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Street Trials Is So Much Fun!

Last week was a bit of a let down, I didn’t manage to get a video despite my best efforts.

Hey everyone hope you’ve had an amazing week as usual you know the drill i’m back out on the hex it’s been too long since i’ve ridden the hex i’ve had too much fun riding the fat bike but i know not everyone is into fat bike stuff and i have actually put a pole up on my patreon asking what they would like to see and just a traditional street ride on the hex one

So that’s what i’m gonna do this video is about as no gimmicks as you’re going to get is literally just me going into glasgow and trying to find some stuff to write now you may notice i’m at a spot i’ve ridden 100 times i’m not going to film here i just come here to warm up because it’s right next to where i park i actually don’t know where i’m going to ride i’m

Going to have to figure out somewhere to go and just try and do something interesting like i said this is no gimmicks this is kind of the closest video to what i actually do when i go out for a little bit of a fun ride just go and explore see what i can find and have a bit of a jib about so let’s do that so there’s some new bits here that’s been built right next to

The river nothing too much but you know some cool jibby stuff but they do have some really aggressive security here so if you do want to come right here be prepared to get kicked off pretty quickly it’s been a long time since i’ve done a drop and roll show but if you ever been to one you know that i go and open with a ali c shuffle which is jumping and swapping

Pedal strokes now one thing i don’t think i’ve ever done in a vlog but i have a lot of social media here’s an alicia shuffle up some steps no hops swap the pedals as i go up it’s such a handy thing to be able to ride a little bit at least either foot forward so this is a really good challenge i’d love to see you guys tag me on instagram with your attempts at this

Don’t get this first try so so this is a hook i don’t think i’ve done since my arcade days it’s not the worst hook in the world it’s just yeah i don’t really right here that’s going but that’s what’s going on behind me it is off a cobbled floor and i hate hooking up underneath the floor bunny hopping and just trying to get that time just right it’s just

The worst but i don’t know feeling good today let’s give it a try the fear i have is just getting bounced just slightly wrong by one of these cobwebs so just diving my foot wheel into the face of the wall but it hasn’t happened so far i’m playing it cautious making sure i’ve got my foot wheel high enough but the downside of that is if you have your front wheel

Too high you just don’t have your weight far forward enough to get hooked so i just need to dial in that bravery just a little bit dive that front end in not too much and should fly up forgot how loud glasgow is oh dear right everything’s so sleepy here these cobbles are pretty slick but i think skaters or bmxs have actually waxed the edge of this which isn’t

Ideal but it was waxed last time i did it so no excuses so slippery being so slippy definitely means you have to get right on top no shortcuts and technique here messy i am so out of practice on hooks it’s just so scary committing your weight all the way over the front of the bike but i know i can do it i’ve had it up to two wheels straight up twice but i

Want to get it up the back wheel because it’s just better come on not sure if you heard that or not but i certainly heard and felt it my pedal hit the wall so annoying because that’s really good otherwise but let’s do this again there we go yeah i’ve got nothing to do off this thing it’s a shame that’s not a line literally just a hook to off if it linked

Up to stuff that’d be awesome but it doesn’t plus it’s really really slippy on there to do anything too flamboyant but it’s a hook haven’t done that hook for years so that’s a good one happy with that a hot manual with my camera bag on the slowest manual ever not going to make it to the end thank you very much cheers that kid knows his stuff wind assist

Can i make it to the end at this speed highly unlikely oh my god there we go oh boy we’re a rucksack on that’s horrible so this is a spot i’ve ridden hundreds of times before been in a few videos i think i was just gonna rise past this to get to some other spots i don’t ride that often but they’ve kind of added some extra things here these are brand new never

Seen these before never ridden before so of course i’ve got to find out what i can do on them looks like there’s a few really cool lines to be had here yeah so let’s give them a try so i’ve set up the camera just pointing at this gap here i was going to see what i can do this how many different ways i can get across these and hopefully surprise myself a little

