the bike

Back to us directly and then it will be parts and labor remember if you are riding a motorbike minimum you should wear is a helmet a jacket and a pair of gloves i recommend wearing a pair of steel toe caps sometimes in riding boots they look good they’re good for protection on a motorbike but you can’t really walk around on with them afterwards so it’s best off

Wearing a pair of steel toe caps they will give you an equal amount of protection and you can actually walk in them as well so that’s my tip of the day pros and cons this bike is not designed to be a commuter you can get a rear bag on the back if you want to but you will never be able to get a top box it is a little bit of a leaning over stance on this and there

Is a little bit of a problem with this bike when it comes to riding in traffic reason being it’s not actually a problem with the bike it’s a problem with the people around it the problem is is this bike looks like it’ll do a hundred miles an hour so if you are pulling out of a junction people think that you are going to pull out of that junction at 100 miles an

Hour so they don’t take into consideration you can only go 30 so tend to get people um getting rather close shall we say this doesn’t always happen and this is only for people who aren’t paying attention but as a motorbiker you will realize also that doesn’t matter what bike you’re on people don’t pay attention so that that would be one of the only things that

You will find on this some of the problems that were with the older version have been removed by the fuel injection i.e the starting the flat spot and the restrictions a bit better but you can have it de-restricted afterwards so that’ll be all really on this one so thank you for watching my video on the yamazaki ym50 re this is a 2021 model and it is euro 5

Specification also on a side note it will run on e10 so you don’t have to worry about that but e5 is still available for the next five years at nearly all four course um they can’t remove it until the review in five years time so hit that thumbs up if you like my video comment below if you didn’t and tell me how i can make my videos better in the future remember

I have got nearly 300 videos on loads of different motorbike related topics on my channel so go and check them out if you want to support the riding reviews channel there is a join section and we will be looking at getting you some discount codes and some perks so if you want to do that to help me out help out the channel then please go ahead and hit that join

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