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SNT Bike Show Ep 16 | Old School Moped Edition

Episode 16 of the weekly bike show and this week is an old school moped project edition but everything from 50cc mopeds, 125cc two-stroke to 450cc supermotos are welcome on the show and yes this series is heavily inspired by “Room Tour Project

Yo what’s up it’s assatea and you’re watching the bike show this is the weekly series where we check out some of your amazing bike builds that you have submitted to the email address that’s down in the description and on the screen right now make sure you send in to the email address sntbikeshow and not to my instagram account and if you have not already

Make sure you subscribe to the channel join the squad on the road to ten thousand subscribers but now sit back relax enjoy the show and at the end let me know in the comment section down below which bike was your favorite first up today we have a crazy 1984 honda mt50 build from the netherlands he got this moped from his dad and he wanted to turn it into something

Amazing she completely rebuilt this bike and made it into this insane moped it is today apart from the good looks on this bike he also has a 80cc engine swap from a honda mt8 if that was not enough he also has a 131 cc big board kit on top of that 80cc engine so this bike is insanely fast and powerful some of the things in this engine build includes the antenna

131 cc big board kit prox aftermarket crankshaft 34 millimeter keen carburetor v4s free read valve promo 125 exhaust hpi inner rotor ignition and the clutch and gearbox is from a cr85 and now you might be wondering how much power does this thing put down how much power does this crazy moped make well let me tell you because this guy put it on the dyno and he made

A crazy 27 rear wheel horsepower 27 rear wheel horsepower in a moped that’s built for like two horsepower and he also got a top speed of 145 kilometers an hour on the dyno and since this bike is nowhere close to being able to support this much power he also added a lot of parts to support that and some of those parts include supermoto wheels forks and brakes from

A derby drd and also a extended derbysanda swingarm to really be able to ride with this much power in that old chassis it’s a beautiful and really well executed bike i really like everything about it from this crazy insane engine swap build that you got on this thing with 131 cc putting down 27 rear wheel horsepower then you got the derby parts to support the

Power you got that beautiful paint job on there with the blue metallic you got the number plate it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind moped i’ve never seen this before and i don’t think i can see anything like it in the future either it’s an absolute beauty thank you so much for starting off the show with this beast and the only way to follow up that crazy honda is of

Course with a crazy finnish moped tuning build and this time we have a 140cc monkey build there’s a lot of things done to this bike and some of those things include a set of 310 millimeter rear shocks new front fender low profile tires polish the rims brake reservoir cap and some bolts etc ak-47 sticker on the fuel tank low profile handlebar asv levers ktm domino

Quick action throttle and bmx pegs to really finish this bike up pretty much everything that’s painted on this bike is powder coated from what i understand and now moving on to the engine setup this bike has a 140cc yx engine 740 camshaft npr oval exhaust o-racing bolt cdi with a adjustable rev limiter and a 30 millimeter carburetor which he says is too big but

That is what’s on there right now it’s always fun to see this monkey build like for someone who lives outside of finland this is not your average moped and it’s always fun to see it’s like an old school moped looks really cool you usually have a big engine swap in there this time was 140 cc and also it has that old classic car vibe you can do stuff like metallic

Paint jobs polish the rims all that kind of cool stuff adding like under glow and stuff it just gives it like a nice look so these bikes are really cool to see it’s definitely something unique in the moped space and it’s definitely one of my favorite type of builds that are not like a fully super motor builds like that everything from the paint job to the ak-47

Stickers to the wheels everything on this bike looks insane so thank you so much for standing in to the show now we have another finnish mini moped tuning build this is a hdcc suzuki pv and the transformation on this bike is insane this is one of those spells you can really appreciate the work and time and effort he has put into this bike like this bike before he

Started working on it it looks like this bike belongs on the bottom of a lake just like he went fishing you know he’s like out fishing in lake you know finnish people fish you know you fish in a lake you get like traffic get a fish you know for dinner and you get like a suzuki pv that’s rusted out it’s completely destroyed because it’s been chilling on the lake

Bed for like 10 years and like yo what the hell would i do with this pv it’s probably stolen and i don’t know i just rebuild it okay that’s probably not at all what happened but definitely looks like it’s belong on the lake floor he has gone out fishing he’s fished up a freaking pv50 and i mean he thought he got a big fish and he got like a moped imagine though

