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Stock vs Upgraded Suspension – Is It Better? | Canyon Ride

Canyon ride, super cars, cops, celebrity meet…just another beautiful day in Los Angeles. In addition, I take a First Ride on a BMW R nineT Blue Planet edition with fully upgraded Ohlins suspension through Angeles Crest and compare how it feels against the stock setup. Both tuned by suspension guru, Dave Moss.

Oh all right it’s not your bike side fan welcome everybody to another beautiful day in los angeles today we are rolling with a couple of buddies bob over at the our ninety forums and then we got the homie beck’s the flex okay that’s not diesel should i should we put this officer dexter flex today we’re rolling at the police the popo it’s gonna be a

Nice cruise yeah it’ll be a moderate pace guys be sure to check out his channel the description below all right it’s been a while since i’ve been up here this is gonna be the second time i’m bringing over my r 90 what a beautiful day let’s take a picture of the guys taking a picture i think i had too much salt during the thanksgiving weekend because this

Club is not fitting right now all right here we go oh by the way these are new i found them at the international motorcycle show in long beach and just fell in love with the color matches my advisors so i dig it it’s pretty dope that’s the flex leading and then we have bob you may recognize his motorcycle from my previous episode so right now we’re going at

A relatively moderate cruising pace it’s good practice for me not using my brakes and just staying in one gear nothing but throttle control because folks you can never get enough practice it’s even just sliding around the saddle getting into position wow look at that i put yourself through that struggle pleat the rebounds at a perfect setting right now i’m

Not bouncing off the seats or anything don’t know how it’s gonna do at higher speeds but for the most part it’s it’s good i’m pretty comfy with it real good actually oh the next wow look at that all right mr. officer dex for us do-do-do-do-do and that’s so sick whoo that was fun no that’s alright dude no worries man ok on a reeves bike love the

Design work that you did to it kind of so sweet for sure man good seeing your brother all right guys i’m gonna be riding bob’s bike on the way down angeles crest i’m not gonna ride this to spiritedly because i don’t want to mess it up here’s the √∂hlins rear shocks and front adjustable suspension yeah it’s gonna maybe you want to spend money for sure wish

It was my bike so this is itching to go a lot faster in the corners just have so much confidence spikes gonna get me in trouble oh this is so fun all right it’s not your bike side stand okay so now i understand why spend the money it’s operator suspension because it just allows you to have this much fun in the canyons reminds you i’m not even reading it

I’m not even going that fast compared to some of but this has the capacity to it feels so much easier to ride compared to the stock setup i hit the accelerator the nose hardly goes up and when i desalle there is very minimal for tile i don’t know how else to explain this feeling i mean it feels like i’m on rails if i feel really linear doesn’t want to do

This or this yeah i’m certainly going to be upgrading my suspension and i’m absolutely grateful for this opportunity here to write this beautiful freakin beautiful i don’t think i want to get back to my bike what if i could blows them we just go we can’t go home with it i wonder if i can sneak off somewhere i want to take it home tonight and a difference

I appreciate you giving me the opportunity what is this peasants bike i’m on right now you enjoyed today’s ride and if you did do like comment and subscribe and as always be sure to keep those side stands up peace

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Stock vs Upgraded Suspension – Is It Better? | Canyon Ride By sidestand