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Sneaky – Cold Waters DotMod: 1984 NATO Campaign #24 Submarine Simulation

Cold Waters DotMod 0.3b5

Foreign so victor one and two trawlers interesting all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to cold waters with mags and welcome back aboard the uss grayling sturgeon class and nuclear attack submarine and we are sneaking around a little bit north of the uk at the moment continuing to search for our current target a cruise missile submarine and we have come

Across a victor one and a couple of trawlers floating around on the surface so these guys are just can’t selling our new contact zero seven three sierra four a bit of rain on the surface as well what is our ambient only 83 83 we’re sitting just below a duck the ducks at 200 feet it’s a very weak duct with a weak layer but and still offices a little bit we are

Silent running at the moment just keeping very very very quiet um yeah for those who are like you know what is silent running and how does it vary from just driving really slow so a submarine has a couple of options on how it runs um you’ve obviously got your speed settings so you can you can run slow which will make you quiet but silent running is something a

Little bit more than that what when you have a submarine it’s silent running it’s not just the submarine is running slow and is using whatever machinery it has available in order to to quieten it up its uh cut its noise and volumes down that’s not a victor i don’t think no that is not a victor um he’s looking very much like a charlie this may be a target yeah

I’m gonna designate it for charlie sierra boar is classified as submerged designate that is a charlie what’s the range to the victor 7.6 kilo yards okay so yeah as i was saying when a submarine’s running silent when you run uh when you go into silent running it’s not just a mechanical option or something that is activated in order to try and make the submarine

Quiet what it is it’s a standing order that goes through the entire submarine that everybody is to stop everything that is non-essential anything that anybody can does that includes walking around the internals of the submarine loading torpedoes putting a spanner onto a bolt that might be a little bit loose if it’s not something that is going to fail right now

And put the submarine at risk you don’t do it you stop dead you put your hands on the walls you don’t move you don’t do anything that can make noise and everybody stands still for as long as they have to are only essential operations that are absolutely required for the current situation are allowed to be done anything that can make noise because all noise from

Inside of the submarine can transfer into the ocean anything at all there’s the um i don’t know if anybody saw the and if you haven’t you should the um the comedy i think it’s late 90s early 2000s down periscope if you haven’t seen it absolutely watch it it’s freaking hilarious i love that movie but uh there’s a joke in it where um it’s a nuclear attack submarine

It’s trying to hunt a diesel electric a world war ii american diesel electric that’s the gist behind it not gonna spoil anything there but there is a scene where um the there’s a kiosk inside of the nuclear submarine and there are somebody’s buying something like a like chewing gum or something over the counter and drops a bunch of a bunch of coins and the coins

Just quietly tap onto the the table of the kiosk or under the floor in his feet i can’t remember which one it landed on and the guys in the the uh the diesel electric submarine heard the coins hit the uh hit the deck and there’s there’s a bit of a joke in there that i don’t want to spoil it’s uh it’s pretty good i i really do like the movie but it’s stuff like

That that that event or that that situation isn’t actually a joke something like that could potentially transfer into the water and make a sound that is audible on passive sonar that could be detected that could potentially give away your location so everything stops that doesn’t absolutely need to be done because you don’t want these guys hearing you if they

Can’t hit you now you don’t want them to hear you because uh that’s when the torpedoes go into the water and the idea of a submarine is that uh well you’re the only one who gets to shoot and preferably they don’t know that you’ve shot until it’s too late to do anything about it this situation here going to be a little bit more difficult so victor one is hitting

Someone in our direction it’s a 6.6 kilo yards where is he he’s below and the charlie’s below as well all right actually no we can work with this we can work with this all right so the duct is it 183 feet so we want to go to 150. so i’m going to put ourselves above the layer and into the duct that will cover some of our sound hopefully it’ll cover the launch

Of our torpedoes no it’s been a while but we are going what is the best way what is going to be the best way to track torpedoes against us on that angle we’re going to fire him north we’re gonna fire both of our torps directly north and away we’re gonna cut at about a 45 and then turn the torpedoes in to come nose on to the victor and the charlie hopefully they

Won’t hear the launch and that’ll be the fastest way to get the torpedoes far enough away from us by the time they get detected when they fire it should be not at us this is assuming they don’t hear the launch transient which is not guaranteed at this range all right so torpedo one two two one i sir and no transients cr1 and cr4 charlie2 oh we got the wrong got

The designation wrong it’s a charlie two not a charlie one did not hear us that’s good now actually really important that they probably don’t because as a general rule cruising ballistic missile submarines in this game are escorted by two attack submarines and we can only see one at this point which means it’s possible there’s another victor one or a victor 2

Sitting over here that’s victor’s gender running packs it’ll tend to be a probably a victor most likely another victor one could be a two or three but i suspect it’ll be in here because with these two here and the noise that they’re generating there’s a black hole over here that we can’t clearly hear because these two are making enough noise that anything in here

Will get disguised so we won’t hear anything there until it starts if there is something there we won’t be able to detect it until it starts panicking and reacting to the fact that these torpedoes are away all right so now launch transient from sierra boar turn torpedoes in and they’re going to be pinging actively we’re going to make come right two one five nine

Helm i make our turn and we’re gonna go south and away opposite direction of the companies as much as we can five six helm i hope we don’t drag the toad array charlie is turning away that makes sense what is the top speed of a charlie 2. i can’t recall off the top of my head charlie one charlie two top speed 24 knots okay i’m not concerned it’s not getting away

