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In this video we take a look at motorcycle drag racing gone wrong as Nick Hamlett wheelies and crashed his stretched, nitrous oxide Suzuki GSXR 1000 grudge bike at the XDA’s Superbike Showdown Drag Bike event from Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, MD. We also show you the spectacular crash of Real Street racer Ralphie Navarro who flipped his Suzuki HAYABUSA over after a hard launch. Fortunately both riders were ok but we have to get Nick to snug up his helmet next time to keep him safe. We will then bring you the conclusion of the grudge round, which is open to any competitor on any type of motorcycle as long as they have the proper safety gear and their motorcycle passes all the required safety checks down at tech. The scoreboards will not show a racer’s time or mph in this category and the time tickets will be cut in half at the ET shack. We often see some big money wagers in this class later in the evening. Please let us know what you think caused these two unfortunate crashes.

You gotta love the sound of a suzuki hayabusa far now welcome to motorcycle drag racing’s grudge category in this video we’re going to show you a couple runs gone wrong anyone can enter the grudge category the defining aspect of the class here at the xda in marathon and race way is that they turn the scoreboard off no times are displayed that way competitors can

Set up a big grudge race with their rival later on or this class sometimes is simply used for testing or beginners here’s two riders that are not beginners nick hamlet near side he’s on a gsxr 1000 nitrous bike a lot of horsepower here keep an eye on this motorcycle as we watch hamlet gets set to make a hit oh hamlet tries to fight the wheel he gets back in the

Gas the motorcycle comes down hard on the front and chuck’s him off washed out the front end the good news is hamlet is up already he may be running on adrenaline i’m not sure that’s a good idea yes thank you nick sit down let the medical crew check you out a tough unfortunate incident you never know what these motorcycles are going to do with this much horsepower

And power adders even though there’s such a long extended swing arm it’s still possible for these things to shoot a moon hi willie let’s take another look as hamlet it’s said the blast off a great strong pass it looked like he was off the throttle there got back in the gas and unfortunately hamlet lost control the good news is he would be okay now there’s only

One thing i got a call nick out on is look at that helmet that comes right off for some reason there’s some motorcycle racers out there that do not strap their helmet nick please strap your helmet next time if that was its speed that helmet would have flown right off always strap your helmet i know that they had this problem at the motocross races too you hear the

Announcer saying strap your helmet i don’t know if it’s something to just where the riders prefer to be able to pull it off easily but you definitely want to strap it there’s nick’s motorcycle best news of the night is that nick was back i think less than 20 minutes later on a different motorcycle that was wonderful always like hearing that riders escaped these

Situations with minimal damage it looks like the motorcycle would require some fixing so sorry about that the track would require some fixing but maryland international raceway was right on top of that and they were back to action in just a little bit now what was frustrating is this was just moments after this scary incident ralphie navarro completely looped out

And flipped his high horsepower real street high the good news is ralphy is on the men now but this incident was much more serious ralphy did not get up and resume racing ralphy had to be taken to the hospital let’s take another look at knicks crashing and let me know what you think went wrong in the comments we’ll get it back in frame here i kind of see that

Double clutch and it looks like once he got back in the gas look at that thing it was just headed for the sky so i think by the time nick got out of it it was too late too late to save remember when you’re that vertical these motorcycles do have some front suspension left but they’re lowered and there’s only so much you can do hits the ground let’s give you the

Rest of this grudge tester from maryland international raceway in this class opening everybody it’s a good place really for beginners if you want to get some testing in during a national event the times are kept the secret the competitors will get a time ticket and what they do down the far end is they will cut the time slip in half so only you know your time

And this is something that they take very seriously in fact up in the tower the announcer screen is even blacked out so that the announcer doesn’t accidentally announce the time i can tell you who’s done that before yours truly unfortunately about 15 years ago i accidentally said one of these times if these guys are setting up a big high-dollar line they don’t want

Anybody to know what their run but it can be a lot of fun usually they use these daytime in early evening sessions to get down to inter set up the big race if the big race does occur it will happen later on and you never know what kind of motorcycle you’re going to see look at hayabusa no bar machine with a stock wheelbase left-hand side right hand side an amazing

Kawasaki 460 bike owned by durwood rawlings so you got a simple rider i am a little bit of testing great sound and motorcycle great-looking motorcycle and they have a lot of fun in the grudge category another example look at this the stock wheelbase hayabusa left-hand lane the short bikes alongside the more traditional stretched booster right hand side a lot of

Individuals out there like the challenge of a short bike we’ve got to be quick with the gas quick with the clutch as we saw some things go wrong in this video you got to know when to get out of it problem not sure what happened there it’s not wheelbase boots or wolves through that gentleman was doing a great job we will have much much more by the way share this

Video with somebody who would appreciate motorcycles and the big news the best news ralphy and the camlet both okay if you’d like to see more on ralphie’s crash we have an entire six-minute video up on the cycle drag youtube page called boosah flip check that one out thank goodness he’s okay and guys there’s lots more coming make sure you subscribe to psycho drag

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