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SSR125 SSR 125 Pit Bike 125cc How to: Motor Tear Down Split Transmission Breakdown Rebuild Crankcase


All right we were gonna finish tearing down this ssl 125 and i pulled a couple things off here just to make it a little bit quicker but we’ve got four on this clutch here we’ve got the clutch cover pulled on this clutch assembly here we’ve got this plate here that’s got four phillips screws you want to use an impact driver or if you can find something to wedge in

There don’t hold these don’t hold these clutches from spinning you can use a screw driver i like to tap on them to get them out to turn them regular threads so pull this cover off here we’ve got a spanner nut in behind there and this can be a bit of a challenge if this is spinning what i like to do is make a little mark here make sure that i know that i’m spinning

It’s a regular threaded nut so you can take a chisel if you’re going to go ahead and replace that some parts anyways you can go ahead and just order another not too so you can go ahead and just tap on and there’s regular threads like i said so it’s just gonna spin the regular way off but i like to make a mark on there just so i know i’m turning make sure i’m making

Progress then there’s a gasket in here washer here that says which way that’s supposed to go in once you get this nut off there that clutch pack will just pull right out of there and then this this sits down in there like that and that’s your clutch assembly you’ve got your friction and your steel plates in there that’ll need replaced ever so often so i’ve got a gear

In behind there we’ve got a gear here that you’ll need up snap ring pliers to pull off all that and then we’ve got a kick starter mechanism behind there and i’ll show you how to remove that as well so this one here go ahead and remove this snap ring there’s that in this tired girl just slide off that shaft got your shift shaft going through right here that’s all

Spring-loaded so we’ll be careful and removing that this shift drum here now i like when i remove these i like to spin all the way till it stops then driver turn it off now if you don’t have an impact driver you can use the screw driver and i still like to put pressure on it turning it the way that it needs to go and then just take a take a small hammer and just

Tap on a little bit that kind of breaks that breaks that first turn now on the kick starter gear a lot of times what you’ve got to do is turn this kick starter gear to get it past the the arm the stop arm so sometimes if it’s got too heavy of a spring on there we can hear pliers but you want to make sure they’re good pliers make sure they’ve got good teeth on

Them so you don’t ruin these splines you also don’t want to do it here where it needs a seal so if you’ve got good channel locks like this you can spin it about a quarter turn back and then just kind of lift up and again it’s spring-loaded and you feel it slipping at all or you feel like you’re losing strength in your arm you can set it back down there and then

This you just kind of walk off and a lot of these this one might be a little bit different but a lot of these will just since it is spring loaded just takes a little bit of pressure to come off there this one’s not one to come i’m not totally sure how these ssl or motors motors come apart here but i’ve got it big i can see a snap ring down there i’m gonna pull

That for now and maybe this shaft goes all the way through be unlikely but it’s possible so pull that snap ring there and just kind of lift this off if possible no not wanting to damage any kind of that does come off there like that so this gear must go all the way that shaft must go all the way in so pull that snare clip that goes on this shap here shaft here

This snap ring and then that will come off we’ll get to the rest of that when we split that case we’ve got our oil pump here and again using the impact driver go ahead and disassemble that just the three larger of the screen likely all that will need to come on the other phillips are just gonna holding that oil pump together so we’ve got a plastic gear in behind

There so be careful you don’t put pressure on that plastic gear pull that off there’s your oil pump there again plastic gear here things will need lined up with that there’s a clip that runs through there on that plastic here so we’ll pull this star off of here this is the shift mechanism here again this is spring-loaded so kind of be careful how this comes off we

Might might pull these other parts here first make it a little bit easier got a number five allen to loosen here just a spring-loaded so they’ll be some pressure on here go ahead and lift that above that star there take that pressure off and we’ll just spin that a little more freely we’ve got that shift mechanism there this will take a lift above there and this

Will just be able to slide out there’s your shift shaft there’s where your gear shifter goes on the left-hand side of the motorcycle all right we are ready to flip that over now and pull those crankcase bull we’ve got eight millimeters cut all the way around there got this motor upside down here here’s your counter shaft sprocket is let goes on looks like seven eight

Millimeter bolts pull that off now you can grab a rubber mallet and we can come we’ll break this case three sometimes there’s not much to them what i like to do sometimes just take it and put a little pressure between the two cases not tapping hard enough to damage anything but you can see they’re just putting a little bit of pressure and tap it on it a little bit

Breaks that seal obviously not one day too hard but it doesn’t take much either so so we didn’t even need to get a rubber mallet yet anyways to pull this crankcase apart then if you’ve gotta put something in there to pry make sure it’s big enough make sure you don’t turn it in there it’s not really good to put stuff in between there but if you’re not you don’t

Want to hit it with a hammer grab that mallet here tap on that crankshaft over here got a rubber mallet or a plastic mallet you won’t damage those ears at all now there’s your transmission your crankshaft that’s the internals i try to keep all this stuff together this is the kick starter mechanism here there’s your shift start we pulled that bolt out there this

Runs all the way here sometimes it’s easier to pull these all out at once you can finish knocking that crank out there comes the crank now that case is free and clear just have counter shafts from our counter shaft going through there as well as the shift mechanism there’s your crank case breather hose there i just pulled off sometimes he’s kind of buying because

Of one side is sticking the other side occasionally you have to pull them off piece by piece but it looks like this drum is what’s not coming we’ve got a rubber cap on this okay so here’s that’s what we have going on here you’ve got this rubber cap right above your counter shaft sprocket here and you take a flat screwdriver plug it in there and pry on we’ve got

A allen in there and that’s what would be holding us up if we continue to beat on that so you we just break some parts so wasn’t coming so we flipped the case over and did a little bit of research so we’ve got a bolt holding that in there holding that on the crank case and now everything is just gonna come out i set these gears back down on there now that way we

Don’t forget where they are now that countershaft sprocket is over that counter shaft is held up there we go those are out so it looks like the bearing was maybe holding us up but there’s your shift drum here and then there’s your main shot so that’s your transmission there and that is a crankcase split on the ssr 125

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SSR125 SSR 125 Pit Bike 125cc How to: Motor Tear Down Split Transmission Breakdown Rebuild Crankcase By Mid Nebraska Motorsports