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starter bikes??

iv noticed too many people saying you NEED to start on a small bike.

Good rainy day youtube technical strips here and um just on my way to work and we just had a thought about some vloggers i mean i watched a few guys well not a few quite a few i don’t know maybe at least 100 that i’m subscribed to and i keep gaining to more on recommendations from people but i don’t know maybe you guys haven’t seen some of the guys that i’ve seen

But do you not think some of the vloggers are way over the top with stuff that they say i mean what made me think about this and i’m not going to mention the vloggers names but i was having a conversation with the guy at the burger van and he asked me whether or not i had a one two five before i’d done before license which i did not i had no bike and i bought

A srad an srad gsxr and he said i was stupid for purchasing this bike as my first ever motorcycle and the next day i was back at the burger van and there’s different people working and a couple of motorcyclists pulled up and they said that this is a good starters bike a good first bike so that made me think there’s a few vlogs that i watched about whether

Or not you should buy a 600 as your first bike um and well everyone you should just buy a 250 and some vloggers are so adamant that you have to have a 250 for a month or two before you get a next bike and then an x bike but that’s expensive i can’t afford to buy a 250 then get rid of that and buy another bike so i have to buy a bike that’s going to last and i

Can honestly say i bought the 600 thinking i won’t get bored of this thing i won’t get used to it too quick but we’re going in a couple of months i was like well there’s not much to this 600 and i said to the guy at the burger van i’m looking for next summer maybe to get a thousand cc bike and one of the uh motorcyclists there pulled over and well came over and

Said no i don’t think you should i think you should ride that for at least two years before you get a thousand cc bike and i thought well what’s the point what is the point if i want to get a bigger bike i should be able to get a bigger bike and it’s up to me but the point of the story was that some vloggers are like yeah you have to get a 250 you cannot start

On a 600 it’s too dangerous yes in some circumstances if you’re young if you’re 17 18 getting a 600 which in this country you can’t do anymore so you have to be 24 to get one of these or 21 if you pass your test at 19 then you can retake it so but i just think that some people are so over the top and they’re just like they’re telling people stuff and i reckon

People listen to them and go out and get a 250 and then get bored of it because i know that’s what would have happened to me and i’m not saying that i’m bored of a 600 because i’m actually not bored of this bike but i am used to the power it can deliver yeah maybe sometimes it will catch me a little bit unaware maybe in some of this bad conditions but i mean once

I’m through this winter on it i’m going to be so used to this bike i want a bigger bike already i’ve only been riding since july but i don’t know maybe that’s just me maybe a lot of other people would still be struggling like the young lad who’s got the 750 in the petrol station i was speaking to said that he’s all oh i can’t ride the bike he said if i see him

I’ll know it’s him because he’ll be the guy all over the road because he can’t handle it but yeah so i purchased a 600 as my first ever motorcycle is that stupid i don’t think it is doesn’t feel stupid to me so i’m gonna get to work now because i’m running late and i shall catch you guys all later there is one blogger in particular that i think is a key to this

Overacting in his blogs um but i do like the guy he has the most i would call it the most over-the-top american accent but it’s probably just how he talks i don’t know whether he puts it on but oh my god his voice is why i watch his vlogs because it makes me laugh so much that it’s so american and it’s so get a 250 man the 600 is too much man for the streets

Everybody who has seen his channel will now know who i mean but i will say i like his channel like his channel a lot a lot of his videos are good and i will take word from it but when i heard him saying get a 250 man i thought nah never never ever will i listen to that advice so glad i didn’t my mate bought 400 the one i was out with the other day and within a

Month he wanted to get rid of it and i told him so many times do not buy a 400 buy a 600 and get used to that and he said no no no that’s 400 it’s quick enough i said fair enough mate you can ride that 400. i’ll go and get a 600 when i pass me test within a month he watered a 600 he read this and he could not believe the power difference on it and he only read

It in a car park and i mean he got into second gear and he didn’t even open the throttle properly he just was using low end power which on a 600 isn’t much particularly on this bike there isn’t much power before 5000 rpm 5000 rpm is where it all happens about 10 000 rpm is where it decides i want to be ballistic so yeah he rid this in a car park and decided that

On low rpms it was so much better than his bike and then he really did wish he’d never bought the 400 and he’s been looking for a 600 since whoop white line cat’s eye there a bit slippery only problem with these corners is there’s diesel everywhere on them and as you come around on a line you have to cross through this diesel or you have to stay out wide to avoid

It which is mighty irritating because we all know we don’t want to be out wide on corners and there was a another vlogger from the uk who he did buy i think he bought a bander a 600 bander and all his mates went out and bought 250s and said he was stupid for buying this bandit and within a couple of months they’d all tried to get rid of these 250s to get something

Bigger so all you guys out there who are adamant that you should buy a 250 some cases you are probably right i’m not saying you’re completely wrong and you shouldn’t say it because people who have never ridden a bike or aren’t as confident in themselves yes the 250 would benefit them but people who are wanting a 600 you should not try and stop them you shouldn’t

Say no you’re stupid you need to get a 250. the other day i watched a vlog about a guy who got a thousand elite a bike as they call it in the states and someone actually made a video about him saying that it’s stupid to get a liter bike i tried to watch the video in question but it had been taken down or made private so i couldn’t actually watch it but i thought

Oh my god well i’ve only been riding for five months and i already feel that i could ride a thousand cc a liter bike is that stupid five months and then just step up i don’t personally think that it is but obviously i won’t buy a thousand cc this side of the winter i will wait and that’s only whether money allows it if i can afford it reasonably afford a thousand

Cc next year for the summer i will purchase one but if not i won’t i’ll stick with this i was tempted to get get a super micro just because in this sort of weather a supermarket would be more fun in the winter and stuff you can do more on it get more ride on but for getting to work i think this is a good option i don’t mind riding this to work so i quite enjoy this

For a while commuter as a first bike obviously i don’t know anything different because i’ve never had another bike yeah obviously i don’t know any different this is my first bike i think it’s a brilliant bike though to be honest so i’m not gonna complain about it yeah my opinion is get a 600 mate honestly because yes they are a hell of a lot quicker than a 250 i

Had a 250 years ago which wasn’t legal to ride on but i had one and i thought that was awesome absolutely awesome i thought that was and when i got this i was just like my christ this is quick but it was never ever unreasonably quick to me i don’t think i don’t think i’ve ever thought flip and now i’m gonna flip it i’m gonna rip my arms off you know what i mean

So my opinion would be to get a 600 as the first bike because they are pretty docile if you treat them right if you don’t pin the throttle full open just to pull away it will treat you well so and you have a bit of power to get out of trouble on a 250 yes you do have a little bit of power but how much of that power is quick enough to pull you away from trouble

Just like when i left my street this morning i looked and the road was clear and as i pulled out a car from flying around the corner i gave it a little flick on the front and i was across the lane in the other side where i needed to be whereas on the 250 that had been very close to me so i don’t know i’ve always thought that if you buy a motorcycle you should

Buy a 600 not 250 but like i said before if you’ve never ever ever ridden a bike before maybe a 250 or a ninja 300 or something like that there are smaller bikes around that would be more suitable than a 600 cc super sport because obviously these are quick but if you’re a sensible guy but such as myself or most of the time then this will be no problem for you

No no it’s no problem for me anyway guys i better get off to work well i am on the way to work anyway guys i’m off to work so i will see you all later peace ride safe my friends

Transcribed from video
starter bikes?? By tackless dribs