That would be a crazy that would be a crazy story though if he wants to fish it and got a suzuki pv and then he rebuilt it to this beast but yeah that’s that’s definitely not what happened but it definitely looks like it could have been that what happened you know i mean but yeah but anyway so he completely rebuilt this bike and gave it a huge updated look and

Also a pretty nice engine upgrade he went for a clean black and chrome color scheme which looks really good and he also added a few details with those stage six stickers which really gives it a nice contrast and really blends into this bike even though he does not have any stage six parts i think it still fits this bike really well and gave it a little bit more

Detail and personality which is always really nice to see and in the engine he also has a few performance parts including a molossi 80cc cylinder 19 millimeter carburetor canale exhaust and a velocity intake and air filter combo it’s a pretty simple but yet impressive build especially if you take a look at the transformation that’s where the most of this work has

Gone into and definitely like this one those builds like i don’t know is it such a crazy build like taken from that rusty piece of it was in the beginning to this beautiful suzuki pv it is today you did a fantastic job with this bike and this is why it’s always fun to see the before pictures because we see a before picture compared to it after you’re like damn

What the hell happened here like you did a great job with this bike looks really cool and i bet it’s a lot of fun to ride as well thank you so much for sending it in to the show next up we have another monkey build from finland of course so this one started out as a pretty boring black out moped that he bought for sheep and he kept it like that for a while but

Then his friend looped it doing a wheelie you know he’s pulled up a wheelie and he didn’t know what to do he just looped it crashed it and broke fuel tank and front fender she thought why not do a full rebuild on this bike and make it look amazing and really cool and just make it my own bike so that’s exactly what he did and he completely rebuilt the bike from

The ground up doing a lot of stuff to this bike and some of those things include painting the fuel tank in a metallic dark blue color and the frame in a nice clean white color extended the swing arm with plus 10 i’m sure that extended the swing of 10 centimeters maybe 10 millimeters i’m not too sure left on the comment section down below but yeah eight whole

Rims with hyundai tires 72 cc cylinder with 85 cc cylinder head diamond headlight a set of upside down forks from a mini dirt bike and some blue led underglow which looks really good on monkey builds like underglow on monkey build is like match made in heaven it always looks so cool to have underglow under the tank just shining down on the engine and the floor

Always a good idea when you have a monkey bike it made for a really good transformation i really like the color theme you went for and everything on this bike it just looks so good and you kept that clean minimalistic but still really cool theme on the bike and kept it like looking like a monkey bike but still you put your own touch on it you made it really cool

And clean you did a great job with this bike thank you so much for sending it in to the show last bike of the day is a clean yamaha dt50 liquid cooled moped this is not one of those crazy builds but it’s a really clean build and i still think we can appreciate this build and the work he has put into it this is his first moped so he bought it in really worn out

Condition and then he ended up doing some work to it and making it look super nice again and some of those things he did to this bike include paint in the frame and swing arm red radiator tubes smaller mirrors pro taper grips a new seat cover red spoke skins doppler piston and a brand new firebox exhaust which looks so mint on this bike i think this was a nice

Transformation it did a lot to the bike without doing too much to the bike if that makes sense painting the frame and getting that chrome exhaust was definitely a good idea there’s still a few things this guy wants to do to this bike including getting a new fuel tank new plastics and a smaller plate and license plate holder the license plate holder is usually a

Make or break point on a bike it didn’t look too bad on this bike but it would be really nice if you got like a super slim license plate holder and then got some fresh plastics and stuff like that to make it really yours and make it amazing but still this is a really nice and clean transformation and a nice contrast to all these crazy super powerful engine builds

That we’ve seen earlier today just come over to this clean transformation rebuild of this hot off this yamaha dt50 you did a great job with this bike thank you so much for sending it in to the show but that was the five amazing bikes from this week’s bike show if you have not already make sure you subscribe to the channel join the squad on the road to ten thousand

Subscribers and if you have not already make sure you let me know in the comment section down below which bike was your favorite but that is it for this video thank you so much for watching until next time stay awesome be positive it’s been voicing to you and i’ll see in the next one

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SNT Bike Show Ep 16 | Old School Moped Edition By SNT Moto