There is no way in hell it gets away yeah that’s gonna come should be mostly okay i think charlie stop pinging nope there it goes again not that it can hear us at the moment because it’s put us straight into its baffles at this point i’m gonna go 15 knots one five knock on sonar we are cavitating oh and let’s set our depth to 400. sonar no longer cavitating

There we go all right torpedo one hell steady course victor let’s put the torpedo below the layer line it up with the depth of the victor one on the off chance that the wires break i don’t think they will 15 knots we should be okay and we’ll just adjust the heading all right torpedoes going active on two that’s fine because we’re not there which was kind of the

Whole point of this exercise this is definitely our target and can’t dive at four zero zero beat dive bye that’s about as far as i’m gonna get hopefully that puts us enough out of the cone all right we’ve got no additional reaction no sierra 5. it may only be one there may actually only be one escort i wonder if that’s because the russians are running out of

Submarines khan fire control weapon acquired i mean with the amounts that i’ve put down at this point in time i think like nearly 50 submarine kills at this point i’m surprised they haven’t ran out sooner but uh make sure i’m not entirely sure what my submarine count is um yeah for those who haven’t been keeping track i do put a current kill board underneath the

As it is updated per video uh in the video description underneath this so you can check that one out you can actually see exactly what i’ve killed what tonnage what amount uh surface ships and submarines so keep up with what we’re on on the campaign and part of the reason i’m doing this is because this version of the mod is supposed to keep track of the the exact

Real world numbers that some that the soviets were supposed to have in the early 1980s for the submarines and once you kill enough of them they’re supposed to stop spawning that particular type of submarine so i’m not entirely sure which one’s a tractor if it’s all of them i’m not exactly 100 on the details but that’s supposed to be a thing which is uh actually

Why i restarted the uh the mod after the first mission because we needed the updated version that had that feature so when i say they’re running out i’m not just uh making a bit of a joke about it they actually should be starting to run out noisemaker bearing zero two four let’s bring two down to depth now once we’ve sunk the victor one we’re going to get another

Torpedo in the water because this torpedo is unlikely to be sufficient to sink a charlie too or the victor managed to dodge gun fire control weapon acquired all right con fire control weapon countermeasure homing manual control the torpedo bring it back to depth whoa went underneath maker bearing zero consonar noise maker bearing zero two three that looks

Like it’s tracking now yeah that is the victor one removed torpedo2 is tracking we’ll start a reload on tube one fire control weapon countermeasure homing and tube away from gone fire control weapon acquire what did you just fire one is cavitating you just fired something what did you just fire can’t sonar noisemaker bearing zero six four it’s charlie’s being

Difficult the sonar lost contact oh another sufficient okay that was a wasted torpedo then five contact breaking up slightly concerned with what that charlie just fired yep there it is all right ready khan sonar torpedo in the water yeah we’ve been detected zero five five four can image is way no very high full dive full ballast down passing 500 feet gone fire

Control we’ve lost 600 feet yep we’ve lost the wire but i don’t think there’s another submarine here now passing 700 feet passing 800 feet i’m not trying to deploy it i’m trying to retract it passing 900 feet all right full right up turning into the torpedo passing 1 000 feet and haul all right we got that one to crush depth that was a crush depth that’s why that

One blew whatever we got fired at us then had a crush depth about 1100 feet huh he has concerned let’s let’s set you know go back to automated go back to 200 feet yeah you cheeky little just popping off a torpedo right towards the end although partially our fault because we uh we wasted a torpedo there in the process although it normally takes more than one to

Sink a charlie so yeah there we have it and hey they found the bottom we are cavitating for ultra quiet khan sonar no longer cavitating here it goes all right so after action report and yes it was only the one submarine so we’ve got a charlie two and a victor one eleven thousand four hundred and thirty five tons to the telly three torpedoes fired two hits two kills

So waste of one there and looks like crew proficiency has been increased again with another forty five thousand seven hundred and forty experience gained and i do think that was our mission objective so mission update fine work eliminating the threat commander your contribution of the war effort will make transit of our convoys a lot safer and supporting the troops

And land is what the navy is about keep it up commander await further orders excellent so let’s see how a news report is enemy subs taking hits convoys and amphibious task forces from the united states are landing large amounts of supplies and equipment in a number of ports in the uk and europe with some units on the second trip highly successful anti-submarine

Operations are said to be one of the key reasons for a safe arrival of reinforcements a growing number of enemy submarine kills are seen as a positive sign but some commenters remain cautious there are still a lot of red subs out there i’m doing my best and they want us better badly as we do judging from the number of them i’ve put on the bottom i don’t think they

Do or at least they’re not as capable so return immediately to holy lock scotland for repairs and to replenish stores okay yeah i will definitely take that mission and we’re reasonably close we’re right on the northern tip of the uk at the moment so this will be a relatively short trip to get back home we’ll actually be able to load up with some moss load up with

Some torpedoes and find out what our next mission objective is anyways ladies and gents hope you enjoyed this one and thank you very much for watching cold waters will be back on the channel again very soon back on its regular schedule and until next time remember to click that like button if you did share and subscribe if you want to see more and until next time take care

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Sneaky – Cold Waters DotMod: 1984 NATO Campaign #24 (Submarine Simulation) By MagzTV