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So You Want a Royal Enfield Himalayan…

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Okay fine you people keep bringing it up every single time yeah me talk about the himalayan yemi the himalayan is the best beginner bike yeah me royal enfield isn’t really that bad yeah me please validate my opinions and tell me i didn’t like five thousand dollars on fire to buy a subpar discount adventure bike that makes as much power as a two-stroke bicycle but

Zac canery did a big adventure on the himalayan and it did great so that must mean it’s the best right never mind that the duke 390 adventure is better in literally every single way and the versus x 300 exists no you gotta have the heritage and the pedigree of a royal enfield even though that pedigree has basically been cashed in for mass market appeal in order

To sell a metric crap ton of motorcycles around the world and speaking of worldwide appeal hello to our surprisingly large indian the country not the manufacturer audience no doubt some of the biggest royal enfield simps out there yeah i see you down in the comments typing out your long love letter to royal enfield i swear y’all are some bigger die-hards than the

Harley boys it’s crazy but listen to all you himalayan fans across the world i apologize ahead of time but it’s just not a good bike and we’re going to go into exhaustive detail today and prove once and for all that the royal enfield himalayan sucks oh wait that spikes thing isn’t it well whatever we’re going to be taking a break from the soyuz blank bike series

So what better way to send it off than a good old roast get your s’mores ready my baby squids it’s gonna be a good one but before we get too far into this thing i need to talk to you about your cell phone you know that thing you’re probably staring at right now or that rectangle your buddy pointed at you when you looped your ninja 250 in the parking lot trying to

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You get your phone safe magnet and you get your lanyard like a college freshman but you can also pop that case onto a rokform handlebar mount so you can watch a wheelie tutorial next time you’re out riding and not loop a motorcycle directly onto your nut sack as a side note please do not watch how to wheelie 101 while riding your motorcycle because that would

Be bad you get all that goodness for 25 off when you click the link below and use the code yn25 i’m not going to tell you how to live your life but you’re a sad pathetic husk of a human if you don’t click that link save your immortal soul what am i talking about just click the link already okay so royal enfield i think it’s worth taking a minute to go over the

General history since it’s a little complicated re was founded in 1901 by the enfield cycle company limited of redditch worcestershire worcestershire who can say that might be the most painfully british thing i’ve ever said they made a quadricycle which is basically two bicycles taped together quad boosts that eat your heart out with a tiny little engine then

They made a car called the enfield 15 in 1907. they made side cars motorcycles basically anything with an engine and they would make it except it was british and before anyone knew how to make a motorcycle which meant that they never really worked right and they broke down all the time after world war ii and the india independence act genesis pakistan and india

From the british empire the newly formed indian government needed motorcycles to help patrol their borders they chose the royal enfield bullet and instead of buying them direct from royal enfield in england royal partnered with madras motors in 1955 to form enfield india and make motorcycles in india by 1962 enfield india was making 100 of the components within

Their chennai factories as it happens the redditch brand of royal enfield was sold off in 1967 and closed for good in 1978 making re a 100 indian motorcycle manufacturer the first motorcycle that enfield india made was the bullet and they made it basically the same from 1955 to 1995 using a 346 cc or 499 cc air cooled single cylinder engine the 346 put down 21

Horsepower and 15 foot pounds of torque and weighing in at 416 pounds in much the same way that harley ran to ronald reagan for protection from asian competition enfield did the same thing with the indian government leading to basically zero innovation for over 40 years it actually got so bad that enfield india was forced into bankruptcy and bought out by iker

Motors limited in 1990. nowadays royal enfield makes bullet the classic 350 the meteor 350 the classic 500 and the interceptor 650 though they’ve announced that they’re officially cutting the 500cc engine from production one of the newest models in their lineup is the himalayan added in 2016. enfield india black bagged pierre terblasch who if you’re unfamiliar

Was one of the minds behind the ducati hyper motard multistrada and the 888 and they forced him to make an adventure bike out of parts lying around the factory the mindset was to create a bike that could tackle the himalayan mountains what we got was a completely new motorcycle since it’s with their first off-road bike it was the first motorcycle they made to not

Use some permutation of the bullet framing engine its engine is a 411cc oil cooled four-stroke single overhead cam engine which puts down 24 horsepower and 24 foot-pounds of torque and it weighs 401 pounds wet in india and 439 pounds everywhere else why because in india the himalayan isn’t fuel injected nor does it have abs in both markets the engine is mated to

A five-speed transmission that works it was the most modern bike that royal makes since it was the only oil cooled bike that they made later using that in the interceptor and continental 650s they make some of the himalayans that sell in australia the uk the asian markets right here in the heart of the usa milwaukee wisconsin yep you heard me right the himalayan

You got is actually more american than a lot of harley-davidson’s which is weird to think about but that’s global trade for you in terms of technology an international i.e non-indian himalayan features abs which can be disabled for off-road riding which is a cool feature and fuel injection comply with modern eu emissions regulations it’s packing bargain bin brake

Components that work fine for motorcycle making 24 horsepower wire spoke wheels and 8.6 inches of ground clearance what is nice though is that the himalayan features crash protection from the factory which is a nice addition seeing as how most of the time that’s an optional 700 add-on all that and it cost only four thousand seven hundred forty nine dollars brand

