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Softail Slim! Why I traded in my Softail Standard.

In this video I discuss why I traded my 2020 Softail Standard in for a 2020 Softail Slim, and how I almost got a 2018 Fat Boy.

All right we’re out here kind of in the middle of nowhere eastern idaho out for a ride and today i’ll be talking about my 2020 harley-davidson soft tail slim i recently traded in my 2020 soft tail standard for a 2020 soft tail slim and in this video i’m gonna explain some of the reasoning behind that all right so why did i buy a 2020 soft tail standard and

One month later traded in for 2020 stocktail slim first let me talk about why i bought the standard i’ve been riding for about 13 years 13 and a half years all the motorcycles that i rode were essentially sport bikes or high performance motorcycles and so i didn’t really understand the value of a harley davidson motorcycle so when i first started researching and

Looking at the the soft tail line i found out that they all essentially had the same engine some of them were a little bit larger but they’re all milwaukee 8 engines they all have the same transmission and they all have the same chassis so i was doing research and i didn’t understand the value of say something like a slim or a deluxe or a low rider over soft fail

Standard they have the same engine they have the same suspension the same brakes the same chassis there’s some very slight variations there there’s different fenders and different handlebars but to me since i had 13 years of experience on performance motorcycles when it came to value to me it was all about the engine it’s all about the suspension it’s all about

The brakes it’s all about the chassis it’s all about what makes a motorcycle perform well and so in my mind i really couldn’t justify spending more than the minimum to get the engine the chassis the suspension and the brakes that was in the soft tail line which was all provided by this off-tail standard and so yeah that’s why i got the soft tail standard now why

Did i trade in the soft tail standard for the slim well after a month of riding and over 1700 miles on my soft tail standard i begin to understand the value that harley davidson provides and it’s not a performance value it’s kind of an experienced value and that’s really hard to articulate the whole experience and riding the harley-davidson is fun regardless of

The situation that you’re in so when i bought my my my standard the first thing i wanted to do was take it out on some twisty roads and i did i went out kind of up into the mountains up here found some twisty roads ripped around had a lot of fun and uh then you know i came home and on the way home i spent some time on some straight long straight boring roads and

Also spent some time in uh town stoplight the stoplight stop sign to stop sign intersection intersection first and second gear type stuff and what i found was yes the harley’s fun in the twisties but it’s also fun just kind of cruising around in a straight line at a moderate speed like here i’m going 45 miles an hour just kind of cruising going straight and uh

In town from intersection intersection stop light to stop light stop sign stop sign first and second gear type stuff is also enjoyable the writing experience a harley-davidson is not dependent on the road conditions or the environment that you’re in you know with a sport bike they’re fun as hell in the twisties but you take them on a highway take them in town

Intersection intersection they suck they just plain suck everywhere you go on a harley is fun and so basically something like this where i’m just cruising straight this is great if i was on an r1 i’d be bored out of my mind so that’s where i discovered the value of harley davidson having my soft tail standard i was getting into like the harley davidson not

Necessarily the culture but i just became more interested in harley davidson as a whole after having the standard because i enjoyed it so much and so i’d be on their website looking at parts and i was even looking at bikes too and you know just by learning what the bikes are what the models are what their differences are with the features what features they have

The style after looking at bikes over and over and over again reading about them just getting into it i realized that i really liked the way that certain harleys looked specifically the fat boy and the slim i really like their sort of low stance they’re low handle bars the big fat front end i like the look of a big seven inch headlight versus like a five and

I can’t remember the size that the uh some of the others have like the low rider and the street bob and the standard they have i think it’s a five and a quarter maybe five and a half i can’t remember i’ll post it up here but i like the look of a big headlight i like the look of the big fat forks i’m not a huge fan pavement ends okay well i’m gonna have to turn

Around the look of the fat boy and the look of the slim really started growing on me and the experience that i had on my soft tail standard of writing it everywhere and enjoying it no matter where i ride it it built in that value where i could imagine paying twenty thousand dollars for soft tail and really not regretting it uh the only problem is that 20 000

Is not in my budget so what i did was i took my soft tail standard into the dealership and i said hey you might think i’m crazy but i’m thinking about trading this thing in after a month i’m looking at the slim because i love the way it looks and in an ideal world i would like a fat boy because i just love the way the fat boy looks and uh the sales person there

