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*Sold* 1998 Super Glide *Sold*

*Sold* 1998 Super Glide *Sold*

Okay this is a 1998 dyna super glide it’s for sale cold start 5000 are best offer as you can see it’s ice cold now i’m going to turn the key on give it the choke all right let’s talk a little about what’s going on with this bike so that we don’t waste anybody’s time this bike has 12 172.4 miles on it this bike sat for two years it just got a carb job to

Clean out the ethanol fuel and the remnants it leaves behind also two years ago this bike was in an accident so the title is a salvage title the gl gas tank was replaced with a new tank and uh the cap still has a dent in it i might have a cap for this but the paint on the tank is flawless but it doesn’t match the factory paint as you can see this has a gold

And purple pinstripe in the factory paint and the tank was just painted black bikes clean other than that it has screaming eagle heads on it and sns carb it also has adjustable push rods and has a big cam in it and when i say this bike is fast i mean it is really fast it must have high compression pistons because i have another bike that’s pretty fast with

High compression pistons and a smaller cam in it it’s not close to this it’s got dual front disc brakes also has a scratch on the fender and it looks like the fender is just off center a little bit from that light accident that it was in the current owner can no longer ride due to health issues and his son had it out and was coming to a stop and hit some stones

And when it went down and then at the tank real hard and the front fender and they totaled it over that you can see the chrome is peeling on these bars on the risers um other than that on this side it’s really clean um the derby has a little bit of scratch on it and also the primary cover the derby cover and the primary cover it’s got a scratch back here it

Looks like actually it’s not in the paint it’s more surface and probably buff out it’s got a little buff mark here the harley dunlop tires a little bit of rust on the bracket has these vans vance and heinz short pipes not really sure the exact name of those still has the reflectors on it and like i said really good rubber on the tires they don’t look dry rotted

Brakes look like it has plenty of pad left last time it was inspected with seven of 17 so it’s been a little bit since it’s been inspected but it should pass inspection no problem it’s a 5-speed transmission on this i’m guessing it’s a stock bore so it’s 80 inches has these aftermarket v-bars on them they seem like they could be a little bent but it’s possible

You might be able to adjust them a little plus it has after-market rear-view mirrors on both sides rear tires in really good shape plenty of meat left on that front tires in real good shape if you are interested in this motorcycle i am south of philadelphia and you can contact me in the comments and let me know if you want to come look at it if you have any questions let me know

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*Sold* 1998 Super Glide *Sold* By Rap’s Garage Shop