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Hello guys, I made this video due to all the questions and requests I get for it. I hope it helps with your decision on buying this brand and model of pit bike or any pit bike for that matter. Overall besides having quite a few cheaply made parts I can say it is a fun little reliable bike that is always fun to ride around on.

Hello you guys baker x derek here well i get a lot of questions and people want to know about the pit bike so i figured i could make a full video showing you know detailed shots of the motor the tires the suspension just everything about it so you can see what it looks like first hand in detail now i’m going to go ahead and list the specs and the description

Down below that’ll answer you know the technical aspects of it and i’ll take that directly from the website but basically what i wanted to do in this video is give you guys a review from somebody that’s written the out of it i’ve literally been riding this every single day since i bought it and i got it used on craigslist a couple months ago and basically so

Far i haven’t had any problems with it besides a chain snapping and but for a chinese bike i will say besides feeling it feels a little cheap and rigid you know from here to here but it actually holds up really well the brake caliper as you can see right there went out on me so those are cheap parts and that’s one thing about this thing you’re gonna notice

Couple things going bad here and there but they’re really easy to fix they’re really cheap if you got the money to fix it now the gearing from factory it’s pretty decent actually the first gear i’ll gear that you’re only gonna catch yourself using on really really steep slopes if you have to make the hills and no other gears can cut it and i mean really steep

This thing actually pulls like a beast i am 5 feet 11 inches and i weigh 180 pounds and this thing i mean has more than enough power for me willing it you can actually wheelie it in a second and third really clean easy i’ve tried really hard to willy and forth and it just doesn’t have that umph to do it maybe if you’re a little lighter than me you probably will

Be able to but i just personally can’t now me being a hundred eighty pounds the top speed i’d say you can cruise a clean 25 miles an hour without overworking the engine but if you really want to hit a top speed i could say it would hit between maybe 35 to 40 on a good day but that’s like revving the out of it and you don’t even want to be holding it that long

But usually when i’m cruising around town going to little trails around me and i’m usually only cruising around 20 miles an hour cleanly but i mean it’s cool little bike to cruise on the streets on even now the gearing on mine is all the way up is neutral and then it’s four down and another thing i should mention is that cdi box right there it’s placed in the

Shitty area when it comes from factory and it for me it came undone so i had to stick in a new location now i know i didn’t buy mine brand new but the first thing i would say to do and this is if you buy yours brand new is to change the oil don’t even start the bike with the oil that comes from the factory it’s literal and on top of the oil change of the chain

The stock chain that comes on it complete take that off change that you can get a chain for like 10 11 bucks and of course one of the most important things for you to do and do this on a regular basis is tighten down the bolts on the whole bike this bike man my stator cover bolt always comes undone no matter how tight i make it so always make sure that you keep

The bolt on this nice and tightened that way you know nothing comes undone and it’s nice and sturdy now i’ll go ahead and give you my take on the reliability of it the longest session i’ve had of writing straight on this thing was around two to two-and-a-half hours and mind you you know i’m five-eleven 180 pounds thing didn’t even cut off on me once give me one

Problem overheat nothing whatsoever and i was riding in like hundred hundred five degree weather it was really hot that day i remember it now for gas mileage i’d say it gets magnificent gas mileage i can’t really give you a good estimate mileage wise but i’ll tell you that day i wrote two and a half hours i got home and it still had a blow over a quarter tank

Lift that brake caliper is the or the master brake cylinder right there is the thing that went out on me and i don’t know if that’s common on these i’ve looked it up and it seems like it is but yeah i mean it looks like there’s 16 bucks online and that whole caliper set with the caliper and brake line is like 40 bucks so that gives you an estimate and you’ll have

How cheap the parts aren’t but overall in conclusion you know i’ll give it a good four out of five and the reason for that is it’s an amazing bike great performance great reliability but the problem is just a lot of the parts are a little too shitty ly made so besides the parts i mean go for it guys if you can get one of these cheap on a good sale or something

Or on craigslist whatever pick it up i mean thing hasn’t given me one problem still runs great to this day just keep the oil changes up in it you know never run it overly hard you know revenue as high as it goes and holding it don’t just write it normally and the thing will be beast for you always so we’ll go ahead and end it there and go ahead and leave off

With some writing footage so you guys can see how it looks in action thanks for watching guys you

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SSR 110cc DX PIT BIKE REVIEW By bakerXderek