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Small bit, HUGE financial damage. Part two of the Audi S4 B9 3.0TFSI with low compression

second part of the Audi S4 B9 where we stripped the engine down because of low compression. Couldn’t believe what was the whole problem …..

We are back welcome back to the channel vs technique type i was abroad miroslav wasn’t abroad but he was doing some other stuff in the uk update update second video white s4 low compression so in the first video i didn’t really want to talk about it too much because there was like too much going on and we want to just concentrate finish the rs5 so we will spend

A bit more time showing you explaining you what might happen if you were thinking the rock arms failed you were wrong if you were thinking the piston has failed either on and if you think it’s a bad car well i don’t know it isn’t a bad car but obviously it’s a good car it’s a good cab obviously something did happen and something foreign went inside the engine and

That was the whole problem so when we took the cylinder head off um on the bank one which is filling the tooth one two yeah it’s cylinder two there was something metallics i don’t know um from something we don’t know yet uh stuck between the valve and the cylinder head which um didn’t really make the valve sit properly in place and that caused the low compression

So the owner have a new intercool which was already fitted maybe it was from there nobody knows before the car came to us it had a new turbo installed so that might cause the problem but turbo is non-metallic it’s a billet or yeah it’s actually built aluminum yeah so so this should supposed to be no actually any pieces of the metal coming through the inlet which

Are magnetic yeah because it was actually stuck on the line yeah so so we did find that piece uh you see it on the footage what you’re seeing now so that was the whole issue actually internally the engine seems to be fine the owner was really lucky that there’s no internal damage on the pistons on the on the walls or anything like that nothing so that’s the good

News a bit of a money saver but still uh we had to send the cylinder heads off for skimming um the machine shop advises if something actually went in we replaced the intake valves and brush them in and done everything necessary so the cylinder heads can go back on also speaking of the turbo we did have a bit of a up and down situation with the turbo because then

We strip everything down we always advise customer what we actually found and we did found a crack maybe two two cracks yeah there was actually one bigger one which obviously you can see on the footage now and next to it should be some small one behind we can’t really see because of the turbine itself yeah but there was definitely cracking the housing and uh it’s

It wasn’t supposed to be there yeah well it’s you know we didn’t want to open the turbo up because the company who rebuild the turbo give the owner a warranty so as soon as we will touch it you’re probably going to lose the warranty so we informed the customer there is something what we think shouldn’t be there and he contacted the company within the table so we

Send the turbo in the box to the company and the company took terrible out and they were like ah guys don’t worry that’s just some markings from the factory how the turbo came out and it’s all good so they send it back to us meanwhile i went to slovakia and i was working on a s5 which is the same engine and i was doing loads of loads of filming and i didn’t find any

Such markings cracks in the housing so i contact the owner again and guess what we send the turbo out again to the company and now they actually said there is a crack a hair crack or something like that it’s not a casting mug anymore and they polish it clean it up i don’t know what they do but they done something and now they are happy to actually fit the turbo on

The car so it provided us after warranty again yeah for this kind of the so customers happy we are happy they’re happy everybody is happy and in case something go wrong with the turbo well we did told you about they’re happy to fit it on so we will fit the table as it is we will show you in a minute how it actually looks like and uh yeah meanwhile we’ve done loads

Of ordering again so basically we have everything ready what we need for this uh vehicle we see here mirosol already cleaned the engine block we have our cylinder heads back from the machine shop everything is done and we have all the gaskets upgraded rock arms the valves for the camshaft adjusters which is a valve and a screw at the same time tool tensioners oil

Filter new head gaskets mid head bolts we’ll replace the water pump as well we have new spark plugs here because they have not replaced when i was talking to the owner or he don’t know if they have replaced so that will go on if you’re asking why are we changing these housings well how they told us you can’t get the o-ring unfortunately and whatever is coming out

You have to go with new o-ring so we have to get the whole housing unfortunately million pounds later everything is here so we will start putting it back together and hopefully not today probably tomorrow it will be put it all together and we will put it back into the vehicle uh the owner of the car also mentioned you have the big intercooler in the boot so that will

Be installed onto the vehicle but before we will do so in these boxes we still have all the intake manifolds and stuff so that’s got to be cleaned up there’ll be loads of fun so yeah let’s get to it guys we got plenty of work to do unfortunately camera octo mm-hmm bit up foreign oh okay thank you thank you foreign foreign actually

Just a typical job from now plus we gotta put the turbo in the middle so the cylinder heads are on everything is tight they need to meet the spec upgraded the rock arms all 24 of them because 12 of them doesn’t make any sense we also put a new water pump as well along with this sort of vacuum solenoid for coolant nobody know what it is new housing because you

Can’t get the o-rings unfortunately so this is where all the money is gone to small bits which cost fortune like a pipe for example you can’t get the gaskets you got to get the whole pipe all the exist manifold baskets and stuff so yeah pretty much so this is ready new gasket this is ready new gasket miroslav is ready mr siliconis let’s go hide the car i’m

Sure foreign gasket over here new gasket over there and we also have the turbo back the second time and yeah mirrors now start putting the back together and then we realized yeah something is missing yeah bypass valve is missing oh blow off blob off so um hopefully the third time charming will come again so we will have to wait because obviously it was sent

Out with the valve but they’re working on this intake housing pack they have a polishing it and i don’t know what was going on but there was a scratch crack or something it’s all sorted now so thank you very much but you can’t see that again useless oh well oh well okay we’re gonna wait for the part anyways you can fit the turbo on now okay careful don’t seize it

Up you’re all good you have to go more to the front more to the back or your mm-hmm good but this busted clump okay you are there just a bit inside over there but this clump is holding a little bit okay no no why no because i need something long long that was the song as well need to go towards there okay like that yeah and now crush my hand so the pipe is

In place now we need to tilt it a little bit but we have to push it because the pipe will not go in there you go there you go yeah that was absolutely amazing looks all good everything is there so turbo is heated mm-hmm let’s go thank you just feel you forgot to mention that we have to still fit the intercooler okay so the cars on the ramp again uh we

Sort out the air conditioning tracking and mlt mainly and reason why it’s on the ramp again we will be changing the front grille for the one which is in the boot and also we will be putting the intercooler what was on there so we didn’t drove the car too much uh the owner sent me some picture what kind of mileage there was when the cows dropped down so he told me

He wants to get it back with some certain mileage so we’ve done like seven miles i would say um i’m not sure if it’s enough to actually test the car but hopefully it will be fine it’s not leaking anything stationed on the ramp so it’s not making the funny noise the compression is there which is the most important thing and yeah we will be changing the uh grille and

The intercooler now let’s get to it thank you thank you baby baby thank you okay so this is the virus we will get this time no test driving and the car will go on the recovery and back to its owner so mirko when people will be asking what we’re going to tell them what happened why it happened oh metal piece like this causing huge problems expensive

Problems however we don’t know what it costs um unfortunately the job was done in a different garage don’t know what they’ve done we know the turbo was replaced we don’t know the damage of the previous turbo but realistically we don’t see it was from the turbo and we didn’t find anything wrong so we changed the spark plugs we change everything what we find was

Wrong we clean up the whole intake and everything so from that point we should define the car was test driven seven eight miles so thumbs up and uh yeah the total bill was very high so we’ll see in the next videos guys we’ve got loads of things to do as you can tell so we’ll be working on this rs6 where you’ve seen in the back and hopefully very soon it will be

Changing uh the format of the videos a bit so uh take care for now see ya

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