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SSR 125cc pit bike

This is a ssr 125cc pit bike . This is my bike that I will be getting back in shape and driving around on .. don’t forget to like comment subscribe and share !! Thanks for watching !

You got zach here in this view we’re gonna be rebuild on this ssr pit bike it’s 125 cc 4-speed manual on you know fixing it up cleaning it up punching new parks on it making it a little freakin sexy because i kind of my opinion doesn’t look that good right now but mr. current stay tuned i bought it probably three months ago maybe same i see yeah someone run down

Real quick i’ll show you guys what’s wrong with it and then tell you guys but i’m getting on it i got a cold parts you know good start working right so i’m gonna power wash the whole thing first off because it’s got mud dirt everything on it there’s nothing wrong with these plastics like they’re perfect all the all the plastics are they aren’t faded they aren’t

Broke that one is kind of loose because there’s no screw right here and i guess tank but i’m thinking about getting black plastics and then getting a whole monster energy rap on it because i can get the monster energy stickers online or the it’s actual decal sheet for it specifically made for this bike another thing that i’ll probably be getting will be up here

Some new handle grips because these are like hard plastic they aren’t like rubber or anything and they kind of hurt my hands even though all of our gloves but sometimes i’ll go riding without gloves this lever right here this clutch lever is brand new i actually just put it on a few days ago before i took it out for ride before i completely kind of broke it but

I’ll be getting silver ones and they’re going to be anti breaks so they can fold both ways so i crash here or something they don’t break same on this side new brake lever and this is a twist throttle i’ll probably get a new handle grip on this side – probably pro taper this bikes gonna be green and black and silver possibly couple things that are white on it but

So up here in the front this tire this hires a little brand new but the tube in it is bad what happened was i took it out it was probably 40 degrees one night i took it out riding in the rain too you know see how we’re doing mud and then i came back and later that night it got really cold like i think it was like 16 degrees and it all froze up and busted so got to

Get a new tube in it i’m getting extra there rem some green spoke skins so those folks are gonna be green and then power wash this i’m thinking about funding some fort guards up here for this moving on to the engine i got power wash it clean it up i’m get a new carburetor and a new air filter so this has right here this cord right here is for this little line right

Here is for air it takes air from the engine pushes it in the carburetor so you don’t have to just rely on getting there it actually puts air in there and this carburetor is kind of old it still works there’s nothing really that wrong with it it’s just if i’m gonna be you know putting a bunch of new parts on here why not go ahead and get a new carburetor and the

Camera is not focusing that good but yeah and then when i clean this up probably i’ll do is put monster and your sticker here i’ll send your sticker here and it’ll all be cleaned up i’ll probably get all these screws right here cleaned up you see how that’s chrome underneath it probably polish it all make it look good definitely getting your spark plug and then

Here i’ve got these two wires that don’t go to anything i don’t know what i want to use for yet i’m thinking about ticket or putting a digital rpm gauge on it or something like that i’m not sure yet you got your cdi up here i’m getting new foot pegs these foot pegs are alright but they’re kind of loose so i’ll be getting green foot pegs anodized and they’re gonna

You know be about that big instead of however big these are and i’ll be getting a new shifter this there’s nothing wrong with the shifter i just want it to be green so i’m going to get a green one and then i’ll have this for backup i’ll have a bunch parts were back up and then down here this was oil that wasn’t i drained it out and i didn’t have any ten w 40 i do

Now but i’ve got five w 30 sitting here right now just because of how cold it is so it’s got brand-new oil sinaner right now but when drain that out and put new oil in it to know you 40 before actually take it out on its first drive this was all that wasn’t it it’s all black it’s not no good so you have to be fixing that then up here so this is the coil this is

What’s in spark to your spark plug be good to start and this wire right here is stripped out and there’s no light in here but that’s stripped out and i supposed to go on right there and it won’t stay on it keeps sliding off every time you know i keep sliding off so others be in the middle of driving it and that slides off automatically kills the engine i want to