Spanking new at a dealership but is it any good no no no no no no no god please no no and this is probably the part you were looking forward to the most but it’s time to take a long overdue swing at the hema lane with the 2×4 filled with rusty nails and put it to bed once and for all first of all let’s talk about that brand new engine they made for the bike it’s

411 cc’s which is 13 cc’s more than a drz-400 and it makes 24 horsepower and torques which is about 15 less than a drz but hey the drz only makes 29 foot pounds of torque so in that regards the himalayan isn’t too far off i guess oh wait the weight the drz which makes more power weighs 317 pounds while the himalayan is 439 pounds which is more than an xsr 700 even

The wr250 makes more power and weighs a whole lot less so did they succeed in their original goal of making a dual sport or off-road bike not really if you want a dual sport get something else this is a pathetically bad attempt for a dirt bike with lights but yeah me the himalayan is meant to be an adventure bike so don’t worry about the fact that the ceo of india

Said it was going to be a dual sport and that’s not relevant at all okay it looks like an adventure motorcycle so judge it against other adventure motorcycles okay fine with pleasure but i can tell you right now it’s just as good of an adventure motorcycle as it is as a dual sport motorcycle first of all let’s throw up the himalayan against the kawasaki vs x300

The x300 is more of an adventure touring motorcycle than an actual adventure bike but it does have a skid plate long travel suspension and wire wheels so slap a set of hobbies on there and let’s go it’s got a 296 cc engine pulled out of the ninja 300 it makes 40 horsepower and 19 foot pounds of torque so point number one in favor of the cowie it’s got six skiers

And an extra cylinder which means that it’s better at speed compared to the himalayan’s thumper which is what you want to do for long touring adventure riding the himalayan does have slightly more ground clearance at 8.6 inches to the versus 7.1 but the cowie carries an extra half gallon of gas and in the adventure touring segment it’s kind of a big deal since

You’re only a real adventure if you can ride through mongolia on a single tank of gas brand new the versas will run you five thousand four hundred ninety nine dollars which means that mlane is substantially cheaper if you’re a beginner looking to get an adventure bike and all you wanna do is ride on roads then the versus is the better choice but if you wanna

Tackle some off-road shenanigans the himalayan’s probably a little bit smarter see yams i told you the himalayan does make sense okay maybe it’s better than the gsx 250 of adventure bikes but that’s really not a high bar let’s chuck it up against a beginner adv that’s actually decent and see how it does shall we for that you have the ktm 390 adventure which hey

That’s another indian motorcycle and yeah fortnite dropped the review recently saying that you shouldn’t get this bike but it’s a very solid starting place for aspiring long way round rider it’s got that lovable 373 cc single punching out 43 horse and 23 foot pounds of torque from duke and rc bikes and it’s playful wheely happy and relatively reliable nowadays

Head gaskets head gaskets it’s way more potent on and off road than the himalayan thanks to its modern liquid cooling wp apex fully adjustable suspension and 379 pounds wet weight it’s also packing a tft display which is not really a requirement but it’s nice to have switchable abs vibry brakes backlit controls bluetooth connectivity an optional quick shifter which

Is super cool by comparison the himalayan’s new feature includes hazard lights such tech much progress wow the himalayan does have wire spoke wheels with a 2117 setup which is more off-road ready than the ktm’s 1917 cast wheels and the ktm has a slightly shorter range thanks to his 3.8 gallon tank its ground clearance is also better than the ktm 7.8 inches but

Where the himalayan really wins is price brand new the ktm comes in at 6199 which makes the himalayan’s four thousand seven hundred dollar price tag look quite appealing but think about how much more you’re getting for that extra fifteen hundred dollars you’re getting a motorcycle that’s completely modern from front to back with better road manners more features

And years of actual proven off-road pedigree and success if you’re thinking about these two bikes i strongly urge you to save a little bit more and get the ktm there’s a ton of other bikes that do what the himalayan wants to do but better the drz the cb500x the dr650 the klr650 jeeps electric mountain bike so why do people like the himalayan so much well it’s

A royal enfield and it’s a passion company filled with passionate riders doing new and cool stuff it’s actually really inspiring to see the ceo demanding that upper management get their hands dirty and test the motorcycles that they make if you’re at all interested there’s an eight minute video on the development of the himalayan and it’s really clear that it was

Designed by adventure riders for adventure riders they may not have knocked it out of the park in fact they shanked it real good like instead of hitting the ball they somehow managed to hit themselves writing the testicles with the bat but they tried it’s the same deal with the recent flat tracking interests one point i want to make here and i’m going off script here

A little bit is that royal enfield makes a lot of sense for markets that are more price conscious and where wages are lower than what we have here in north america here in north america we’re a little bit spoiled for choice when it comes to bikes and honestly bikes for us are kind of like toys it’s very few and far between that someone actually uses a bike as an

Everyday commuter here in america however in other markets around the world a bike is the tried and true form of transportation and for a lot of folks a real enfield himalayan an r3 or a ninja 400 these are aspirational motorcycles for people who get around on 125s so i just want to make the case here that himalayan is an awesome motorcycle for a lot of people but

Here in north america there are plenty of other options that i think you probably should look at and just like that when you least expect it cowboy aim is back at it once again why don’t you click this video right here you let me know what you think of it okay leave me a nice comment subscribe to the channel leave me a like do all those nice things and y’all have yourselves a good day

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So You Want a Royal Enfield Himalayan… By Yammie Noob