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Spooky Dubbin 2 | TW200 Adventure | Alone at Barker Ranch

We’re back here again do some more exploring it’s opened up today looks like there’s some vehicles up here or something there’s a convoy over there let’s keep my distance this road is rough man that’s quite the that’s quite the entrance over there man this is quite the road here it’s tight in here only one way in one way out you can tell the donkey’s around

And keep pooping everywhere honestly it feels pretty cool up here there’s nice water running through all right that was a there’s an old cake and i’m getting covered in mud i didn’t expect that okay it’s a little dark in here hopefully i can make it out here before it gets too dark kind of had a late start today what is this cabin newman cabin there’s an

Old cabin up here that’s really creepy man no it’s not a cabin it’s a i can’t tell it looks like a motorhome or a cabin well that just happened all right man this old mine come on bike start there we go oh come on wow this place gives me the creeps man keep on going up this way a bit if i can oh boy it still goes up what is even up here okay this is the

End wow i’m up that’s here man look at this old mine here i wish it wasn’t locked that’d be are quite cool roads here oh my gosh oh what is out this way man well let’s keep going got some water again made it to made it to death valley we’ll be checking out a barker ranch today this is where they found charles manson hiding out here should be getting

Pretty close it’s pretty creepy out here not gonna lie wow i guess this place burned down a few years ago it used to be a house like that one back there but mass is crazy so like i said they found charles manson in his game hiding in this ranch here and um i guess they found them in underneath the cabinet under the sink from what i hear dude this is this

Is spooky man this place is beautiful but creepy at the same time it’s hard to explain let’s check out this old building here old jerry cane oh i know this is supposed to be a skit for uh spooky dublin but there is something outside i am legitimately scared something walked up to the cabin here and stopped what the hell i’m not even joking i came out here

For the spooky dublin escape but this is this is something else man little chicken coops thank you all for watching spooky dubbin 2 so uh it’s kind of a change of plans i was going to make a little skit kind of like how i did last time but they did the old switcheroo and i was the one getting the big spook so anyways uh thank you watching this video and uh

If you enjoyed it let me know in the comments section unfortunately this will probably be my last spooky dubbing video for this year but uh it was really fun making these two videos so uh next year for halloween i’ll for sure make some more spooky dubbing videos but um also thank you for 600 plus subscribers i just hit over well i gained 100 plus subscribers

In two and a half weeks and that’s really cool uh for all you get new people on the channel thanks for subbing and hopefully you enjoy my content here let me know in the comment section if you want to see something like more more immortal camping or stuff like this just being out in the desert but um also soon i’ll be going out to uh the point magoo area so

I’ll be out on the coast again pretty soon try to explore some more beaches and also in november too after thanksgiving i’ll be doing the la barstow to vegas dual sport ride the same thing tubs kid did in this previous video so if you’re all doing that race or let me know and i’ll try to tag you in the next video you all have a good one now you

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Spooky Dubbin' 2 | TW200 Adventure | Alone at Barker Ranch By Dual Dorks