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St Helena Look Around

Sailing around the world on Time Bandit, our Outremer 51 catamaran, when we’re not out motorcycle touring.

Welcome back to the channel welcome to saint helena and welcome to arsenal football club’s most remote follower finally the uv tube makes it to saint helena just in time to save the gasping fish but first let’s backtrack a bit we arrived at dawn or in the dark actually parked up and down then headed ashore bearing a uv tube and were met by derek of island images

One of the island’s best tour operators and derek gave us this guided tour of the island so we hope you enjoy it if you’ve got any questions call derek there’s a little ferry boat service that runs you in and out from the dock because the swell connectual ending by dinghy interesting and if any boats are driven by johnny and that’s his charter tour boat which

Came all the way from the west coast of scotland which of course is that way getting ashore can be a bit of a challenge you have to grab one of these ropes on the gantry and swing ashore hoping to meet or hoping to beat the swell before it washes you away saint helena is pretty rugged and quite high in places but first up we headed for the airport there are 300

Million pounds airport which doesn’t quite work because it gets a bit breezy and a bit cloudy next up was plantation house the governor’s mansion he was away in london at the queen’s funeral i’m afraid so we didn’t get a look around but we did get to meet the gardeners most efficient lawnmower and possibly the world’s oldest living animal hello you’re looking at

Me and as you might know saint helena is where napoleon bonaparte was exiled to and that is his house interestingly it’s also french territory given the mountainous terrain all the houses are built on whatever flat land they can find some of it there was just too steep to accommodate housing jamestown the capital nestles between the two very high ridges and this

Is the portal into the council offices tiny this is the waterway that was built that runs through the town and it was originally to help well flush the place you might see and this is like the town’s system and in the evenings we’ve come along flush the handle and that would clean out the tone saint helena it’s a pretty hilly place but fairly welcoming even

If you’re prince andrew grace since we left illums this is the first sunshine coming through the first sign that we are actually in the tropics a mango tree that’s the aloe plant and that’s the aloe plant pot and maybe aloe vera and if you were at the city was always best to pick playing uphill in the first half it’s the highlight of the week the potato

Delivery this is the very famous jacob’s ladder which some folk run up but it was closed so we weren’t able to do it it was built to haul manure up to the flatlands at the top and also supplies to the fort oh

Transcribed from video
St Helena Look Around By SV Time Bandit