Do nothing so i’m probably gonna solder it on and then put some new shrink tube on it i’m getting a new green anodized aluminum gas tank cap this one here is only one abut the breather broke off of it and it kind of i don’t know if it’s stripped or what it is but if i do will ease some gas to loosely gobbo right here i’ll clean up the seat there’s nothing wrong

With the seat i’ll keep the seat i’m ordered a monster energy crossbar pad because i don’t want to hit my forehead on this or something at any time that would kind of hurt so i got the pad coming in for it on this side i ordered a green a kickstart lever it’s not wrong this one it’s just well actually it kind of is there’s nothing broke on it but this part right

Here my boot always slips off of it if my boot gets motor or on it or it’s wet or anything my boot will slide right off of that and i can’t kick start it when it’s way so i want to get one that you know pretty thick who actually my boot will actually stick to same with the foot peg over here the exhaust is kind of loose because the bolts keep coming on down under

There someone put some loctite on the bolts under there and then whoever owned this before me if i can get this off broke the dipstick so i can’t see how much oil is in its ordered a new dipstick here see how it broke off there i’m not sure if it that broke off when they try to put in here or if they broke it off before they put this back on because i’m not sure

If that plastic piece from the dipstick is inside of the engine or not but it’s only plastic it’s not metal so it’s not gonna ruin it but i don’t want to chance it so i’m not to figure that out then also i just realized back here that there i may put brake light on here because you see there’s two metal pieces here that’s four wires to a brake light so whenever

You press this it’ll send the electricity to the the brake light so i may put a brake light on it even though i’m not gonna be driving on the road but it’s whatever and i ordered a green change and green colored chain this chain is tight and i’ll show you why here a minute i’ll probably pull off this kickstand and repaint it because i don’t wanna have to pay for

However much is for kickstand shoe i put that down so i got this thing jacked up right now because the other day i crashed it and completely messed up the rim i don’t even know how it happened every spoke on this rim broke the back tires still good i’m not sure about the two i’ll probably get a new back too just because i’m gonna new front tube if it’s tube i

Don’t even know it maybe tubeless we’ll figure it out whenever i take a tire off but anyways i was going up to the big hill did a big jump came down hard and all the spokes broke i think what happened was the spokes were loose and then i think some of those spokes started to break and then once they start to break he got real weak and you know they all broke so

Figured that out not really much less side all the brakes work really good i’ll probably get some new brake fluid in here and then the shock the shock is really nice on the back i’ll probably get a monster energy shock cover so i’ll cover the shock and we’ll say what’s the energy on it and then up here i’m gonna get carbon fiber exhaust well there’s nothing wrong

With this exhaust it’s actually really loud with this exhaust but i want it to sound a little bit deeper than anti pitch so i’ll probably get a most you are not masucci a carbon-fibre one and then put a couple mustering stickers on it but yeah that would be nice and yeah that’s my plans power wash this good all looking good i want to find something to prop it up

Because i’m about to take the front tire off so i can go ahead put some spokes pians on it i’ll show you folks gonna came in i want to cut them down to size and maybe pins washer you got to cut them down to size but they’ll go on like that so the back tyler i’ll have to wait i’m doing the back ones until i get a new back rim and tire it’s gonna bet like $100 so

Hopefully get that soon because i haven’t ordered the back tire anything yet so yeah i want to find something to prop the bike up or to sit the bike up higher that way i can take a front tire off without it you know i’m being sitting on a slant also another thing up ross mentioned i’ll be getting green gas line it’s on the other side kids the other side i’ll be

Getting green gas line just to match everything else but yeah that’s it so far i may change the the front sprocket on the gearing i don’t know it’s geared pretty good right now but i’m gonna go ahead and stop the video find something to prop this up oh yeah another thing i’ll clear – i’m getting a green skid plate this one’s black there’s no hits just what i just

Wanted to be green and match everything but yeah be getting that but i’m going to stop this video find something to prop this up in the next video you’ll see me doing the front rim spoke skins a problem i’ll show you me do in the back because the back will end up looking the same but yeah so go ahead stop this video i’ll see you guys the next video share my videos

I want to try get known but yeah that’s what we’re doing right now i’ll see you guys in this video

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SSR 125cc pit bike By Danger on 4 Wheels ;/