Bit don’t know where i was going with that so here’s a tricky one okay up to short manual straight across landon back reel short manual 180 hop short manual straight across short manual off i’ve done a little bit of this whether i can link it all together i don’t know i don’t know whether i actually look that good but could be quite interesting did not think

I’d get that that went so well stoked it smells awesome you may have noticed already and yes i am still running the rope spokes and yeah they’re holding up absolutely fine no issues with them at all whatsoever now i have been riding the fat bike for the last little while today and been through that much recently but yeah stokes they’re holding up so well and

Speaking of riding the fat bike so much getting back onto this bike was insane now these aren’t narrow tires by any means but compared with the fat bike the 4.8 inch tires these felt like i was riding a road bike honestly they looked so so skinny but it wasn’t just the looks there’s actually such little friction to turn the handlebars now because there’s a smaller

Tire contact patch on the floor that when i first got on the bike i was literally wobbling all over places like bambi’s first steps i wish i’d got a camera out for that but yeah i wasn’t expecting it to feel so weird but got used to it now feels all back to normal and yeah it feels awesome to be back out on the hex again loving it that was pretty cool but not

What i want because i haven’t ridden in the city for ages i’m just getting distracted by traffic by people by pigeons by anything and i’m actually losing concentration on this so it’s taken me ages but i’ve come close there’s no reason i can’t do it i just need to block out all the noise we had a hop on the landing i’m gonna take that though i actually need to

Count back in the editing how many attempts that took me because that was a lot here’s a secret for you my probably most least hated street trials move over than foot down tail whips is 180 hops up to back wheel especially on narrow stuff i see danny and some other people you unbeaten you’re getting name drop here because i saw you do it recently just 180 bunny

Hopping up to back wheel on narrow walls with a big drop on the other side absolutely disgusting i mean this doesn’t even have a big drop but 180 up to back wheel on that it’s just horrible i hate doing it the thing that gets me with these is it just takes so much commitment and you’re completely blind when you’re doing it so you’re hopping up backwards you can’t

See a thing you’ve got to land with your weights fully committed to going where you can’t see trusting that the gap will come up nicely oh it’s just horrible and so many times i’m just concentrating on getting my weight placement right that the back wheel doesn’t even make it at the top and i just set myself flying off the other side if that’s a big drop on the

Other side game over so i’m pleased i got that and i know it took so long i just need to practice them a little bit more flip a neck speaking of foot jump whips okay somehow i managed to get my shoelace caught on my tripod and when i walked away my tripod fell over my camera smashed on the floor and my audio has gone i didn’t know this until i’m editing right

Now so annoying so for these next few clips there’s not going to be any audio i’m just going to put a tune over the top of them and just make do with what i’ve got so like i mentioned the audio died the camera fell over so annoying that i didn’t pick up those no audio for those last few clips now if i thought that tie tap gap took a lot of tries that downside

Foot jam whipped to backwards gap yeah i didn’t know what i was getting myself into i’m famously bad at footjam tail whips and yeah i don’t know why i thought i’d be able to get that quickly but i didn’t count how many attempts that took because i don’t have the patience but i reckon i was over 100 tries and you know what the camera didn’t even record the one

That i got absolutely perfectly there’s no reason why the camera stopped recording i literally spent about an hour trying to get that line got it exactly how i wanted looked at the camera wasn’t recording oh dear i tried for another half hour to get it as good as i did and i was just beyond exhausted i just couldn’t muster it as good as i got so the one you got

There the final one not as good as i got it but i’m gonna have to use that anyway but other than a couple of hiccups it’s been awesome to get back out on the hex again it feels so nice so light so nimble spins really nice after riding the fat bike it just it’s amazing how nimble this thing is i hope you enjoyed the video i hope you enjoyed me being back out on

The hex again if you did please consider subscribing if you’re not already hit the bell button you know all the drill there if you want to support this channel then hit me up on patreon i sell merch at or if you just want to donate without any obligations i have paypal as well all of these things linked down in the description but yeah i hope you

All have an absolutely amazing week hope it’s lovely spring weather wherever you are and i’ll catch you next time so take care everyone bye-bye

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Street Trials Is So Much Fun! By Ali Clarkson