Said hey we’ve got a 2018 fat boy at our other store it’s got like 300 miles on it it’s a 107 and it’d be about the same price as a new slim and i was like damn all right so i was like yeah let’s let’s try that one i want to test ride him i want to test ride the slim and i want to test right at the batboy so you know he told me yeah tomorrow i’ll go down to our

Other dealership i’ll throw those bikes in the trailer i’ll bring them up here for you and you can come by and test ride them so that’s what i did i decided to take the fat boy for his before spin first so it went out on the fat boy and essentially i mean i liked it i liked the way it rode um it was super comfortable you know the the floorboards the handlebars the

Seat like everything was just in the perfect spot it was just like the most comfortable bike i’d ever sat on and written so i took the fat boy first bin and i came back and uh decided to take the slim for a spin and it wasn’t until i wrote this lamp that i realized how the fat boy handled you know during the ride riding the fat boy there obviously it it handles

A little bit different because the big fat tires but it really wasn’t noticeable until after i wrote the slim when i took the slim around corners and on the on-ramp big long sweeper on-ramp you know i would lay it over and it would just stick it would just stick there like it was on rails just leaned over uh perfectly and it wouldn’t want to stand back up it was

Just perfect in the corners in retrospect i remember the fat boy kind of wanted to stand up a little bit and constantly have to adjusting my line um you know it didn’t really want to hold the line on a long sweeping on-ramp curve i had to constantly kind of adjust like kind of like you know over and over make make micro adjustments to get it to where i wanted to

Go and a lot of people say that like oh the fat boy takes more muscle to turn in and it takes more muscle to to get it to do it i didn’t really find that it took more muscle i just found that it took constant monitoring when it was slightly leaned over it just didn’t want to stay there so you just kind of had to finesse the handlebars a little bit to make it hold

Its line whereas the slim i put it over and i pushed the handlebar leaned it over and it just it like locked in place and um you know after riding the slime i was like yeah this is the one i mean holy cow this thing handles i mean this thing handles amazing i’m just like shocked that it really kind of blows my mind because i’ve always been anti-harley-davidson

Handling and performance but after riding the fat boy and the slime i knew was the slim that i wanted so that’s the story i said the slim i came in said what’d you think i was like the slam slim all the way slim handle so nice so yeah so i didn’t i ended up not getting the fat boy you know there’s a couple other reasons too like the fat boy was a 107 which is

Fine i mean this is a 107.2 but the fat boy is available in 114 and i know that sort of in the back of my mind it would bother me a little bit that i had the lesser of the two fat boys and another thing too is that it was a it was a 2018 model year and i know that the 2020 model years have a new oil pump that has been refined since 2017 over the course of three

Years they’ve been refining and improving the oil pump because they’ve had issues with it and i knew that if i got the 2018 fat boy that after my first oil change i would want to replace the oil pump with a 20 20 uh one from 2020 m8 and that’s what i would have wanted and that would have cost me more money i don’t know and also there i it doesn’t come with a

Factory warranty i know you can get an extended warranty on the on a huge bike like that but so those are a couple other reasons you know if they had handled equally they performed equally across the board it would have been a much harder decision i might have gotten with the fat boy if they handled the same and i might have gotten an extended warning but i end

Up with a slip so why the slim i don’t know i just like i just love the looks of it i love the looks of this limb and i love the looks of the fat boy i love the is this gravel no oh god that looks like gravel i guess it’s because i went from perfectly smooth brand new paved road to this sort of old school backcountry road i love the look of the fat boy and i love

The look of the slim because of their big fat front front ends the big headlight the big forks i just love the way the fat boy and the slim look they look very similar the side profile is very similar they’re both sort of squat kind of low uh the tank seems lower you know like the little rider seems like it has kind of a lifted tank just looks that way from the

Side um they both have kind of like the bob rear fender um but yeah i just like the way they look and this is what i love about riding harley harleys you can just take it out here and the experience is great anyway that’s all i can think of that is why i traded my soft tail standard in for a soft tail slim thank you for watching leave some comments below make

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Softail Slim! Why I traded in my Softail Standard. By Mark Franklin