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SOLD!!! 2006 Zx10r For Sale

All the information is in the video, thanks for looking 🙂

Hey guys sorry about the wind it’s really windy here today up for sale is my 2006 zx-10r i’m just gonna kind of go over it i’m gonna kind of you know show you the ins and outs it’s a super clean bike fresh world change i have painted the guards yesterday’s just plasti dip if you don’t like it you can peel it off in their silver underneath sorry about the wind again

So let me just go over some things that i’ve done to it that way you guys are kind of familiar with everything i have replaced this fairing because i was an idiot and i dropped it for some reason there’s like a little hole underneath this don’t really know why but it doesn’t bother me that much i would like $4,200 or best offer everything works on it i haven’t

Started it even yet for the day let me show you there’s the mileage let me start it for you so you can kind of hear it you know smoke there’s no issues with no engine rattles i do have elif i do have led lights in the front i do have led lights and just some more things that i’ve done to it so it has a brand new now that you can see it a brand new 16 front

Sprocket and a 42 rear sprocket it has a brand new chain i still have receipts for everything has a new chain see i’ve done shorties most of these things are standard but it’s just to kind of give you an idea every other thing on it works though all the blinkers work obviously the brakes work everything is in great shape like i said it does have a fresh oil change

It’s maybe got 300 miles on the oil change i again i am not getting rid of it because it’s some problem child that i’m having issues with or anything i’m just getting rid of it because i have another bike i have a 2010 or excuse me i have a 2012 zx-10r and i am just not you know i don’t need to have to and i’m kind of ready to move on to bigger and better things

I may possibly be trading that in and after i sell this maybe possibly buying a newer bike i don’t know yet but it’s just an option so i did want to just kind of make a video and so that way you guys could see everything i’ll try to point out any blemishes or imperfections that i can you’d like some tiny ones keep in mind again it is a 2006 it is super clean for

Its age i haven’t and i haven’t had any issues out of it oh yeah i’ve done it has a brand new fuel pump almost brand new field pump that i have put in i have the old one thrown away but i do have the receipt for the new one and i also have a new canaan air filter in there that’s been freshly cleaned so everything’s ready to go on the bike all it needs is a new rider

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SOLD!!! 2006 Zx10r For Sale By James Dean